Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Currently favorite song

Every time i hear this song on the radio i smile, turn it up way loud and sing along with it.... its just a good song.
-Plain White T's : Rhythm of Love

haven't heard it, YouTube it.

Everyone is in love with Adele's Rollin in the deep, and i love it too but i think I'm liking this one better :)

Also i know this song has been out for a while but the music video is just awesome... watch it!
Sugarland-Stuck like glue.

Also i don't know why but my face has just decided to blow out in zits, " They just popped out of the snow, like DAISIES!!" -Walt Disney's, Mulan
so i cut myself some shorter side bangs to keep them hidden while i do everything to rid of the unwanted guests. But i like the way i cut them i think it was much needed, they were getting TOO long.
Also i need you all to hold me to this, I DO NOT WANT TO CUT MY HAIR AGAIN UNTIL IT IS THE LENGTH IT WAS WHEN I GOT MARRIED!!!! ok :) not that i don't love short hair, i do but its been 2 years since if had my long curly locks and i would like to get them back if even just for a while and then i decide to cut it all of again. i at least want to make it back to its original long length :) so please help me keep to this goal!
Thank you!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

3rd months the charm?, for emotions??

I have just finished taking my fertility pills for month number 3 now, and i must say this month they had an effect on my mood.... wanna know how i knew that? ha its kinda sad.
A few nights ago me and Travis were watching Beauty and the Beast in bed before we went to sleep, and at the end when beast dies i almost started to cry but stopped myself in time before any real tears fell. but it didnt stop there, no i almost started crying at the end when Belle and her prince are dancing in the ballroom..... really? why?! I honestly dont know... haha its only been the good kind of mood change, like the sensitive kind, not the moody, awnry one second happy go lucky the next. just the kind when im watching a movie or in real life when a sensual moment comes up i get kinda choked up.... :) funny right. haha

OK as to an update on house hunting, all of the ones i posted are short sales and have multiple offers in already or.... the bank is just foreclosing them and not showing the house anymore :( so we have started looking at a few of the others we liked.
we did find one that we love, its a cute little starter home close to RC Willey which is really nice cuz that will save us on gas money. We put an offer in and are waiting to hear back.
Finals are finally done on Wednesday for Trav! yay i cannot wait for school to be out for the summer!!!!

This week i get to play mom to 3 teenagers ( my younger siblings) while the real parents are in California soaking up the sun :( wished i was there. i need a vacation, but since we are trying to buy a house, ya that probably wont happen for quite some time sadly.

and thats it for now.....
sorry this ones boring.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guess what?

Sorry i didn't post sooner, but as you might have guessed, the results were the same as always, unfortunately a not pregnant was what i got.
I actually woke up early on Sunday before my friends 9 o'clock farewell to take the stupid test and for the first time in the whole time Ive been trying to get pregnant out of what....20 or so pregnancy tests ( i sometimes used more than one a month cuz i was positive it was wrong) i got an error... the stupid thing didn't work!!! so Monday morning i went and got another test took it and to my surprise, not pregnant.... again. So i am keeping my chin up and hoping that the 3rd time is really the charm.... and not to be too open but remember how i said i was cursed by me saying i would wait 2 years.... this is funny because on our 2 year anniversary that VERY SAME DAY is when i am going to be ovulating..... crazy right??? sorry if that was a little too much....
I called into my OB/GYN to get another prescription of Chlomid and asked if they could upgrade from 50mg to 100mg.... they told me no... that my progesterone levels were too high ( meaning i was ovulating perfectly) and that they couldn't upgrade my pill.... i started to cry... ha i was emotional and worried that since it didn't work the first 2 months why would it work the 3rd.... but i got over it after some calming reassuring words from my loving husband. And now im better as ever.
Also we have decided not to move down to St. George....
The stress of finals, work, finding a new job, finding a place to live, moving everything down there, finding a place for our pets til we found a place to live, the cost of getting our stuff down there, and finding new health insurance, Dixie College not having Travis' coarse, just wasnt worth all the stress.... and then we got a really strong feeling that it wasnt time to go down there just yet.... if at all... :( But hey, when the spirit tells you something its usually wise to listen...
So we are looking to buy a cute little home here in Utah county.... we have already started looking with a Realtor and things are moving a long great!
Another reason im sure hoping 3rd times the charm, school will be done, no job hunting for Travis, no worries on the animals, there will be so much LESS stress in our lives that maybe that will help us..... that and standing on my head! :) (mom and dad....) hahah.
Wow i just unloaded alot into this blog... im sorry if this was not fun to read at all! here is the website of a few of the house i am totally in LOVE with.... let me know what you think

