Thursday, December 15, 2011


Life has been amazing lately. Travis is a co owner and CFO of AST Mining LLC and its been awesome!! Not only is he his own boss but, he has awesome work hours, we are earning double what we together were making yearly and best of all he LOVES his job and is so happy!! You cant ask for better than that, and I personally am so happy he is no longer at RC Willey especially as its getting closer to Christmas and New Years, retail work hours are the worst.

As for my birthday which is a week away we are leaving early morning to get to Las Vegas where we will stay at Prim Valley hotel, get a 75 min fire and ice couples massage, ride the roller coaster around the resort, and walk the strip of Vegas. It is going to be so amazing. Then we get to go be with family in beautiful California for a whole week!!! i cant even tell you how excited we are to finally be on our way!

As for our animals they are the same crazy little trouble makers but so darn cute at the same time. And that's about all for right now, i promise my next post will have pictures :)

Monday, December 5, 2011


So remember how i said we weren't going to be able to go to California for Christmas?? Well its back on!!! We are going to California for Christmas!!! WOOOHOOO. We are so very excited. We will be leaving on my birthday, the 23rd staying in vegas for the night then finishing out the next day and stopping in Cali on the 24th for a whole week!! we are so so very happy about this! Through a series of unfortunate events and bad timing Travis is no longer with FSI, but is a co owner of his dads Gold Mining company!! No worries we wouldn't have done this without enough proof in knowing that this was going the be solid, and the best thing for our family. We know that this is going to be a great job and will be very rewarding. But because of this we now have the time to go to Cali! So excited now if only 3 weeks would just come faster! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time for Thanks

Yes its the typical Thankful post, but I'm going to do it anyways :)

I Oriana Elise de Hoyos Taylor am thankful for:

  • Travis Allen Taylor, for all that he does for our family and all that he continues to do he is honestly the hardest working person i know.

  • My animals Rue, Koda, and little Neytiri, thankful for them and reminding us that life is to be enjoyed. They are there to always love you no matter what happens.

  • Family, both Travis and my families. They are always there to listen and help in anyway that they can.

  • Friends, without them life would be dull we love all of our Friends so much and are glad we have memories with you, you know who you are.

  • 2 Cars, thankful for the warm safe drive to wherever we may need to go

  • Jobs, keep us busy, responsible and financially stable.

  • Our very own Home, to keep us warm and dry and make our own

  • Running water

  • Heaters/Air conditioning

  • Grocery stores

  • Entertainment

  • Electricity

  • Faith and the Gospel, if i didn't have those in my life i would have fallen into a pit of despair anytime something hard came my way.

  • personalities, they make life fun

  • Travis Allen Taylor for always being my prince charming, my shoulder to cry on, my better half.

  • Washer and Dryer, so thankful for those they are life savers.

  • Babies, Kiddos, Little Munchkins, life would be unbearable if we didn't have these little Sunshine's running around everywhere

  • Good health, hearing and eye sight. we often take those for granted when we should be thankful for them everyday

  • Thankful for Doctors and medicine, without them i would have never found my Prince

  • Thankful for Love, Laughter and happily ever after.

I'm sure that there is so much more that i haven't put on here that i should. But these are all the ones that came to my mind just now, i am so Thankful for everything that has ever happened in my life and for all those who have been in my life.

We have much to be Thankful for don't forget that. :)

Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday!!!! Rub a dub dub lets eat some GRUB!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New love songs

I have found 2 new love songs that I LOVE!!! We all know that my most favorite is and always will be Priscilla Ahns, Dream. But i have found 2 new ones that are right up there with it.

Lady Antebellum, Just a kiss goodnight

and Christina Perri's, A Thousand Years

YouTube isn't working at work right now so you will just have to look them up yourself if you don't already know the songs. I love them, and i love waking up to them in the morning it makes my days so much better to wake up to those songs.

Anyways not much happening in our lives right now besides work. We found out that with Travis new job he no longer has Heath Insurance at least for the next 4 Months, the only reason we are waiting for Travis heath Ins is because his company will pay his benefits completely!!! That's a great deal! So with our luck we are hoping and praying nothing serious happens in the next 4 months that we would need Ins. for. Cross our fingers, knock on wood. I think we will be fine, we haven't needed to use our Ins for at least 6 months.

