Saturday, May 29, 2010

Prince of Persia, the sands of time!

Yesterday for date night me and Travis went and saw The Prince of Persia the sands of time. And oh did i LOVE IT!!! i thought it was just great! i thought it might be a little cheesy and so i didn't have too high of expectations for it but wow was i wrong! I also am not a very big Jake Gyllenhaal fan, i dunno why. But i loved him in this movie i really did. i thought it was awesome. Except the movie would have been 100x better if i didn't have this really really big old guy sitting next to me taking up half my seat and laughing hysterically at EVERYTHING in the movie!!! And also i had this little punk kid sitting behind me and kicking my seat the whole movie! i would kinda slam my seat back so that he would get the hint that it was bugging me and stop but oh no he didn't get that hint and just kept on going. I guess that's what you get for going on a Friday opening night show right? but all in all it was worth it and i enjoyed the movie very much! i would recommend it to anyone who like action thrill movies! It was a great movie! I wouldn't mind going and seeing it again soon!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good/Bad day

This morning at about 4 am my phone goes off, Trav gets up to answer it and finds out his sister just had her baby. Tessa Nicole Michaelis, Yay the first Niece/Granddaughter on the Taylor side out of 11 nephews/grandsons. It was exciting, holding that precious little girl in my hands made my heart ache. But what a joy to have such a sweet life brought into this world.
Also today my next door neighbor/sister-in-law found out she is having a baby boy and showed me the ultra sound pictures she got. So fun and so cute to see his little profile and little tiny feet. What wonderful news, how happy and excited everyone is, the 5th nephew/grandson, while there are 7 nieces/granddaughters on the de Hoyos side, kinda the opposite of the Taylor's side. but what happy news everyone is getting today I'm so happy for them!!
But yet, its baby business, and its everywhere, and it makes my heart ache, i choke back tears so no one can tell but its so hard. how long am i gonna have to wait?
Life is just one crazy roller coaster that is for sure. But as i stop to feel sorry for myself i remember to stop and cut it out, because someone out there has it far worse and is probably handling it like a champ, and holding strong. I am working at being better, writing my stresses out definitely helps me feel better. I feel sorry for my loving husband, none of this is easy for him either he really wants to be a dad, and i know he will be an amazing one. So i try not to let him know how much i think about it, and try not to let him see when I'm having a sad baby day. Because it honestly doesn't do any of us any good. So on a happy note,
Today was a great day for my sister-in-laws and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! and welcome Tessa to the world!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This will be just a short post, but yesterday for Travis' day off work we went out to Tooele to visit his family and go golfing!i have only ever played miniature golf, or gone to a driving range to just hit golf balls.Well yesterday i went real golfing!! wow it was so much fun, but it was HARD, and it was SO WINDY yesterday making it even more hard. but i didn't do to shabby which i am very proud of. i enjoyed it very much and would like doing it again!!! of course driving the golf cart around may have made it even more fun than normal! Trav was super nice and even though he likes driving the golf carts around too, he let me drive it for most our whole game since it was my first time driving one. :)haha gotta love those golf carts :D
ALSO, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is back on this thursday at 7 on Fox 13!!! i am SOOO EXCITED!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I dont have photoshop or anything nice like that but for fun when i get bored sometimes i hop onto this website, called where i upload some of my pictures and just play around with them. its sorta like photoshop but not as good or intense. And its free!! i have fun taking pictures and playing with them on there here are some ive played around with just for fun!

alot of them look alike and alot have wording and stuff but i guess thats the kinda style i like, i dunno im just playin around :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I love getting pictures taken with the love of my life, my hubby. who doesn't? i like showing the world what a handsome man i married. On of my best friends from high school took some pictures for us. and then the next week my brother asked if he could use as models for some pictures so that he could build his portfolio. and i said of course, heck yeah!! so now i have tonz of amazing photos of me and my hubby Travis. And the thing i love about having pics from 2 different photographers is their style is so different which gives me lots of variety, and i love that! so here are some from each photographer hope you enjoy them as much as i do!!!

From my friend Courtney Campbell:

ahh there are too many to choose from :)

My brother hasnt finished editing the pics he has taken so i stole some of them off facebook
Here are the pics that my brother T.C. took:

and those are just a few of his, i know this is ALOT of pictures to put up but i just wanted to share them and then if anything ever happens to my computer and i lose everything ill at least have these pics on my blog!! hope you like them! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

blood test..

