Saturday, March 10, 2012

Residents of Payson, Utah!!! :)

I know i know Ive been MIA for a while. Well that's because life has seriously been a roller coaster ride the last month!!! The end of February we decided to surprise my sister out in Ohio and go visit her. Well as she picked us up from the airport she told us, "I think im in labor!" Long story short, she had baby Evelyn that night :) we were there for about 5 days and then came home to move into our new house out in Payson!!! we got everything moved in and most of everything set up when Travis' parents got home from Disneyland and wanted to take us to Orlando Florida to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.... uh not going to pass that opportunity up since the last time i was there was 6 years ago and the best time of my life!!! So we went Monday and got back Friday morning. It was AWESOME! I remember why i love theme parks and roller coasters and crazy stuff that makes most people sick but not me!! i would feel dizzy and a little uneasy but i never sat out once! I guess I'm an adrenalin junky when it comes to rides and stuff like that, i just cant get enough!! the new addition, Harry Potter was so freakin sweet!!! Seriously it was so magical and just so cool, you really felt like you were in the movie (Minus the tons of people walking around with you;) )
It was Awesome being able to go on these fun vacations and getting to spend time with family.

Now that we are back its time to finish unpacking those last few boxes and getting back to work :)
I thought i might entertain you with some pictures of the house and of our Trips :) enjoy

Upstairs bathroom
double shot downstairs :D
upstairs guest room
front living room
other side of front living room
kitchen :D
downstairs family room/theater room
upstairs bathroom view from tub
and the other side
our bedroom
kitchen table
the HULK!!
in line for Harry Potter, inside the castle
Harry Potter
Jurassic Park
LOVE this place
Baby Evelyn Rose :) such a doll
in the hospital, baby E not even 24 hrs old.