So other than that, not a whole lot going on, I'm sure with Thanksgiving coming next week there will be a thankful post and then pictures too. But for now this is it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Job!!

I would just like to say Congratulations to my amazing husband Travis!!! He is no longer working at a company that under appreciates, abuses, and takes him for granted! He is done with being the Warehouse Manager at R C Willey.

Let me just say how excited i am to have us both out of working retail!!! now we get the same days off every weekend and holidays!!! Words cannot express how happy we are about all of this! His new job is working at his friends dads company FSI ( Foundations Systems Inc.) This is all thanks to great friends! For Travis birthday my best friend Leah and her hubby Andrew came with us to Sushi for his birthday, (Travis loves himself some sushi :) ) when we were sitting there at dinner we got to talking about all the stupid stuff that happens at Travis job and how they treated him because of his age and what not. Then Andrew remembered his dad was hiring. Travis had the interview Tuesday and started Wednesday. Thank you Andrew and Leah for helping us get out of RC Willey. We are so excited.

On other news i would like to say that my hair is no longer mullet looking anymore! :) yay i cut myself some front bangs and we have a love hate relationship, but the nice thing is that i can do so much with them that it doesn't matter. i will post a pic of my growing hair soon.

Also.... last night we ran to Wal- Mart to grab just a few things and of course we always go back to the movies to just look well we couldn't just look when we saw all of the Harry Potter movies there for 3.96 EACH!!! we got all but the very last one for under $30... i thought for sure we werent going to get all of them for less than $100. Ha it just goes to show that sometimes Wal-Mart really is great! Im also liking their new Bella Bird clothing line, its nothing amazing but its nice for Wal-Mart.

Well that's all for now, sorry there were no pictures i do have a few from Travis birthday ill have to try and post those soon. Bye now!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Best day of my life May 2, 2009

Love of my life. hahah he swore he would never like cats, and now we have 2 that he loves!!!

i love that he is athletic and competitive.

our honeymoon in Hawaii

playing rockband!

Oh my dear sweet Travis Allen Taylor, Today you turned 24!! This boy is not a boy he is a man, and what an amazing one at that. He is so funny too he keeps saying, "Ya next year when i turn 25 ill get a discount on my car insurance!" what a goof ball. I love him so much. Travis is such an amazing person, he is always worried about others and is always willing to take care of them and help them out in any way he can. Anytime someone calls him up for help he is there! Travis would do anything to provide for our small family and he is such a hard worker. I am so blessed to have been able to know him and then marry him. Many may not know our story so now is as good a time to tell it.

about 4 years ago my oldest Sister and her family moved to West Virginia for her husband to go to medical school. While living there, a missionary named Elder Taylor was in that area/ward and got to know my sister and her family well. One day while at my sisters house elder Taylor's companion saw me in our family picture and asked if he could write me. My sister looked at him and said, "No your not her type, but you are elder Taylor, you should write her." Elder Taylor said no i gotta keep focused and not be distracted.

Well after about 2 weeks of my sister bothering Elder Taylor to write her sister he finally caved.

I was a Senior in High School, my sister called me up one day and asked if id like to write a cute missionary, i thought that's kinda weird but ok sure.

Long story short we wrote for 18 months and fell in love, we knew most everything about each other over our letters of writing.

Once he got home from his mission Travis moved in with his sister who lived very close to my parents house. we dated for 3 weeks got engaged, then were married 4 months later in the Mount Timpanogos Temple.

People who didn't know we hadn't been writing for so long thought we were stupid and young to rush into a marriage when we hardly new each other, little did they know we knew each other very well. I love Travis so much more than ive ever loved anything. He is my whole life, and im so grateful for his choices in life, and im so grateful that he was able to beat his cancer and survive so that he could go on a mission and we could meet and get married. He is such a special person and i feel so honored to be in his life. Thank you babe for all that you do and continue to do.

I love you and hope that you have an amazing birthday!

