Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doctors Visit!!!

Early this morning i had my OB/GYN Dr visit. It went really well actually i told her my whole history and right off the bat she offered to give me Chlomid! YES!!!! i was thinking i was going to have to twist her arm to prescribe it for me but no!! She was awesome, she understood where i was coming from! I mean come on its been a year since my miscarriage, Ive done all the tests they said i should do, everything was normal, we had Travis tested when we first got married cause obviously with him having Leukemia when he was 15 i was worried we might not be able to have kids. Nope Travis is fine and normal. So we are both fine, with nothing wrong besides the fact that I'm missing one fallopian tube because of my surgery. And i still cant get pregnant, so the next move for us is to go on Chlomid!! :) I'm so excited and so hopeful! Any of you women who have been on fertility pills let me know how long it took you to become pregnant, some side effects you had, and just all about it! I'm so excited and want to learn and know everything about it! :D
Finally some good news! thanks for all the support and all of you who follow up on my blog! any knowledge on this fertility drug would be much appreciated!

Monday, February 21, 2011

death, nails, results

I found out late Friday night that my dear friend, teacher, and inspiration had died. My dance teacher Colleen Collins Smith passed away. This was terrible news that my little sister was telling me about on the phone while i was leaving the hospital from getting my blood drawn. I knew she was old and had been sick for a long time now, but i was still surprised that she was really gone now. Dance was officially dead to me... I danced with Colleen for only 8 years and went on a summer dance tour with the company to Florida but it felt like much more of my life then only 8 years. Im sad i didn't get to see her one last time before she left, Travis was telling me that she's better get started on teaching our little girls to dance while they are in heaven with her :) that made me smile! i love you Colleen and you will be missed by so many!!!

I got my nails done on Saturday!!!!! yay i love getting my nails done, its simple but it just makes me feel so much like a princess. i went with the traditional white tips this time and got an orange flower on my ring fingernails to represent spring coming and orange is Travis favorite color. I love them!!

Results from my blood test....
its funny because i was going to wait til Monday to go and do that but i called my OB/GYN to see what they thought since i had, had an eptopic pregnancy before. When i told them about that,they suggested i should go get a blood test if i had insurance. This call to the Dr was while Travis and i were taking a little mountain stroll. Travis suggested to not wait til Monday and go right then. I was all for it, i wanted to know as soon as possible!!!
want to hear the worst part. I got my blood drawn Friday at 5 pm my Dr's office closed at 4:30 and weren't open on Saturdays.... i had to wait all the way til Monday anyways!!!!
Well long story short, after much praying and pleading my monthly friend showed up late Sunday.... so i didn't really need to hear the results of my test, but i was hoping for a miracle... it was negative... nope not pregnant, just a week late, my period decided to play a mean trick on me this month.
So after i cried out my frustration i called my OB/GYN back and scheduled an appointment with the Dr to get started on fertility drugs.
Wednesday morning i will be going in to the doctor and not leaving until she gives me that prescription for fertility drugs, im tired of waiting, im finally using the help that is available for me.
We were so hopeful this was the month... it would have been just perfect... hopefully next month will be the winner.

these are my nails... :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


For now there really isn't any new news... i am now on day 32 when i only ever make it to day 29 (that is at least since i miscarried. that threw me off a bit but Ive been back on schedule for a long time now) i haven't felt any cramping at all, and normally when I'm about to start my kidneys get sore. I haven't felt anything from them. So i decided to take a pregnancy test on day 30, it came out NEGATIVE. So it leaves me hanging, waiting. Am i pregnant, or should i be waiting to start at any minute... as if 13 months isn't long enough for a simple pee stick to say, YES YOUR PREGNANT, NOW DO YOUR HAPPY DANCE!!! haha no since when is it ever that easy for me when it comes to getting pregnant, I'm being tested to see how patient and how badly i really want this baby. well don't you worry I'm gonna pass this test with flying colors :) if by next week nothing has changed, i think i will be going in for a blood test. I cant tell you how nervous i am right now. The last time i was this late, i was sick for a month with a massive infection growing in my abdomen. So if i eventually find out I'm not prego, then whats wrong?! but i am very positive this is the month! Fingers crossed everyone!!
As for my new little furry child, the pug Koda, she is still doing well with potty training. She tests her bounds every now and then and that's frustrating, but the reward of bacon treats after every time she goes in the right place is getting into her head! YES!! as for Rue, she is in heat again.... i gotta get her fixed its so frustrating.