Well after waiting and waiting forever to find out the results of this blood test i had taken Monday, we finally called them to see if they had gotten the results yet. They ended up calling us back to tell us that the blood test said NEGATIVE. :S according to my blood and HCG levels i am not pregnant. Honestly how much teasing am i gonna have to go through. This is not fun at all. My heart can only handle so much tugging. It is now 4 months since i miscarried, and i remember it as if it happened yesterday, cant i just get lucky and have a regular pregnancy? I think all the time when passing by baby clothes at the store or seeing pregnant women or babies, i wonder if i hadn't miscarried id know what i was having by now, a boy or a girl. instead I'm having a hard time even getting pregnant. I feel like Amy Adams in The Time Travelers Wife, " Whats wrong with me wanting one normal thing in my life?" i guess this post is to just kinda let out my feelings and frustration so that i don't dwell on in too long. I've just gotta keep going and smiling and be happy cuz there is nothing in my power i can do. Thank you all for your love, interest, and support i appreciate it so much!! I love you all!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So i still haven't started so now its 10 days late, Yesterday i went in to get my blood drawn to see if I'm actually pregnant. It is seriously so nerve racking to wait for them to call you and give you the results, I'm almost scared for them to call!!! But as of right now i have a huge gut feeling in the pit of my stomach and butterflies flying around like crazy!!! I sure hope that I'm pregnant because if not, that means something inside my body is off, and that scares me! So crossing our fingers for the phone call, i will let you know the results when i do!!!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yesterday was payday which means grocery day, I took Trav with me after he got home from work and we went to Wal-Mart. We had everything we needed and were headed to the check out stands when of course there was a huge display of 24 pack sodas for only $5. Trav was so excited that he got 2 boxes! This is what our fridge looked like when we put them all in!!!

Yup it took up our whole middle shelf!

Well later that night we were just watching some tv, you know ghost whisperer and then medium when some friends of ours called and said they had just rented a movie and wanted to know if they could come over and watch it with us. We said of course and they came over. Well let me just tell you now, if anyone ever says hey want to watch a movie called Crazy on the Outside? TELL THEM NO!!!! we watched it and i seriously was bored out of my mind!!! it just wasn't very good i thought and i would never suggest it to anyone. some people may like it, i DID NOT!! so just a warning to you all.

Also since spring is finally coming and its actually starting to feel like it I've been looking for swim suits for this summer since me and Travis will be going to Lake Powell the end of July i wanna find a cute new suit. well I've been looking on Lands End and i found one i LOVE!! i dunno why its just plain and simple but i want it!! only thing, is that its $89.99 and you know boys, they think anything that cost that much and is some form of clothing is a waste of money. So we will see if i cant win my case, :) here it is!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So normally i am NEVER late on my period, i always know what day its going to come and its always on time, well the only 2 times i have ever been late that i recall, is 10 days when i was super sick and had to have surgery, i started the day after i had surgery, yeah it was awesome. :S and then last month i was only 2 days late, but now it is day 4 of me being late, and all 3 pregnancy tests that i have taken tell me that i am not pregnant. Well then what the heck is going on? It is so not cool to just wait and wonder what is going on with your body.... and i don't like it! at all. So i have decided that if i don't start by the end of this week i am going to go get a blood test to see if I'm pregnant or to find out whats going on or whatever. i really hate needles so i sure hope something happens soon. haha

On a happier note i still love our car!!! couldn't be more happy, and i am seriously starving for some Honey Nut Cheerios!!! yum! And Travis and I are having our 1 year anniversary pictures taken by a good friend of mine this Thursday and i cant wait! its been a year since we have gotten some good pictures of us! so I'm excited! Also to report on my yoga goal..... um... i haven't quite made it to the gym yet so i have been doing yoga on my Wii fit plus.... and seriously I'm horrible so i think its a good thing I'm starting out at home hahah!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A little sad..... :(

This morning i was watching Glee on hulu, because i had missed it this week, and watching Rachael in ballet class with the toe shoes made me think, i haven't even put mine on since big show last year. So after i watched the whole episode i got my dance bag out of the closet, opened it, tried on every dance shoe i had and danced around in them a little, and then got out the toe shoes! I never thought i would think this, but oh how i missed them!! (crazy i know) Of course as soon as i put them on and stood up on point i got the charlie horse and the sharp pain that comes with the beautiful shoes! I did a few things on them and realized, i don't have the muscle, the flexibility the pain tolerance i used to have a year ago. After being sick for a whole month disintegrating, then having surgery where i just sat around even more, to having a miscarriage that made me depressed and just eat and lay around my dancer body was GONE!! Since i no longer dance, and i find just working out at the gym boring i haven't done anything to change that. And it made me very sad. How in one year could i have fallen so far down. After 8 years i know all the steps, the names the way to do them but i don't have the muscle or flexibilities i once worked so hard for. So i have decided today, that I, Oriana Taylor will go to the orem rec center every morning to do yoga, and pillates and then every Tuesday and Thursday nights go to zumba where i can get some of my love for dance out into the open! no more of this nonsense i will not have it!!! This is just my frustration right now and i felt like sharing it, because for some reason that always makes it feel better and now that Ive told everyone I'm going to do this maybe they can keep me to my word and make sure i actually DO IT!!! I will get a hot bod and tight muscles and be super flexible by the end of this summer!!!! Because i can do it!!!!! but i would love any company!! if anyone would like to join me, PLEASE DO!!! its always so much more fun with friends!!!