Monday, October 31, 2011


(ewww.. no this is not the actual picture, i stole this from google. just to give you an idea)

So the other day me and Travis woke up, went and did a little grocery shopping and then realized we hadn't eaten. This is very rare for me since the first thing i do in the morning after putting my contacts in, is eat cereal. So needless to say i was starving, all i wanted was a bagel sandwich from Burger King but it was 12 and breakfast was over :( ha ha i was so mad, but then Travis suggested we just go to Denny's since it was right by our house. I was so excited it had been forever since id had a breakfast like this!!! We got there and i ordered an Ultimate Omelet, when we finally got our food i was so excited i just dove right in, and then about half way through it i noticed a long black curly hair in the middle of my omelet.... yeah SICK!!!!!! i was so mad cuz i was not even close to being full from my food. We told our waitress and explained that we understand it happens but i didn't want another omelet, she apologized and said she would comp the meal but in the end didn't and we were ok with that it was only a few dollars but man will i never go to Denny's again. I have never had that happen to me ever. So now i feel a need to finish this omelet that i never got to finish... So i am determined to go to the Village Inn or to Ihop to fill that void, sometime this week... hahah oh man.

Anyways, Travis' birthday is this FRIDAY!! man time flies by when you have alot of things going on in life.... i cant believe that today is Halloween either! with work, remodeling our house, and grandpas funeral and all that stuff we completely forgot and are totally unprepared :( so sad, but our first Halloween in our own home will not be the most memorable one, since we don't have any decorations even up, but at least we have candy to pass out. Now to figure something out for Travis' birthday :S oh boy... that's all for me today!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In Loving Memory....

A great man passed away this last Sunday. Vern Wood Taylor, Travis' grandfather passed away peacefully in the Utah Valley Hospital. Vern was 90 years old and lived a very full life. I didn't know him for long but in the 3 years i did know him i felt like id known him my whole life. He was such a sweet old man, always made you feel right at home and always had the best stories. for the 6 months that Travis and i lived below him we bonded more. As we went to the hospital Sunday to say our good byes Travis went to give him a big long hug and then after i gave grandpa one last hug he wouldn't let me go. He just held my hands tight and rubbed them on his face for a while and then just held them by his chest and woldnt let me go. After about 5 min. of this he looked at Travis and winked. Shortly after that he started feeling pain in his chest so Travis and his dad along with a few others in the room gave him a blessing to not be afraid and that he could go peacefully. But before they even started as they were all standing around him grandpa asked, "Where is Travis, is Travis there?" He sure did love his Travis. After the blessing the nurse gave him morphine and an anxiety medicine to help him relax after about an hour and a half of watching him sleep he was gone. This is a happy thing for him since he has been without his sweetheart for 17 years, but it was so sad for all of us to lose him. i found out after we left the hospital that Grandpa had told Travis while he was hugging him that he was gunna send our kids down here real quick so we wouldn't have to wait anymore :) this made me cry harder, the thought that our kids will never get to know this great man on earth. But it was time, and im glad he is finally now at rest and with the love of his life, we love you Grandpa Taylor and we will see you again. Your stories and memories will live on through your kids, grand kids and great grand kids. xoxo RIP Vern Wood Taylor.

Friday, October 21, 2011

New renovations!!!!!

Coming soon.....

The remodeling of our upstairs bedroom/ office into one grand master bedroom with a big walk in closet and a 3/4 bathroom all in our master suite!!!! :) before, during and after pictures soon to come! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


Yesterday Travis' cousin and best friend Brock got home from his mission and had his homecoming yesterday. It was so fun going up to Tooele and seeing him and his family again! Being up there made me realize how much family means to me, i love family get togethers and just talking and catching up, it was so fun. It made me miss my family and our big get togethers very much.

When we got home from Tooele i decided i was going to make banana bread since i had some bananas that would work perfectly for it. I had gotten a recipe from my sister a few days earlier. It was so fun to bake for the first time in our new home especially since Travis was home to enjoy it with me. The bread turned out perfectly!! It was so yummy.

Anyways that's all i got for now!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh what a week....

