Monday, October 31, 2011


(ewww.. no this is not the actual picture, i stole this from google. just to give you an idea)

So the other day me and Travis woke up, went and did a little grocery shopping and then realized we hadn't eaten. This is very rare for me since the first thing i do in the morning after putting my contacts in, is eat cereal. So needless to say i was starving, all i wanted was a bagel sandwich from Burger King but it was 12 and breakfast was over :( ha ha i was so mad, but then Travis suggested we just go to Denny's since it was right by our house. I was so excited it had been forever since id had a breakfast like this!!! We got there and i ordered an Ultimate Omelet, when we finally got our food i was so excited i just dove right in, and then about half way through it i noticed a long black curly hair in the middle of my omelet.... yeah SICK!!!!!! i was so mad cuz i was not even close to being full from my food. We told our waitress and explained that we understand it happens but i didn't want another omelet, she apologized and said she would comp the meal but in the end didn't and we were ok with that it was only a few dollars but man will i never go to Denny's again. I have never had that happen to me ever. So now i feel a need to finish this omelet that i never got to finish... So i am determined to go to the Village Inn or to Ihop to fill that void, sometime this week... hahah oh man.

Anyways, Travis' birthday is this FRIDAY!! man time flies by when you have alot of things going on in life.... i cant believe that today is Halloween either! with work, remodeling our house, and grandpas funeral and all that stuff we completely forgot and are totally unprepared :( so sad, but our first Halloween in our own home will not be the most memorable one, since we don't have any decorations even up, but at least we have candy to pass out. Now to figure something out for Travis' birthday :S oh boy... that's all for me today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Loving Memory....

A great man passed away this last Sunday. Vern Wood Taylor, Travis' grandfather passed away peacefully in the Utah Valley Hospital. Vern was 90 years old and lived a very full life. I didn't know him for long but in the 3 years i did know him i felt like id known him my whole life. He was such a sweet old man, always made you feel right at home and always had the best stories. for the 6 months that Travis and i lived below him we bonded more. As we went to the hospital Sunday to say our good byes Travis went to give him a big long hug and then after i gave grandpa one last hug he wouldn't let me go. He just held my hands tight and rubbed them on his face for a while and then just held them by his chest and woldnt let me go. After about 5 min. of this he looked at Travis and winked. Shortly after that he started feeling pain in his chest so Travis and his dad along with a few others in the room gave him a blessing to not be afraid and that he could go peacefully. But before they even started as they were all standing around him grandpa asked, "Where is Travis, is Travis there?" He sure did love his Travis. After the blessing the nurse gave him morphine and an anxiety medicine to help him relax after about an hour and a half of watching him sleep he was gone. This is a happy thing for him since he has been without his sweetheart for 17 years, but it was so sad for all of us to lose him. i found out after we left the hospital that Grandpa had told Travis while he was hugging him that he was gunna send our kids down here real quick so we wouldn't have to wait anymore :) this made me cry harder, the thought that our kids will never get to know this great man on earth. But it was time, and im glad he is finally now at rest and with the love of his life, we love you Grandpa Taylor and we will see you again. Your stories and memories will live on through your kids, grand kids and great grand kids. xoxo RIP Vern Wood Taylor.

Friday, October 21, 2011

New renovations!!!!!

Coming soon.....

The remodeling of our upstairs bedroom/ office into one grand master bedroom with a big walk in closet and a 3/4 bathroom all in our master suite!!!! :) before, during and after pictures soon to come! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yesterday Travis' cousin and best friend Brock got home from his mission and had his homecoming yesterday. It was so fun going up to Tooele and seeing him and his family again! Being up there made me realize how much family means to me, i love family get togethers and just talking and catching up, it was so fun. It made me miss my family and our big get togethers very much.

When we got home from Tooele i decided i was going to make banana bread since i had some bananas that would work perfectly for it. I had gotten a recipe from my sister a few days earlier. It was so fun to bake for the first time in our new home especially since Travis was home to enjoy it with me. The bread turned out perfectly!! It was so yummy.

Anyways that's all i got for now!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh what a week....

This is how i felt this week... like i was in a storm

Well you know how i struggle with getting pregnant and yet i always seem to be talking about it. I'm sorry about that, but this is my blog :) 2 weeks ago i started to feel really tired all the time and i had a sour stomach 90% of the time as well, i didn't want to psych myself out like i ALWAYS do so i tried not to think anything of it, well after about 3 days after i was supposed to start i started to get super excited, i haven't been late in over 6 months this had to be it!! It had to finally be my time!! So after work i went to the store and bought some pregnancy tests. I waited til the next morning to take it, and to no ones surprise it was negative. Well after another 3 days i took a second test, and again a very clear negative. At this time i was about 6 days late and still had hope since i had just heard a story from a friend that her sister took 4 tests within the time period of a week and the 4th one came out positive so i was positive that everything would work out and i would still be pregnant. Well i feel like someone is trying to break my spirits because on day 7 of being late my non-friend decided to show up. So what is wrong with me?! Why get me wishing and praying and excited just to tear my down and break my spirits again, hasn't 2 years been enough of that!? I know that this is my trial but its like telling a kid to grab a cookie from the cookie jar but every time he sticks his hand in to grab one he gets shocked over and over again as he is trying. I am trying to be obedient and create life to grow up in the gospel but why isn't he letting me?? I guess i still have much to learn and my will to keep fighting is slowly falling apart. Needless to say this week has been hard, EVERYONE is pregnant!! and im not being dramatic i mean literally everyone i know and their dogs are pregnant! And while i am happy for them, i just want to be like them. Anyways that's all that has really happened lately, Travis birthday, my birthday and Christmas in California are all coming up in the next few months so that will be exciting. Work is going good, its been pretty busy so it will be nice once it slows down if it does, i have learned to really appreciate my weekends off.

My RS presidency stoped by the house the other night to visit with me which was really nice, im so gratefully for the amazingly welcoming and friendly ward we are now in.

This Sunday Travis best friend/Cousin Brock is having his homecoming up in Tooele so it will be very nice to see him again, i know that Travis is excited.

Well i think that's about all i had on my mind, its nice to let it all out it feels good to let go and just shed the layers that seem to pile up on you.

I often feel like all i do is complain about my problems so im sorry to all you readers, but it helps me to not go crazy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

small project

I feel pretty good about these last 2 posts having pictures in them :) granted the last posts' picture was from google, it was at least a picture. Last Saturday i decided to do a little paint project, nothing big but something fun that would take a little bit of time.
This little night stand has been in my family forever!! i think its original color was creme or maybe white, but it went through red, lavender, turquoise and now a mustard yellow ish. had the paint been in good condition i would have left the color cuz i liked it and it went well with my living room but Koda decided it was at good biting range and decided to chew off the paint... grr but what else do you expect from pups? Luckily i had this yellow paint that my mom gave me when she moved. So i painted. I must say i do like the yellow so much better than the blue that it was before, it just looks better in the house.


Before with Kodas lovely chewing marks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So with the start of this month i have been thinking of a fun non expensive Halloween costume... and this is what I'm thinking so far....

How do you say can you be a statue?? well that's the fun part, white paint, and white hair dye, i will have gold accessories though maybe... but with just some old white sheets i could make this so fun and it wouldn't cost hardly anything!!! I'm not positive if this will be my costume for this year but its most likely going to be. :) I'm trying to convince Travis do do it with me, we will see. So no one steal my idea :D unless i decide not to do it... whats your feedback?