Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New job!!

So its been about a year and almost a half since i've had a working job.... and ive enjoyed having all the time in the world for anything, to do anything. But i guess thats just not what fate intended for me because yesterday my mom drove by and saw that a new Hobby Lobby was opening up where Circuit City used to be on University Pkwy. She called me up and said i should go over there and apply!! So i did, it went great, they interviewed me right then and there... and that went well, then after the interview was over they handed me a small math test...... SERIOUSLY!!!! k ill be honest with you i hate math with a passion i actually havent taken math since i was a sophomore in high school cuz i had all the credits i needed to graduate without taking more math classes, so its seriously almost been 6 years since i have used math.... yeah my mind was blank, and i wasnt allowed to use a calculator. :( so i just guessed so i could get out of there, i just put down random guessed numbers and turned it in, expecting not to hear back from them. Well today, (one day later) i got a call from Hobby Lobby asking me some more questions. A few hours later they called back and said i had the job and to wait for a phone call with more details. Yay i have a job now, but the thing that sucks now is i have no idea any of the details.... :S and i hate that, it makes me a nervous wreck, i would really just like to know when i have to go in and what day and time and all that jazz... but i guess all i can do is sit and wait.
I first heard of a Hobby Lobby when i was in Arizona visiting my brother and his family, my sister-in-law took us to this store and it was amazing! it had everything! fabric, frames, pictures, beads, scrapbook stuff, home decor stuff, and even some small furniture, this is the place to go when decorating your home. Im excited to work here and put the whole store together. Wish me luck!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hiking the Y

So earlier this week i told Trav that i would love to start running and training for a cancer run, any kind, it doesn't matter i would just like to participate in one of those, especially since the love of my life has had cancer and survived it i would like to run for him in a way.... so to start off our training, i suggested that we start with hiking the Y. It had been years since i climbed it and Travis had never done it. So it was decided, and Friday morning we found our way up to the parking right under the Y. No joke not even to the second marker of the hike (which is the very beginning, you can still see the cars) i was ready to turn around and go home, my lungs were on fire, i couldn't breath, and from what air i was getting was raspy, yes i was dying!!!!!! A year ago this month was when i had my surgery and week long hospital visit and month long sickness where i lost 20 lbs and all my hard earned dance muscle blah!.... sad to say i haven't done any kind of physical fitness to strengthen my body back up again.... i was kinda in a lul from the surgery then the miscarriage and then thinking this is the month so i dont wanna strain my body too much and have a possibility of losing another baby.... hahah yeah 9 months after losing the baby still not pregnant and still not in shape.... well that sucks... so luckily i have the most amazing husband and he forced me up the mountain.... i was kicking and screaming and wanting to give up and just go home but he wouldn't let me. He was a great drill Sargent, but actually a lot nicer than that, cuz he actually let me take as many rest stops as i needed... which sadly were A LOT :S i have never in my whole life struggled this hard with physical activity, it has inspired me to be better, so that one day i can run up that mountain and look back and laugh when i remember how hard it was at first for me to even walk up to the Y. It was great though the view was beautiful and sharing that for the first time with Travis was even better!! He is just the greatest husband and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect man in my life!!!

Of course today im feeling the hike in my legs now, but i know that its a good ache, and hope that we can be able to climb up to the Y once a week to help get me back into shape, and to run every morning too!!! i sure hope that we can keep this goal up til at least the snow comes..... snow please don't come til Christmas..... hahah anyway here are some pictures of our/my death hike.....

cute trav being so patient with me

me dying, taking a break, i look thrilled to be there huh?

yay we made it!!! trav on the Y

horray i made it.... im trying to breath... sad i know :( oh well

Happy that we made it to our destination :) alive.... i know im pathetic this hike really isnt that hard, just for me it was.... :S

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok this has to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while!!! i was watching some TV the other night and during commercials there was a clip for a new upcoming movie.... guess what its called..... THAT'S RIGHT it is called LIFE AS WE KNOW IT!!!!! if you don't know why I'm freaking out its because that's what the name of my blog is!!!! hahah not that the movie is made after my blog or anything i just think thats really cool. ha im a dork. ahh I'm so excited to see it! it looks really cute, it has Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel in it and i cannot wait to see it!! let me see if i can get a link to the trailer on here for ya!!! k Here it is! oh it just looks so good, i think! What are your thoughts?

Monday, September 13, 2010

I love my Travis, and 3D flower frames!!

First of let me start by saying how amazing my husband is!! He is just so cute and amazing and i couldn't have asked for a more amazing husband. He had to leave early one morning for work and i decided to sleep in a little longer. Well after i woke up i went downstairs to get some breakfast, i wasn't paying too much attention and whet to open the fridge when i feel paper on the handle.... i looked down and there was a note from trav on there for me! little things like that just make my day so much better. :)

I finished a craft i found a while back that i had just kept putting off. Saturday i finally decided to finish it! it was so much fun, and actually took a lot longer than i thought that it would. but i think it turned out great! They are called 3D flower frames! i loved them!! There are a few things id like to change about the ones that i did but for now they will do just fine! And of course when handling a got glue gun im gunna burn myself some way or another, i had a few miner burns but just as i was finishing up i burned myself bad and an instant blister came of it on my finger, it hurt so bad, I'd never really been burned badly with a glue gun. Anyways here are some pictures! :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just an update on life! :)

Well yesterday was Labor day and sadly it didn't feel any different than a normal Monday for the Oriana and Travis Taylor house, Trav had to work because at RC Willey they were having all kinds of sales and hot dogs, so sadly we didn't get the holiday off. But it was a great day none the less!! i have finally bought mockingjay and am hesitant to read it just cuz i don't want the books to end and im scared to see what happens with Petta! i love him by the way!! :) Also today i get to go in and get some lab work done on my blood!! yay for needles and blood... not really i hate needles :( ouch! These tests will be looking for my HCG levels and also to check on my thyroid to see if there are problems there keeping me from becoming pregnant. It has been 9 months now that we have just waited without doing anything, and because i am still young and have only been married a year and a half I'm not too worried i know it will happen i may just need some help so finally we went to the Dr to see what we could do. After the results of this blood work comes back which the Dr said should be tomorrow afternoon i will go in and they will do some kinda test where they shoot a neon colored liquid into my only Fallopian tube to see if it "fills then spills" to make sure that from either the tubal pregnancy or the harshness of the surgery it is still open and not closed off, keeping me from conceiving. so I'm very hopeful that things will get figured out. I have decided to no longer be bitter, hahah its still hard seeing babies, and having my next door neighbor being pregnant, about as pregnant as i would be had i not lost it. but even though the week of my due date is coming up im not too emotional about it and im glad because dwelling on the past gets me no where. So ya ill keep ya updated! :)

Also we finally got our new couches!!! yay!! They arent the prettiest couches out there but they are supper comfy! i hated them at first cuz i thought they looked like something you would see in old peoples houses or in an old cabin, but then i sat down on them. And let me just tell ya how nice it is to have recliners in front of the TV its life changing, and also i know sometimes i complain about Travis working at RC Willey but also sometimes i love it!!! :) and because we got new couches and painted over our red wall, we felt like doing more, so we re arranged our bedroom!! :) that's always fun!! But ya thats the update on things right now, So until next time! :) have a good one!

before, with the red wall and cream couch

before, with our black and white pictures

before, with the backwards couch and the black and red accessories

After, with the new recliners

After, with the brown wall, sadly the couches didn't come in any other colors but the style was just what we wanted so we kinda had to work along with it and sadly change colors and other things around. but i think we made it work.

After, with my favorite painting!! :)