This is how i felt this week... like i was in a storm

Well you know how i struggle with getting pregnant and yet i always seem to be talking about it. I'm sorry about that, but this is my blog :) 2 weeks ago i started to feel really tired all the time and i had a sour stomach 90% of the time as well, i didn't want to psych myself out like i ALWAYS do so i tried not to think anything of it, well after about 3 days after i was supposed to start i started to get super excited, i haven't been late in over 6 months this had to be it!! It had to finally be my time!! So after work i went to the store and bought some pregnancy tests. I waited til the next morning to take it, and to no ones surprise it was negative. Well after another 3 days i took a second test, and again a very clear negative. At this time i was about 6 days late and still had hope since i had just heard a story from a friend that her sister took 4 tests within the time period of a week and the 4th one came out positive so i was positive that everything would work out and i would still be pregnant. Well i feel like someone is trying to break my spirits because on day 7 of being late my non-friend decided to show up. So what is wrong with me?! Why get me wishing and praying and excited just to tear my down and break my spirits again, hasn't 2 years been enough of that!? I know that this is my trial but its like telling a kid to grab a cookie from the cookie jar but every time he sticks his hand in to grab one he gets shocked over and over again as he is trying. I am trying to be obedient and create life to grow up in the gospel but why isn't he letting me?? I guess i still have much to learn and my will to keep fighting is slowly falling apart. Needless to say this week has been hard, EVERYONE is pregnant!! and im not being dramatic i mean literally everyone i know and their dogs are pregnant! And while i am happy for them, i just want to be like them. Anyways that's all that has really happened lately, Travis birthday, my birthday and Christmas in California are all coming up in the next few months so that will be exciting. Work is going good, its been pretty busy so it will be nice once it slows down if it does, i have learned to really appreciate my weekends off.

My RS presidency stoped by the house the other night to visit with me which was really nice, im so gratefully for the amazingly welcoming and friendly ward we are now in.

This Sunday Travis best friend/Cousin Brock is having his homecoming up in Tooele so it will be very nice to see him again, i know that Travis is excited.

Well i think that's about all i had on my mind, its nice to let it all out it feels good to let go and just shed the layers that seem to pile up on you.

I often feel like all i do is complain about my problems so im sorry to all you readers, but it helps me to not go crazy.

Friday, October 7, 2011

small project

I feel pretty good about these last 2 posts having pictures in them :) granted the last posts' picture was from google, it was at least a picture. Last Saturday i decided to do a little paint project, nothing big but something fun that would take a little bit of time.
This little night stand has been in my family forever!! i think its original color was creme or maybe white, but it went through red, lavender, turquoise and now a mustard yellow ish. had the paint been in good condition i would have left the color cuz i liked it and it went well with my living room but Koda decided it was at good biting range and decided to chew off the paint... grr but what else do you expect from pups? Luckily i had this yellow paint that my mom gave me when she moved. So i painted. I must say i do like the yellow so much better than the blue that it was before, it just looks better in the house.


Before with Kodas lovely chewing marks

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So with the start of this month i have been thinking of a fun non expensive Halloween costume... and this is what I'm thinking so far....

How do you say can you be a statue?? well that's the fun part, white paint, and white hair dye, i will have gold accessories though maybe... but with just some old white sheets i could make this so fun and it wouldn't cost hardly anything!!! I'm not positive if this will be my costume for this year but its most likely going to be. :) I'm trying to convince Travis do do it with me, we will see. So no one steal my idea :D unless i decide not to do it... whats your feedback?

Friday, September 30, 2011

Lack of Pictures

I would like to start of and apologize for my lack of pictures on my blog lately. Since i work on a computer everyday all day i dont feel the need to get on my computer at home i choose to do other things. So since im only on the computer at work i am without all of my pictures. I have decided to bring them here to my work so that i dont have to make you suffer with just words. I always find looking at pictures to be so much fun the visual just makes it so much more fun! So no worries hopefully by my next post i will have a photo or 2 along with it :)

So remember how my pug was in heat and got banned to the outside/downstairs part of the house. Well it turned her rouge!! She is crazy now and wont listen to me when normally she was pretty good to listen to me. Also she is shedding like CRAZY.... im not being dramatic at all, i honestly didnt know a little dog could lose sooo much hair!!! Travis and i gave her a bath last night and tried to get rid of all the loose hair, which by the way was a hamster size clump of hair. Now this morning when i came to see her she was still shedding hair everywhere..... i honestly am so sick of this already... i want to take her to the Groomers but dont know if that will help that much either. Who knows, not me.

Anyways other than that, life has been, wake up get ready for work leave, come home watch Gossip Girl season 1 which i just started thanks to Courtney :) then i do a little bit of house work, cleaning, laundry dishes, whatever needs to be done, then wait for Travis to get home around 9-10pm make something for dinner if i didnt already do it before then we talk a little about our day and then watch an episode of 2 of Criminal Minds season 6 before going to bed. Fun huh? haha oh man. thats why i love my weekends i get to spend all weekend outside and with my dear husband, and i love it!!

