Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And here we are at 8

Hey at least its not years in-between posts, I think that's improvement! haha

Alice turned 8 months yesterday.
Did i say that right..... 8 months. Wow I know I, (along with every other mom) say this all the time but time REALLY does fly by!
My little munchy is growing just great! We don't have a Dr's. visit till 9 months so i don't have stats for you just yet.
My little has chunkified pretty good. She has the cutest little cheeks and chubby little thighs i LOVE them!

Alice isn't crawling just yet but she is getting more adventurous. She reaches for things way out of reach and will fall over onto her belly. Sometimes she will stay there for a little and look around maybe wiggle, but most times she rolls right onto her back as fast as she can. Some days i fear she will never crawl, and other days I'm glad she isn't mobile yet haha I still have time to keep her small.
But I'm sure it is just around the corner. Time will tell.

Little Miss Alice Jade Taylor loves:
*bath time (still)
*the fruit squeeze packets (tot sauce) she absolutely LOVES them!
*her banana apple rice cereal
*anything to do with being outside
*scrunching her nose and snorting at you! (it kills me!)
*clapping her hands

Some things that she does these days are:
*sing, she sings in the car and it is the best noise my ears have ever heard.
*clap... its very new so its kinda a big deal ;)
*she likes to try and copy the faces you make at her
*she pushes away from you while you are holding her as if she wants you to put her down and let her run! And yet, she can't go anywhere because she can't even crawl yet. (this is not my favorite thing she does.)
*mom is working on some signs with her like; "more" "milk" "please" and "thank you" we will see if this works. haha
*she recognizes mom and dad and their voices very well.
*she now finally says "MAMA" yay hahah

and I think that's the most of it.
Now here is an update on our lives outside of our daughter Alice.

Travis after working as the big boss of a maintenance company decided that he wanted to branch out on his own. So he started his own property management (handyman) service company.
It was scary for me, for us to not have a guaranteed paycheck every other week and our taxes already being paid out of that before we even got it so we didn't have to worry about that.
But Travis has had his own business before, he is very smart and he is the hardest working person I know. So i knew we would be in good hands.
This has been fairly new, about 2 weeks or so. But he has been SO busy!!! He has such great customers and his work speaks for itself so his customers recommend him to their friends and so on. He has been busy just from word of mouth and not needed to do any kind of advertising. We have been very lucky and are so thankful for that!
So that was a big change.
Also about 3 weeks ago I had some odd changes going on with my body. (story of my life i feel like)
I was super tired all the time, I was getting really moody and I was late with my period....
I thought wow could it really happen this fast for us? 4 long years and hard work and then just 7 months later? So I took a pregnancy test, negative. So i waited another week and took another pregnancy test, negative. (no matter how many children you have had after having issues with infertility that stupid negative pee stick still stabs you in the heart every time.)
I was getting a little worried especially because my stupid body had had issues in the past so I decided to go the the Dr. and get a physical and a blood pregnancy test JUST to be sure. Plus i wanted to make sure that everything else was alright.
After talking with my Dr. and telling her everything I got my results back 3 days later and it turns out that I am NOT pregnant but that i have low Thyroid levels along with really low Vitamin D levels. So I get to take a pill once a week for 6 weeks for my Vitamin D and then 1 pill a day for the rest of my life for my stupid Thyroid.
I always loved when i would go to the Dr or anywhere really and they would ask," are you on any medication?" and i could simply answer, "nope!"
Not anymore, Dang it!
But other than that I am perfectly healthy! So I'm good with that.
I am working on a healthier lifestyle and trying to put physical health back into my lifestyle. Its not easy but its something i really want, and I'm hoping that the vitamin D will help me to feel less tired and more motivated and the thyroid pills will help me to shed the weight a little easier. So we shall see.
The struggles of life. I don't hate my body but i know it could be way better if i put effort into it.
I'm not lucky enough to be one of those women who have a baby and then 2 weeks later go right back to the way they were before with no effort.  And so i will work very hard for it and feel very good about myself when i reach my goals right?! RIGHT!!!!

And that is that....  oh... I almost for got, Travis and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary May 2nd! I can't believe we are already at 6 its so awesome! I love my husband and I'm so happy i have him to live my whole life with!
I also got to celebrate my very first Mothers day! It was great!

We had family (from my side) over yesterday for Memorial Day and we had a blast! Great food, games and company made the day so much fun! Here are some pictures from the last 2 months and of yesterdays get together.

 being a big girl in the cart without her car seat
 The Living Planet Aquarium. It was so cool!

 Blow out at Toris house! haha
 That smile!
 two of my sisters came into town the weekend of my moms birthday, we got to go through the Payson temple open house together! It was a great weekend

 she loves to swing on our back porch swing.

 this girl loves her daddy. So do I
 Married 6 years!

 our favorite store.

 Bath time
 We went down to St. George to see one of Travis' best friends and while we were there we went golfing at Sand Hollow and swimming!

 Alice's very first time swimming!

 some family pictures we decided to snap one day. Still need to get real ones.

 Memorial day!

 That face!!! hahaha

 Our dog Socks is obsessed with reflections or lights.

 Daddy daughter
 so comfy in daddy's arms

 I love my goofball
 me and my girl
 Our family of 3
 (heart melting)
 My baby sister Cassie and I
white all star converse is the way to go!!
left (cousin Vanessa), center (sister Tori), right (me)
 Selfies in the mirror!

And there it is! 
See you next time! :) 
Thanks for reading!