Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bear Lake

Bear Lake was such a blast!!! thanks to Travis' grandparents we were able to camp in their back yard. We all had such a great time, going to the beach having a camp fire, and eating s'mores. :) The beach was everyone's favorite thing! the water was nice and cool but not freezing which was nice! all the kids and the adults had fun in the water. Unfortunately after everyone spent the whole day at the beach we all came home with nice sunburns. but what is a beach trip without a sunburn, right? Here are a few fun pics, and of course i had to use picnik for some of these pictures, it just makes them that much more fun :D

cutie marisa

handsom husband travis

dylan chasing birds

me and travis at bear lake

adorable lily (stitch as she calls herself) :D

melissa, adam, tori, blu around the campfire

luke, dylan, gabby, marisa, lily

everyone around the fire

we love each other....(cheesy, yes i know)

me and sister tori! :)

pretty posers marisa and Gabby

our tents

blu brought a cool blow up thing from his tumbling gym the kids loved it

camp fire

Glow bracelets!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


so sadly I'm not a big scrapbooker, I'm not into sewing yet, and just not super crafty. But...... while my sisters have been here in town they started making flower/bows for their little girls hair. I started playing along and made some of my own after them showing me how to do a few, then i kinda branched out and tried new things!! I had a BLAST!!!! i could make them ALL DAY LONG! Oh it was so much fun here are the pictures i took of all my flowers!!!

These are all the flower hair clips that i made all by myself :D

And these are all the clips i get to keep

Day 1 of flower making, My older sister made the bottom right one for me to show me how to make that kind of flower. :)
Day 2 of flower making, my sister-in-law made the small blue felt one and the yellow felt one.

And i made all of these on Day 3 of flower making.

it is so much fun but after making so many you start running out of different kind of styles to make so its always really good to have tonz of different fabric, felt, or lace to make as many of the same flower as you want but different fabric with different patterns :D it was so much fun i wanna go do more!!! ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer fun!

ok so now is as good a time as any to update my blog, i am taking a slow day to myself and taking as much time as i want to do whatever i want all day today! :) Since i have had family in town i have neglected the house work, the dishes, the laundry, the dusting and all that jazz. So this morning i woke up and cleaned the whole house it felt nice to finally do that. No i am just kinda doing my own thing and decided that i should update my blog on what i have been up to lately. So starting from the very beginning, at the start of the summer i wanted to go BLONDE, i have never ever been blonde and thought i should try it just for kicks and giggles to see how it turned out. Well i had already had some caramel colored streaks in my hair so i had my mom add some bleach highlights to it. Still wasn't blonde enough, so we did more blonde streaks till my hair was pretty close to being almost all blonde, but then i decided i didnt like myself with blonde hair, it didnt look like me im a dark hair gal. So sadly after all that work i put my poor mother into i had her change my hair back to dark brown. I love it! :D

here are some pics of the blondness....

Shortly after my family that lives outside of Utah came into town we decided that us girls needed to have a girls night and go see Eclipse. :) hahah i am a huge fan of the books they are amazing, but the movies are so disappointing to me and i dont like the characters they chose for alot of the book characters. But we went and saw it anyways just for fun and to get away. here are some pics of us in the theater waiting for the movie to start.

Tori, me, Cassie, Andrea
Cassie, Andrea, mom, Melissa, Angela, Cora

next Trav had a great idea to take all my nephews and nieces up to his parents house in Tooele to see his dads chickens, chicks, and goats. and also while we were up there go to a playground and have a picnic and just play. The kids had a hard time with the long drive but they did pretty good. Once we got up to Tooele we had our little picnic and played at a park for a while. Then we headed over to Travis' dads house and the kids had so much fun trying to catch those chickens and looking at the baby chicks and trying to ride the goats. Travis' dad also brought out the riding lawnmower with a little wheelbarrow thing hooked up to the back so he could take kids for a ride, they LOVED THAT!!! all in all they had such a fun time!

dylan chasing chickens
gabby trying to ride the goat
tali touching the chicken
trav taking them on a ride
me bringing out the goats so the kids could see them~

This was the First time in a long time that we were gunn have the entire de Hoyos family with spouses all here in the same town so we decided we were gunna take a family picture, you know update the old one we have and get all the new family additions. With some complications that day it never happened. but we did get some really really cute photos of all the grandkids and that in itself was worth it:) they are just so dang cute! her are a few pics we took that day.

us 4 sisters!!!
my goofy husband whom i love very much!
my brother nick, me and trav
what cutie pies!!!
starting from the left youngest to oldest, Anabelle, Lily, Talia, Marisa, Samantha, Gabby, Alaura, Luke, Dylan, and Ben. And Ben is holding the youngest, Ryan.

Then just recently we had the 4th of July weekend!!! it was lots of fun we celebrated by going to my grandparents big cabin in Walsburg with the whole de Hoyos extended family. there were lots of ppl there. We had lunch took pictures and then played around. After that we went home and had our own little get together and just played. Then that night because we had so many little ones we decided to not go to my grandparents house to watch fireworks even though it it real close to the stadium of fire just because we didnt wanna deal with all the traffic so we had our own little firework show in front of my parents house, the kids loved that :)

Tali not wanting the smoke in her face
all the kids watching fireworks

we have been having so much fun while all the family is out, and im so excited for more fun stuff to come.
Last night it was so cute!!! Travis had a softball game and the nieces and nephews came to support him and they were so excited to see him play they cheered him on so good! he loved it, he had a great little cheering section!!