Also i dont really want to whine about my sad sob story again so i wont but this month for some reason has been extremely hard for me with not being able to get pregnant. I dont know why but it has been so hard. And thats all i will say :) I am so excited for General Conference this weekend also, it will be a great blessing.

Alright im out of here so until next time!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can i just say how excited i am for fall!!! I have decided that as much as i love summer, i love Spring and Fall maybe a tiny bit more!!! I love the jackets and the scarfs and the boots you get to wear when its spring and fall!

Sadly this summer Travis and i didn't not go swimming ONCE!!! How sad is that?!?! Pathetic huh? but i guess when your busy and penny pinching to buy a house that's what happens!! :) P.S. i love having our very own house, nothing beats it!

Life is going great for us, Travis is in school and all though its hard he is making it through, along with working full time. I am also working full time, we both have great jobs. We have fun cute animals that love us, our own house, we now have 2 cars so we don't have to stress about how someone is going to get to work. Now "hint hint" the only thing left for us right now is to get pregnant!!! :) please please let this be our month.... i have been trying to be better, no more soda for me, and ive been doing better on the foods i eat, i haven't been able to be as active as id like since i work at a desk for most of my day. But ive been doing my best to make sure Travis and i are not stressed out!! I mean come on if we aren't getting prego from stress you cant be stressed for 2 years straight!!!! can you? hahah anyways im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best so i can join all you cute prego mommas. I envy you! Maybe hopefully after 2 1/2 years it will finally be my turn!!

Anyways sooo excited for boots and scarfs!!!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries

I have always wanted to start watching the Vampire Diaries since i saw one episode a while back but was so far behind i couldn't watch them. I wanted to start from the beginning, now thanks to my friend Courtney i now am borrowing season 1 and LOVE IT!! I just love those romance TV shows/movies that are just so cute! and i love vampire, SYFI movies. Im excited to get through the first season so i can get season 2 soon.

Also work is good, its been super busy lately but that helps the time to go by quicker sometimes, the only sad thing is, and it wouldn't change either way is that i don't see Travis hardly at all... maybe 3 hours out of the day. 1 hour in the morning before he is off to school and i to work and then maybe 2 hours after he is home from work before we go to bed. hahah its a bummer but that's how life goes when he is going to school and then straight off to work until 9:30-10pm. But that's life, we gotta get through school sometime right :) it just makes me love him even more!

Anyways that's about all for now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I know i told my self that i wasn't going to care any more but come on, who i was i trying to kid. Here we are again, that time of year when everyone, and i literally mean EVERYONE is pregnant. Either again or for the first time, and here i am, not even close.... i was counting the other day and came to Travis and said, "Guess what!? If im pregnant this month we should have our baby right before or on our 3rd anniversary, how awesome would that be? But if im not then we are screwed." I wont mind if when our 3rd anniversary comes up and i dont have a born baby, im just praying and pleading that by then im at least PREGNANT with a baby, or two.

This January marks the 2 year anniversary of my miscarriage. We have been trying for so long, and with no luck. Its hard to think that i could, ever become pregnant again. Most days im really good and i dont let it get to me. but on my emotional days like today, i struggle like any wanting mother would. I just pray that i learn whatever is left for me to learn through this trial so i can finally get my angel. I pray for strength and faith to carry me on until that day. I love my amazing husband Travis so much and can not imagine my life with out him in it. I also cant wait to see the day he becomes a dad, because i know that he will be the very best out there! I know it in my heart he will be the best EVER.

Other than those feelings, i started my new job today! It was great! But now i feel like my head is going to explode from memory overload, there is too much information floating around in that that i cant even make sense of. But soon enough ill get the hang of it and not come home so overwhelmed. But im excited for this new job. It will be great! Plus i get to work with my good friend Court bucket!!! :) love you girl!

