Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well as some might know, Travis and I are doing In Vitro! We are so excited for this and can't wait to get started.
We were supposed to start the beginning of this month and came home from our Drs. appointment super excited!! And then the Drs. office called saying I had an ovarian cyst that was producing too much estrogen so we couldn't start this month!! We were so bummed but grateful that we would get to enjoy a relaxing Christmas and New Years!
They put me on birth control to get rid of my cysts so we can start IVF January 13 which is a little crazy considering I miscarried 3 years ago on January 13!!! We are so so excited! I am real nervous for the first week of injections though not looking forward to those but hey, I'm gunna do whatever it takes! So that's the most recent news for us I will post about my birthday and Christmas another day!!! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slacking much?

Alright i know i said that i would post back after i found out the results from my 1st IUI but it seems that i mostly update my instagram and sometimes facebook more than anything! So for that i am sorry!
Well lets just get right down to business then, my first IUI didn't take so we did the exact same thing, double doses of Chlomid for days 3-9 of my cycle take an ovulation prediction kit, come in after we got the double dark lines. IUI #2 was initiated. This time around i was really excited because i didn't have any of the negative signs this go around that i had last time. I was sure we were pregnant! But of course as life would have it #2 didnt take either.
So being a little disappointed and a little exhausted i called my Dr office to see if we could get more Chlomid to start round #3. To my surprise my Dr. said that he only wanted to try ONE more IUI before talking about  In Vitro. But before we did anything else he wanted me to come in to get a test done that i had back in 2010 a Hysterosalpingogram which is where they shoot fluid up the uterus into the fallopian tube to see if it is clogged or open. Because i only have one Fallopian tube it was kind of a big deal. 
Well after much fluid and much pushing and poking we saw fluid flowing through the tube meaning if it was clogged it was now open and letting things pass through it, but as he started to look more he noticed my ovaries weren't popping out at him like they should when he pushed on my abdomen. So after some more pushing and poking he told me that my ovaries are being blocked by scar tissue and being help up against my insides, meaning that no eggs can leave my ovaries to be fertilized, so it didn't matter if my tube was open or not. 
After this news i was a little down and frustrated and asked what my options were. Option #1 get surgery to try and remove scar tissue and then wait a few months to recover before trying to conceive again, or option #2 start In Vitro since the only problem we have discovered is that we cant get any eggs to get to where they need to be to get fertilized.
Well this January 13th marks the 3 years since i miscarried our first pregnancy I'm don't waiting and i just want the fastest route we can get on! So Travis and I decided to start In Vitro!
But wait there is more, you didn't think it would be that easy did  you?
The embryologist will be out of town for 2 weeks in January for a conference so in order to start the In Vitro process THIS month i would have to start my cycle no later than Dec. 14th! Well on my calendar on my phone I'm predicted to start on the 14th so lets hope that my body decided to work with us, because if I'm any later than the 14th we have to wait a whole month to start In Vitro on the next cycle.
Can i also tell you i am terrified of doing In Vitro, we got a packet of everything we have to do for that whole month and all the medications and INJECTIONS(yes i have to give myself shots through out the whole month!!) i have to take, and that i have to be put on bed rest for 3 days after the insemination of the fertilized eggs! I am only allowed to eat drink go to the bathroom and lay in bed watching movies, But only comedy, happy movies! No drama no suspense no horror! I mean this is a big deal!!
I'm a little worried but i know that it will be easier than i think, plus my Dr and his staff is amazing!! If anyone reading this needs a fertility Dr to go to i am suggesting you go to Dr. Larry Andrews at East Bay Fertility in Provo UT. They are amazing!
So this is my update as of late and now all we can do is wait til the 14th of December to see what we do next!! 
Travis and i are super super excited and hope this is the answer to our prayers.
If all goes well and we get pregnant off of this, then after i give birth to our first child sometime after that i will go in for the surgery to remove the scar tissue so that we might be able to conceive on our own and not have to use In Vitro every time. But who knows what will happen in the future so i guess we will just wait and see!! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Exciting Event!

Well it has been a while since my last post but that was because i didn't really have anything interesting to post about. But that has now changed!
 Last month i went in to my fertility specialist and found out that i had some ovarian cysts. I had a 36 mm and a 27 mm cyst on my right side and then a few smaller ones on the left. These cysts where keeping me from ovulating which was keeping us from conceiving. So the Dr. put me on birth control for a month to see if that would help shrink the cysts. Because if the birth control didn't do anything we would have to surgically remove them.

 Well after i had finished out that month on the pill i went in for another ultra sound to find out that these cysts had magically gone away, completely vanished!! It was a miracle, the Dr. said he had never seen that before, which made me tear up a little!
 So since my cysts had vanished he put me on a double dose of Chlomid (fertility pills), and told me at day 15 of my cycle if i haven't gotten those dark lines on my ovulation prediction kit to come in and we'd do another ultra sound. Well i was kinda disappointed when day 15 came and i still hadn't gotten those two dark lines yet. So i called in and went for an ultra sound. The Dr. said things are looking good, and told me to schedule another appointment in 2 days and if i haven't ovulated by then he would give me a HCG booster shot!

