Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So its kind of a known fact that id rather watch movies than read, i guess i just grew up that way. But another known fact is when i find a good book that i love i become involved with the book!!! I really become obsessed with it!! and most the time when i finish a series i want more and i have to find something else to take my attention off of it. The last book series i read that was like this was of course the Twilight series. My sisters have been trying to get me to read the Hunger Games this whole summer well me not being a big reader didn't rush off to read this book but last week i finally gave in and bought the book and started reading. OH MY GOSH IM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK!!!!

i actually just finished hunger games so now im onto book two catching fire!!!!
im so excited i feel so involved and feel like im part of the book.... hahah i guess I'm crazy but maybe i dont read so much because books do this to me... hahaha Anyways if you haven't read or started reading the Hunger Games series i highly recommend it! :) After I'm done with those books Ive decided to read the Fabelheaven series so any input on those would be great!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

this past week

This last week me and Travis went up to Tooele to help travs dad out. he said he had too many chickens running around and if he didnt kill them soon the meat would get bad. Me never having seen anything be killed skinned and chopped up i wanted to come along for the experience. Let me just say it did not disappoint. Seeing the chickens be killed wasn't bad, watching them flop around with broken necks was entertaining not that im a horrible person or anything! But watching that first chicken get nailed up to the board.... that was a little hard, Travs dad had a board between 2 trees, with nails sticking outward and upward so that he could just but the nails through the chickens feet, ... it sounded like someone eating corn on the cob.... yeah gross.... then watching him skill the chicken and clean it out was only horrible and gross for the first one, after that i was interested and started asking my father in law all kinds of questions. After all it is life Chickens have to go through that to end up in our freezers. We ended up coming home with 10 chickens to go in our freezer. :)
Then this weekend we went up to bear lake again, ( for the 4th time this summer) We went with some friends of Travs from work and my little sister Tori and her boyfriend Blu. It was fun as always, the water was a little colder than last time and there was a little more wind. but all in all it was a great weekend get away. We left Sunday around 3 and just as we were leaving a HUGE rain storm decided to just show up!!! it was raining so hard and so much it was hard to see the road!! half way home it decided to stop raining and we had an enjoyable ride home! i love having little get aways where you can just relax and have fun with the people you are with, not have to worry about really anything! :) it was great!! sorry i don't have any pictures!! although i dunno if most would wanna see any pics of the chickens, but i did take some on my phone :) haha i think maybe one day i could be a hunter, but then again maybe not. i have time to figure that one out :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New blog look same sad story

Its been 8 months since i miscarried, and each month brought new hope that maybe this was the month, maybe finally it was our time. Eight months passing by while watching all the pregnant women around me getting bigger, finding out what their precious baby is, boy or girl. And me sitting here hoping that soon, that will be me. Its hard to believe that i will ever become one of those women. This month we were so hopeful on being pregnant, the past few months i had been spot on regular with mother natures gift. This month however i was late!!! I was so excited so hopeful so positive and kinda cautious too not wanting to set myself up for disappointment, because come on honestly you think after eight months of being disappointed you'd get used to it right? WRONG!! i dont think i will ever get used to seeing a negative pregnancy test.
So 5 days late, no cramping no signs of the possibility of even starting. and then i wake up Monday morning prepared to take a pregnancy test when i find the worst sight you can have when trying to get pregnant. Of course i started the day i was going to take the test.... i even waited 5 DAYS!!! i am NEVER late!! but someone keeps thinking its fun to pull pranks on me and play games with mine and my hubbys hearts. Its so hard for me and i often forget that this has an effect on my loving husband as much as it does me, i forget because he is just much more closed about it and hides it well from me but I've been noticing the last few months how much it discourages him as well as myself. So we have decided we are done with waiting for nature to give us a baby. We are going in to the OB/GYN to see if we cant get on some fertility pills! I keep telling Travis, "Maybe we aren't getting pregnant on our own so we have to go get help and then maybe we will have twins!!!!" i want a baby so badly that if i were to find out i were having twins, id be in heaven, and everyone tells me I'm crazy, but i don't care i know i could do it and love it!!! I hate to whine and complain on here about my sad baby cravings but its been a while since i have, I'm due for another therapy venting session :)
I feel like i will never have that baby growing inside of me, seeing the belly grow, hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby in the ultrasound. It just doesn't feel like that will ever be for me, just because i keep getting shut down each month.
I kept holding off on going to the Dr. for help on getting pregnant because i thought, well the Dr told me after i miscarried that its much easier to become pregnant again after that. So i kept hoping he would be right and a few months after miscarrying id be pregnant again. But i think because of the complications i had with having a tubal pregnancy also, is why its taking me so long to get pregnant. Maybe my body is still recovering from all the trauma that has come upon it in the last year. But no more waiting i am going into my Dr. and saying, look here!!! give me some of them fertility pills so i can have a baby with my husband yo!!! :) haha maybe not those exact words ;) but of course if i get any fun, exciting, or interesting news ill keep you updated. Thanks for all the love and support, and for putting up with my complaining and blubbering!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