Saturday, April 16, 2011


So before i got married, when i was working at Goodwood BBQ everyone told me 6 months after i was married i would get pregnant, i laughed at them and said no way, i will wait at least 2 years before i get pregnant.......
Stupid me, i jinxed myself at 6 months into my marriage i wanted to be pregnant, now i am coming up on our 2 year anniversary and still not least that we know of....
Next week i get to take the dreaded pregnancy test and I'm so scared that it will say NOT PREGNANT all over again, as if i haven't seen that plenty.
I'm scared because early in my cycle i started cramping, which could be a good sign of pregnancy, i started feeling tired physically and emotionally a lot the last 2 days and my stomach has been feeling a little weird, kinda like sour and yesterday i was feeling a little nauseous, I'm worried that I'm psyching myself out!!! i do it every month too! i just really want this month to be the winner!! so that after 21 months of trying for a baby, and 15 months after my miscarriage i can finally be pregnant like i have wanted to for so long!!! everyone cross your fingers for me please!!! I think this is the most scared I've been to take a pregnancy test ever!!!!!!

I had 3 different dreams the other night and all of them had a baby in it.
The first one was a little disturbing i woke up with my heart pounding and was afraid to go back to sleep, the baby was killing people with knives. don't ask....
Second dream i was having an ultra sound and there was a baby inside me! :)
Third dream, i was giving birth to a baby.....

and then the next night i dreamed i started......
so ya... i have no idea.... :(
but of course i will let you know the results regardless of a happy or sad outcome.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Koda and Rue's daily fight!

Koda and Rue every morning when we let them out of their room, after they get their treats they fight like this! its so funny to watch, and i wanted to share it with all of you, because if it makes me laugh hopefully you can get a laugh out of it too! :)

Also only 17 days til we are moving down to St. George!! i cannot wait to get out of the basement!!! We have already started packing most of our stuff into plastic containers, rather than boxes. We decided to use these because they are always handy to have around and re-use.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i have found some new loves that i would just like to share with you!!

Brianna's poppy seed salad dressing, i LOVE this stuff on salads, especially with cubes of Swiss cheese in my salad :)

Loved this movie, soo so sooooo cute!!!!

i got this from on of my bridal showers 2 years ago and i just wanted to share this goodness with you this bubble bath is so amazing!! from Victoria Secret, Black Currant Vanilla

Hot bubble baths!!!

this is my guilty love... which i am hoping to soon be rid of, but its Mountain Dew Voltage, i love most anything that has raspberry in it!

This little guy!! Pascal from Tangled! so cute! i want one!

And this is heavenly~ i love this sandwich from Wendy's!! yum.... most of these are food i know, but still! :)

This weekend one of Travis' best buds from high school is getting sealed to his wife in St. George and we were lucky enough to be invited so we will be attending that joyous occasion.
Then the Monday after that, i will be going in to get my blood drawn to see and make sure that the dosage of chlomid is the right amount. right now im on 50mg. so we will see.
Also you may notice that my blog background has changed, i accidentally deleted my other one :( sad but i found this super cute one so i'm not too upset about it!! hope you like!
Anyways, that's it for now. :)