Friday, June 18, 2010

it keeps getting better.....

ok someone explain to me this, how does someone who doesn't leave the golf cart the whole time we are there end up being the only one to lose something?????? Yesterday for my sister-in-laws birthday she came down from Tooele and wanted to go golfing, because i had rolled my ankle the day before i didn't feel to much like golfing so i was the golf cart driver, (which hey, i had no problem with that :D) So after we finished golfing the 9 holes we got in the car and started off to dinner. We get out of the car to go in and get seated at the spaghetti factory when i reach for my phone in my back pocket....... AND IT ISN'T THERE!!!! i checked all through my purse we had everyone call it to see if it had fallen out in the car and it was no where to be seen or heard!! so poor Trav drove all the way back to Cascade to try and find my phone. It was no where to be seen and when he got back to the golf course he said the sprinklers were on..... :( my phone is history! and I'm so mad cuz i loved my phone!!!!! GRRRR i never ever have EVER lost my phone I'm always real good with knowing where it is or putting it in my purse or whatever and now its GONE!!!!!! goodness my luck just isn't the best this week!!!! why?! i dunno but i wanna know why I'm being punished.... Ha anyways. yesterday my ankle was huge, bigger and more ugly than the pics i posted but luckily today the swelling is down a little and i am walking on it much better :D so that's a positive thing. But if anyone tries to get a hold of me i don't have my phone so the only way to contact me is Online or through Travis' phone until we can get me another one :(:( hahah oh boy,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clumsy can be painful!

I have never broken a bone, hardly ever get hurt, and what happened to me yesterday, i don't even know how it happened. Yesterday morning Travis comes to wake me up to tell me our downstairs had flooded boy was that joyful news to wake up to. So Travis took the day of yesterday to clean it up, we went to maceys and rented a rug doctor to clean it up, well we had rented the darn thing for the whole day so we thought we might ask my family if anyone needed to use it while we had it. We brought it over to my moms house and cleaned out my sisters car. 3 days in the car with 3 little kids can get messy so we thought we'd help her out :) well as we finished that Travis had unplugged the extension cord from the house and it was just sitting on the porch, my sister was sitting on the other side of the porch talking with her husband and Travis was putting back together the car. I went to step around the cord and around my sister, clumsily not really paying much attention to what i was doing, just kinda flopping my feet around, i stepped down from the porch step and stepped right at the end of the cement and twisted my ankle did a full turn and apparently from my sister who had front row seats did a few more spins and then finally landed on my back, it took everything in my not to scream!!! instead my sister did it for me!!! i just cried and to my rescue Travis, Andrea my sister and my mom all came to my side, boy did i feel like an idiot! it has been since the 7th grade since i twisted my ankle like this, thankfully it isn't as bad as back in the 7th grade, i had landed on the side of my ankle at dance while in kick line when someone pulled me of center and i came down on my foot wrong. thankfully Yesterdays roll wasn't as bad it just got swollen and supper sore. but boy do i feel stupid!! he are some pictures of my big ankle!!

ya pretty nasty, looks like i have cankles..... ewww..... hahah its wierd how it just swelled up and didnt bruise.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Funny Hunny

Ok so i know i just blogged yesterday but this needs to be shared with the world cuz i thought it was hilarious! Yesterday Travis had a softball game for RC Willey at 7, boy oh boy was it beautiful weather for them to play and have me sit and watch in complete comfort with the warm sunny weather. It was beautiful. Unfortunately they lost, but they played a good game. After Travis game we saw my friend Leah and her husband Andrew over on the field diagonal from us so we went to watch his game. Well turns out they were short a few guys and asked Travis to play. So i went and sat with Leah waiting for the game to begin, when Andrew comes out of the men's bathroom and says "Hey Oriana! i think your hubby just ran into the girls bathroom!" I just laughed and said are you sure? next thing you know we all look over to the bathrooms and here comes Trav jogging out of the girls bathroom and into the men's next door! hahahahahah i dunno why but i laughed so hard he is such a dork, but such a cute dork!! of course he didn't hear the end of it from Andrew all night and i gave him a hard time too! it was just funny seeing him almost bump a girl while running out of the girls bathroom. I just wanted to share that because i love my goofy husband and all the funny things he does, whether he means to do them or not! :) I sure do love you Travis Allen Taylor!!!
Forever and Always babe!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Krispy Kreme!

I used to never like Krispy Kreme doughnuts. But lately i have wanted some they just sounded so good! well my little sister a while back gave us like a little punch card where if you buy a dozen they will give you a dozen glazed doughnuts for free!!! So they other day me and trav went down and got some doughnuts. MMMMM i love them!! Something about all the food that is terrible for you is just so delicious!! Right now I'm in love with Krispy Kreme doughnuts! :)
Also some good news, MY SISTER FROM WEST VIRGINIA AND HER KIDS GET TO OREM ON SATURDAY FOR THE WHOLE SUMMER!!!!!! yay I'm so excited and cant wait! it is going to be so much fun! its been 13 whole months since i have seen them and that's way too long! Also her husband will be coming down next month or so and i haven't seen him for almost 2 years so I'm excited for their whole family to be her in orem! "We'll stay up late, swapping manly stories and in the morning, im making waffles!!!" (shrek) No but seriously I'm so excited!!
Now if there were only some way Travis could not have to work all summer and we could still get paid for it! ha if you have any ideas on how to make that work let me know ;) yeah i wish!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

ugh neck pain

I don't know why but for about a week or so i have had just a terrible neck pain! i thought it might be from sleeping on my neck weird but i have never had it last so long!! its just so annoying its not excruciating pain its just the annoying type of pain. The kinda that makes you feel like BLAH. I just hope it goes away soon. I dunno if the neck pain is related but i could NOT sleep last night :S i was tossing and turning and burning up and then freezing and having weird dreams as if i was sick. hahah weird i know! But because i didn't really sleep well last night i tried to sleep in a little bit and now i feel a little too over rested.grr.
i just hope this stupid pain in my neck goes away soon, that would be nice!
Oh i highlighted my hair, its bright, and hasn't been this bright for a LONG time, and because of that i kinda wanna go even more blonde..... :S just for fun, change, and summer. I'm still pondering on that thought. ill post pictures when i decide. Ha well that's all for now! TTFN