new blog look!!

My background that i had before was about to expire so i decided id had it for long enough and it was time for something new! :) so here is the new and improved blog background!!! it will most likely change more often now that i remembered how to change everything (font, color of font and etc.) So there you have it, new blog, and hopefully some new posts soon to come! I'm hoping to be getting some very good news soon! I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


How awesome was it that we got to go to bear lake and then the next week head to lake Powell and stay on a house boat for 4 days!!!!! Man it was awesome, what a great way for me to experience lake Powell for the first time!! The drive isn't my favorite, but it was a small price to pay for a week of awesomeness. The house boat was awesome, and a lot bigger than id thought it'd be, it had an awesome slide off the back too which was fun! The first night there we all slept inside, and honestly no one slept because it was SO hot!!!! So the second night we all brought our mattresses and bedding upstairs and slept on the top deck, man was that the best night sleep i had there! and ppl brought fireworks and they were honestly stadium of fire worthy fireworks they were awesome. we did that the last night but a huge thunder lightning storm decided to stop by at 2 in the morning, it wouldnt have been too bad but being in a cove the thunder bounced off the cliffs and made it 100 times louder, so we all ran downstairs and slept in the living room area. :)Me and Travis went with a family friend of his, the Willis family, kinda like an adopted family you could say. They had everything, the sports boat, tubes, wake boards, ski's, the one ski, and knee boards! it was a blast. they even rented a wave runner for everyone to play with! Ya i must say it was a pretty sweet vacation. I'd been boating before on different lakes, so I've tried tubing and TRIED wake boarding, not ever really succeeding. So this time i tried the knee boards and they were my favorite, because they weren't TOO hard that i couldn't do it, so i felt like i was accomplishing something when i was able to master getting up on my knees on them. :) But man i must say never have i gotten a better work out on my upper body then when i went tubing that week. Man were we all sore the next day. With the tubes we were having a war, Boys vs. Girls. there were 3 guys and 2 girls. While during this battle Travis leapfrogged from the middle position onto our tube and pulled me off the tube with him!!! it was so much fun. Oh we also went cliff jumping, another first for me!! that was scary i tell ya.Trav loved it he is an adrenaline junky for sure.then on the last day out there we went and saw Rainbow Bridge which was beautiful!! Here are a few pics i took, i didn't take much cuz hello we were at lake Powell surrounded by water. :) i have to tell ya though, even after being home for 3 days trav and i still feel like we're rocking on a boat. crazy.

first day there, playing with the wave runner

on the boat taking turns skiing and boarding. :)

The house boat we stayed on

floatin in the nice refreshing water

me and jessie liked the water so much we didnt wanna get out

trav would only go down the slide head first

Trav and i knee boarding!!! :)

early morning skiing when the water is perfect

Beautiful Rainbow Bridge

Crazy guys cliff jumping

Trav waiting to jump

Ha this is me i know i look a little odd.... but i was so scared trav wouldnt let me look down so i just ran jumped, and screamed the whole way down but at least i did it right?

Travis' jump into the water....