Anyways.... Oh yeah also, my pug koda, is in heat.... so not fun, ive had to lock her downstairs so she doesnt keep making a mess on everything (yes i know thats disgusting, trust me i know i have to deal with it) Besides that because she is going through this i dont know why but she keeps having accidents in places she isnt supposed to. Im really getting upset with her. But i have to try and stay calm. Ha me and koda are on the same cycle, lucky us girls. That's odd... ok enough of that im done.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I was going to be polite about it and not say anything about it, but since she brought it up first, hey, I'm fine to tell my side. As most of you know my little sister has been living with Travis and I for about 2 months. Let me just add this was only to be temporary and not long term. I am not ready at 21 to be a mother to an 18 year old. When sister only 3 years older gets married and moves out, it is not healthy for little sister to move in. Leave it at that. Not that we don't love her, because we do. But because of constant rule breaking and too much stress on our marriage, we decided the best thing for everyone was to have her find somewhere else to live. Its not like she has no where to go, she has been offered to live in Texas and California. So in no way are we kicking her to the curb. With that out of the way, it has been so nice to have my house and my husband back to the way its supposed to be, pleasant, and not sneaking around or having to be quiet in the middle of the day. Life is a little less stressful and it feels amazing. I know that mine and Travis' decision is the best, we are not the first in our family to have a family member life with them and their spouse and discover it doesn't work. My brother and his wife had her brother live with them, same situation as mine and Trav, it didn't work so he needed to move out. I love my sister and hopefully she will get over her anger of us making her move and we can become friends again, but i am not a mother, babysitter, landlord, or cook for an 18 year old. I am her sister.

The End

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Animal Videos

our little pug sure does love to be crazy and energetic. I am ALWAYS saying "oh Koda i cant wait till you get old and fat and do nothing but cuddle!!!" Because she is sooo crazy. but that's why we love her too. To help exhaust her and let her release some energy we take her to the park close by our house. i took a little video. Please ignore my stupid voice, and lame commentary and just focus on the cute little pug running. ok?

This next video is a little older, but i wanted to post it so you could see how playful and cute our little Neytiri is, this was at our place in springville, and yes the cuts are me stopping the video to tell koda to leave them alone.

Neytiri loves to play in empty soda boxes, or any box for that fact, she is such a funny loving, spirited cat. we love all our little furry children.

Monday, August 29, 2011

new stuff!

So when we moved into our house we didn't have a washer and dryer, well we did, but Travis' mom has them so we have been without our own washer and dryer, which has been hard. We have been going to a Laundromat to wash our clothes and it really isn't too bad its just a little pricey... because we wait so long we have like 6 loads of clothes to wash and because the place is trying to earn money you have to dry your clothes like 3 times with hardly anything in the dryer... it sucks it was costing us about $20 every time we went to wash our clothes... not fun.

Thankfully we will be getting our very own very new washer and dryer from good 'ol R C Willey, oh the perks of having my husband be a manager there! i love it! :)

The washer and dryer we will be getting!

Also we have been without couches for 4 months or so... maybe 5. We sold them to earn more money for our down payment on our house and were going to buy new ones right after but things come up and the less important stuff gets pushed back on hold. I am in no way complaining at all about this! Well finally we are getting couches also!! YAY, we have had these couches picked out for a while now, they aren't the prettiest looking couches. We are all about the comfort. This sectional is so dang soft and feels like a teddy bear its amazing... i want to fall asleep on them every time i sit on them in the store, heavenly. :) its so great.

Anyways that's about the only new thing going on right now! :)

Our super comfy sectional. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Smokes!!!

k well a lot has happened in the life of Travis and Oriana Taylor! haha 1; being we moved out of the Mother-in-laws basement apartment and into our very own HOUSE!!!! Yes we did buy our own home! YAY and might i just add, BEST THING EVER!! i love it, i mostly love having a porch of my own to just go and sit on in the evening while my husband waters the lawn. :) Among many other things of course! 2; I recently got a job working at Kohl's, its been good, and ive work many crazy hours already. Ive worked there about 3-4 weeks i would guess. But i just recently got a job offer from Henry Schein which will be normal steady business hours and higher pay with payed time off and benefits so i hate to do it but im quiting Kohl's for this other job! :) 3; School is starting! yay.... :( life gets crazy once school starts. Its not very fun but it does need to be done, and with me working this new job we have to get a second car... which is kinda crazy to think about because we just bought a house!!!.... so much money to spend... i dont like it! ha but so it is with life! Our house is pretty much all set up but its constantly a mess because of the animals and Travis and I working. I need to fix that. The animals LOVE the new house, its like heaven for them being able to see outside the windows and actually see the world rather than cement and a little bit of sky. Koda (our pug, in case your forgot :) ) loves that she gets to go on walks all of the time and we take her to this park close by and just let her loose and run all around with her so that she can get her energy out! she LOVES that so much! :) After moving in in July we couldnt find a Internet company that got service where we lived for the deal we wanted, and thats why we are only just getting our Internet now... haha i must say it has been a nice break from the cyber world. Kind of calming, but now that we have it i feel so behind! :S