Now to wait and pray and try to keep busy!! ill update as soon as anything changes!! :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

Pug Puppy and Valentines day(meaning this post will be mooshy)

So last Monday we found someone on KSL selling pug puppies in Springville.... so we actually went and bought their girl puppy!! she is such a little cutie let me tell you that! She was still drinking milk and was not potty trained. so within a week, we have slowly gotten her off milk and on to water ( she loves water) and she is almost fully potty trained!!! she is doing SO good!!! We couldn't think of what to name her and were having the hardest time. Me and Trav started looking online to see if we could find any names we liked... we found one that was Kona, which in Hawaiian means Spirit, or Spirited one... which fit her well... but we kept calling her Koda instead so we just switched it to that! :) Rue loves her! they play all the time and wrestle alot too! Rue does really well with being gentle with Koda, we are proud of her :) they are good friends already! here are some pictures of the new addition to our family.

Koda loves people, here she is taking a small nap with my sister Tori, who came to visit

Koda with daddy

Rue checking out her new sister :)

Today is valentines day!!! I love my Travis so much and cant imagine my live without him, he is my everything!! we are hoping to have some great news in a few days. We have a kitty baby, a dog baby, so now we are hoping for a human baby... if mother nature doesnt come before tomorrow we will take a test to find out... im hoping that this is the month... lately my heart has been doing weird things... you know how when you get nervous or excited you get that really heavy deep heartbeat? well mine has been doing that ALOT lately.. and i dont know why. im hoping that maybe its a sign of being pregnant... that maybe my heart is being weird because there is heartbeat growing in me... i dont know im hopeful so we shall see. Fingers crossed. What an amazing present for Valentines though right?!

Anyways i love my Husband dearly. Words cannot explain. I LOVE YOU BABE!!!!
I cant believe its almost been 2 years of Marriage... 2 1/2 months and we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary!!!! so crazy!

me and my baby!

we have so much fun together all the time!!! i love my goof ball!!
i love kissing him... :) who wouldnt

Our ugly sweaters...

Love my sporty man!!

goodness,... he is just so HANDSOME! :) im a lucky girl!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

in Heat!!!

Oh my goodness i cannot tell you how horrible it is to have my sweet little Innocent Rue in HEAT!!!! she is going crazy.... always got her butt in the air, always meowing and following you too closely that sometimes i accidentally step on her or kick her... just because she gets in the way when im walking. The poor thing rolls around the floor like she is dying... or has a really bad itch all over her body. HA its actually kinda funny but not cool at the same time... im not liking this. :S i took a small video of her so you can kinda get an idea of what the poor girls days are like. I think she needs a boyfriend :) you know to help her with her "itch"
Oh listen to this... so i was talking with my mother-in-law in my apartment and her little wiener dog Pepsi, who is a girl was in playing with Rue.. they get along most days and are good friends. i hear Rue hissing and meowing at the same time... so i look over to see her crawling out of the bedroom with her front half down on the ground and her butt high in the air with Pepsi ON TOP of her biting her neck and slobbering all over her trying to DO HER!!!! EWWWWW come on your both girls and one of you is a cat and the other a dog.... so for now they are grounded from seeing each other. A female dog was trying to rape my female cat.... hahah yuck!

So after we got home from our Idaho, snowmobiling trip, my parents went to Mexico for a nice tropical trip and asked if me and Travis would stay at the house a few days to keep an eye on the kids, make them dinner and that stuff. While we were there and trav was at work us girls decided to do some hair and makeup fun! :) i tried to do my hair kinda like Jennifer Nettles hair (lead singer in Sugarland) but it didn't work completely since i have an A line cut and she doesn't but it was kinda close... this is Jennifer Nettles and this is what id like my hair to look like :)

here are some pictures me and the girls took :) Tori did mine and her makeup and i did Cassie's eye make up and gave her mom bangs hahah they were awesome!!

haha this is our Big Eyes shot


Trying to show off my hair

me and tori doing a Vogue shot :)

Then nick came upstairs and we just started rocking out to music

singing and dancing to Katy Perry's Firework

Look at how tall nick is... he is 6ft 3in and hes only 15... he is a giant next to me!!!