This is leah and me as Esmerelda and Jasmine for our 2007 pas de deux in big show :) we liked to play around and take fun pictures!

The pic at the top is Caden, Leah, and me! :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

The search is OVER!!! :)

I cannot express to you how thrilled i am that the car hunting is finally OVER!!! We have found our car and it is OURS!!! :) Yay!! Trav found it in Salt Lake and had them drive it to the Honda dealer down by our house in Orem so that i could come look at it and so we could test drive it. Our new car is a 2001 White Nissan X-Terra with 65,000 miles on it and the starting price was $9k. We test drove it and everything was great, except a small rattle on the left side of the car when you go over bumps so we had them put in our contract that they would either fix or replace what ever the noise is so that it is perfect!! It is SO SO VERY nice to have our OWN car and not borrow family's cars and such. I love it!! Oh and it has 4wheel drive which i also LOVE, especially since i hate driving in the snow anyways the 4wheel drive makes me feel a whole lot better! :)

Also our anniversary last weekend was AMAZING, and very much needed! The Swiss Family Robinson room that we stayed in was so COOL!!! The bed high up in the trees was so much fun, that i wish i had it in our home, and the tub, oh the tub, my other true love, the jetta tub was huge, and we had so much hot water it was heaven!! The shower was a waterfall that came into the tub which was actually pretty dang sweet as well! That night he ordered pizza to our room cuz we didn't really feel like going out, sadly i was sick with a horrible beastly cold. :S but the pizza was great!! In the morning they brought us breakfast which was granola and yogurt with some raspberries on it, a huge cinnamon roll, a large cheese and ham croissant and two juices of our choice! it was yummy :) Check out was at noon but we were out of there by about 10:30. After we had checked out and everything we went to the Hogal Zoo!!! I love the zoo it is so much fun and i love to look at all the animals! The weather was also very nice, which was great cuz i was worried it would be cold! My favorite part at the zoo was the little monkeys and the tigers, and the Marry-go-round that was playing tikki room ( i wanted to start dancing too it but trav wouldn't have it ;) ) And Travis' favorite part was the GORILLA!!! haha he was huge! All in all with being sick it was a very well needed and much loved get away! I wish we could do it more often! :) here are some pictures from that day!

mmmm our yummy breakfast We brought the top part of our wedding cake so we could eat it up there, when we unwrapped it it was all distorted looking hahah like this! We ate it anyways and it was pretty good, The tub of my dreams, and the shower of travis' dreams ha
Trav high up in the trees on our bed
trav with our tickets to get into the zoo

The monkeys!! they were fun to watch
the gorilla

Saturday, May 1, 2010

1 YEAR!!!!

I honestly cannot believe that Travis, and I have been married a year from tomorrow! In all reality it feels like ive been married to him my whole life, just because if feels so, natural, so real! I think back to before i met him and think how did i ever do it, I am so greatful for my loving, amazing husband he is my world, i love him like a fat kid loves cake!! we have been through so much this past year, here is a list;
* Went to Hawaii
* i cut my hair short for the first time ever!!
* Went to Wyoming for a family reunion.
* ended up in the hospital after a month of being sick to lose my appendix and my right fallopian tube.
* Got pregnant
* Miscarried
* Bought 165 movies
* bought 2 Flat screens
* bought a king size bed
* went to the sand dunes and rode 4 wheelers
* Learned to do a front flip off a tramp to a pad! (sad that im just learning i know)
* went to friends weddings.
* Got a puppy
* Re visited the temple many times
* had siblings sealed
* had nephews born
* experienced holidays and birthdays as a married couple.
* bought a GIANT painting that i LOVE!!
* Bought a Scooter
* Sold the Scooter
lived, laughed and loved together, we have been through so much together. With out the love of my life, i wouldnt be the same, LIFE wouldnt be the same, he has helped me to become a better person to love and to grow as a person and to not just stop and cry at every little bump in the road and for his strong spirit and faith i am thankful!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABE!! i honestly cant wait to see what this new year brings for us!!

Recorded my the youngest sister; Cassie de Hoyos sorry if they are long or sideways... :S