That is pretty much all... not too much madness going on besides those little things.

here are some pictures of some things that have been going on since my last post.

ok so i guess i havent really taken pictures these last few months... but here are a few, mostly of the house...

Neytiri and Rue enjoying the sun on our bed

The Front of our little old home! :) There is lots to be done but we love it because it is ours.The back yard that Travis tilled all up and then leveled off... its hard work. no joke!

After we leveled it all out with a Four Wheeler, a chain link fence piece, wood over top the fence and then me and tori sitting on top of that to weigh it down., next is the grass seed :)

Our cute little bathroom.

our awesome big kitchen, from the picture it doesnt look that big, but it is. this is just a corner of it

The hallway down to our room

And the other day me and my best dance friends celebrated a birthday at the olive garden, which has been our tradition for over 5 years :) it was great!

And thats all ive got for now! dont worry my next post wont be so far away from each other. Hopefully they get more exciting too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wow it has been forever since my last post. I have been busy busy busy with helping move my sister into my house, painting and cleaning my parents house, saying my goodbyes to them as they leave for their new life is Cali. and buying a house!!! Its not officially ours just yet, but they excepted our offer and now we are just waiting for the closing day which will be July 25th ish.... im SOOOOO EXCITED!!! our very own home! i cannot wait!

But man is it weird after 17 years of my parents living in the same house to see them move and to see that house empty...... it doesn't feel real. but it is very really and very weird! Im sad that they are gone im going to miss them very much. But im also very excited for them and excited for my first visit out to them!! it will be great! This post wont be very long, but just to let you all know im still alive and i will be posting a more fun/interesting post with pictures later!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New things!

First of all, let me apologize for that depressing post. As you could have guessed, i was very emotional and the thought of being without my eternal companion for longer than a week was making me break down. But I'm good now, and all is well. We have come to a conclusion, me more than Trav that he will stay here. He has to cuz we just put an offer in on this cutie!!! (dont worry that dead tree on the right is gone :)

It is the cutest house ever!!! its old fashioned and all, what i love is its been left in its original design but updated... if that makes sense? its 2 bed 1 bath and the lot size is .25 its perfect for our first little starter home!! We put an offer in and will hear back Monday. This is NOT A SHORT SALE thank goodness so it will be so much faster. I'm so excited, i really hope we get it. Oh its in Provo on 200 S. with a police station right around the corner. We feel good about the neighborhood.

I wanted to also post my new favorite song (Dream, by Priscilla Ahn). I was watching a movie with Travis and heard this song on it and thought i HAVE to find this song. I'd heard it before but when i heard it this time i LOVED it. so here it is for you!


Other than this exciting news of finding this house and waiting back to hear if we got it, nothing really exciting is going on right now. I decided to take a break from the Fertility pills (Chlomid) because i needed the break emotionally, after the first 2 months it started having an emotional effect on me, so i thought id save some money and just keep trying without the pills. If in a few months nothing is happening still, ill go back on them. I just have to trust and keep praying every night that someday soon i will be able to be pregnant with our first child. Everything is perfectly fine with both me and Travis, we have done everything to make sure of that, and the fact that i was able to get pregnant once before (1 1/2 years ago already) is proof it will happen, when its supposed to. :)

i have also set new goals! First keep looking for a job, I'd like to start running.... its good exercise and i need that, and also i would like to learn to longboard. My little brother laughed when he heard me say this. He told me i was the kind of person who if he saw riding a longboard he would want to go push them off..... rude huh? ill show him up. I just need a longboard now :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

sooo complicated....

As most of you may know Travis' dad works in Alaska at a Gold Mine for 4 weeks and then comes home for 2 weeks. Travis' older brother just got a job working up there too. Well Travis' dad just got home and said that if Travis wanted he could get him a job up there working and making A LOT more money that he is now. Right away i said no way i couldn't live without you for a whole month especially when we are trying to start our family. I said if I'm pregnant this month then no way are you going because if you are not meant to go than i would be pregnant, but if im not, than maybe you are supposed to go. Well i spoke too soon because i started Sunday (yesterday) and am yet again NOT pregnant, i don't know why i though being on fertility would help me get pregnant instantly, because its not, this is month 4 and still no baby. So we are seriously considering Alaska.... why does this suck? because i cannot go up with him, its a job where he would have to live in a man camp. So if he were to get this job i would move to California to be closer to my family but have my own place out there, yet still be close to visit my family when i get lonely, im only thinking of doing this if my little sis. Tori agrees to live with me out there so im not living alone in a house all by myself for 4 weeks at a time. This job would only be temporary to earn and save enough money so Travis could get through school without having to work. But that means possibly 2 years working in Alaska.... is it worth it? All of this news and decisions on top of my hormones is killing me, why is life so complicated, why cant we just always have the answers right in front of us, so we know what to do and why..... i feel like im making it 10x worse than what it really is, but its understandable, im very hormonal right now.... i just dont know what to do. Can someone please comfort me and tell me everything will be ok and if i move out to Cali you will all take turns coming to visit me for weeks at a time.... please!!! I dont think id have such a hard time with this Alaska stuff if i was actually able to go up with him, id leave everything behind just to go with him but instead id be the one being left behind..... ughhh what am i supposed to do....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buca di beppo and the flower

Last night Leah, Andrew, Travis, me, Tyler, and Hailey went on a triple date up to Salt Lake where we ate at a great Italian restaurant called Buca di beppo. I'd never been there, it was sooo good!!! :) yum! then after we ate we walked to the gateway were we got to spend a few hours shopping!!!! wanna hear something funny.... this was my chance to really spend some money and get some new clothes. Guess how much i spent?..... i got 2 shirts and some china shoes (shoes they sell at Epcot china town) and only spent $20. thats it.....

We had so much fun! After dinner and the Gateway we went to Andrew and Leah's place and ended up watching the Perfect Score, its an older movie but not many of us had seen it. It was an alright movie. All in all we had a great date night with some great friends! :)

Now this flower that i have in my title, well it was a really pretty flower that Travis had picked for me up the mountain on his walk with Koda. it was really pretty, so i took a few pictures of it and put it in a glass of water where it sat untouched for a day.

Then the next day we get home and Rue is attacking something on the floor by the sink, i was afraid it was a bug the last time she was doing this was when she was playing with a stink bug that had gotten into our place. so i lean over cautiously to see what she is doing and find THIS

she had eaten my pretty flower...... eaten it, left the stem of course. I was so sad and Travis just started laughing so hard he almost had tears. I claim she was just jealous she didnt get a flower from Trav so she had to eat mine!!! :)

I also dyed my hair again, red just isnt me... i can do the black cherry but never again will i go so red. Im a dark brunette kinda gal. So i dyed my hair back to a nice dark brown, i've also been laying out getting some nice sun so i have a nice tan and with this darker hair i look even more tan, i love it!! now if only my hair would grow faster so i could put it up into a ponytail life would be so much easier!!

Travis hadn't shaved in a while and had pretty long facial hair, after about a week of me begging him to shave it, cuz he was scratching up my face he shaved an Enigo Montoya mustache.... hahah it was awesome, Trav sure does love his staches....

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things that make me happy! :D

To start off listen to this song, its one of my favorite sunday songs, its from EFY 2004

Mountain Dew

my family
Squished dance lines

a nice made bed!

my ugly/cute pug, Koda

my silly kitty Rue

our wedding day

these too mixed together as a dip for nachos, no im not kidding its amazing!!
my skirt falling down

and then the next year Leahs skirt falling down!! :)

SHOES!!! as you can see i have alot...

drinking out of mugs!! especially this one!


hahah these two together

the cute things my Trav does for me

goofy dance pics (we are spelling YOU can you tell)

dressing crazy with Tori for dance!

Olive garden with for birthdays with some of my FAVORITE people!

my handsom hubby

and many many more things but also this commercial, please watch it, i cried i was laughing so hard at this!! it is so dang cute!