 I came in 2 days later, ready to get this booster shot which i wasn't too thrilled about getting but I am willing to do anything and everything it takes to get me a baby!
We did yet another ultra sound and what do you know, perfect timing, i had just ovulated!!! So with much excitement the Dr. told us to give a sample and come back in an hour to do the IUI ! AAHHH i was so excited i could hardly wait!!
We came back in for the procedure which only took about 5-10 minutes and was completely painless!! This all made me so so happy! They had me lay flat on the table for 5 minutes before getting dressed and going home. I was so nervous to do anything that day besides lay flat but he assured me that i could go about my day as normal. It was a wonderfully happy day!

So in 2 weeks i get to take the dreaded pregnancy test and hope that after almost 3 whole years of that stupid little negative result that i will finally get that positive Ive been searching for! Travis and I are so super excited and hope this all works out well!
And that is my exciting news! i will post back in 2 weeks with my results if i don't post sooner you will hear from me then!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Whats New?

Well i figured i would give a little update on the life of Travis and Oriana.
This last few weeks have been kinda crazy and emotional.
Travis and i went to the fertility specialist again to talk out our game plan. After looking at all my previous tests, talking about symptoms and what not, he decided to do another ultra sound, where he found that i have a plethora of ovarian cysts which i guess are sending out antibodies and keeping me from ovulating. I have a few 4,5,6 mm cysts on the left side and some on the right but i also have  15 and 26 mm cysts on the right which i guess are pretty big.
So after discussing with the Dr. he decided to put me on birth control to try and shrink those cysts. If the BC (birth control) doesn't work we will have to surgical remove them. But after these stupid cysts are gone we will start up on fertility bills either femera or chlomid and then do an IUI. It was a little frustrating to find this news out, especially because the last 2 and a half years we had an OB/GYN telling us everything was fine and they didn't know why we we rent getting pregnant. Thank heavens for Specialists right? So we are pretty happy over all to be getting things all figured out and fixed so that within the next few months we could possibly be getting pregnant!! yay haha.
Also medically, Travis went in for a regular check up because his knees and back have been aching pretty bad and we just wanted to make sure all was good with him. well after telling them his history and that he had cancer at 15 that started in his liver, they wanted to extra blood work to check up on his cancer,  they called back a week later saying that his liver functions were high and that he needed to come in to do a CT scan ASAP. umm ok lets freak everyone out why dont we.
So after a very stressful week of waiting to do this stupid test we were worried for the worst news. luckily after taking the CT scan we set up an apt to meet with the dr so we could get the results before the labor day weekend and be sweating it out the whole time. Thankfully his test results came back beautifully normal. His white blood count was normal as well they were just a little concerned and didn't really explain that it wasn't a huge deal they were just wanting to make sure everything was ok. Stupid nurses. Travis was physically sick to his stomach just of the thought that he could possibly go through Leukemia again and so was I. Honestly i have never been so scared in my life. But very gratefully he is one healthy boy!!

So its been kind of a medical roller coaster the last few weeks at our house!! So not fun. but other than that not too much else has been going on.
Our farm is constantly growing and we are now starting to prepare for the winter months!!

Well thats it for now!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bear Lake

Well Travis and I have just recently gotten back from the Sorenson (Travis' mom side of the family) Reunion up at Bear Lake! it was a blast! We played Hearts, and Spades, Horse shoes, and even went boating! It was really nice to get away and relax with family.

Some fun news, when we got home from church this last Sunday, Mini (our little black Pygmy goat) had her babies!!!! 2 little boys so cute! We haven't named them just yet but I'm sure they will get names soon!

This will be kind of a shorter post I'm sure ill have more to talk about another day and another post but for now this is it, here are some pictures from Bear Lake and of the baby goats.

 This is the baby Llama that died i didnt have the pictures up yet to post before

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello again

Well it has been a long time since i have updated my blog! 
Wow where to begin? Um well just recently i had ALL my family in town for a family reunion!! it was so much fun having everyone together again after i think it was 2 years since we were ALL together. That gets hard to do when your parents had 8 kids, 4 married, and 14 and growing grand kids. Some in Hollister California, Cleavland Ohio, Garland Texas and Lehi, and Payson Utah. Haha but it was a blast we had fun seeing everyone again.
Travis and my house was the gathering point, most all the family stayed at our house while they were here in Utah so my house was FULL to say the least!! :) 
Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful, just working and keeping up the farm. 

One of our female Llamas (Louise) had a baby!!! We had no idea she was even pregnant! We googled it and and Llamas are pregnant for 11 1/2 months!! We named the baby Llama Launa. 
Launa actually died a week later. It was very very sad :( we think it was because either something was wrong with her legs or she just wasn't getting fed from her mama :( it made me sad. Farm life is hard in that sense. 
No more baby goats since Michael was born when we first got all the goats.

I am still not pregnant either, ha :S i have been putting of doctors and stuff like that because i dont know why, but i want so badly to just conceive on our own. I want to be a part of the majority of the world that can get pregnant whenever they want to! 
But i just cant take it anymore, it has been a 2 1/2 years since my miscarriage and not a pregnancy after it. I have done fertility pills i have done all the tests they wanted and everything is fine its just not happening. So today i was finally sick of not getting pregnant and called a Dr. that a friend had recommended for doing IUI (artificial insemination) Well after calling yesterday and finding out it was a holiday ahah i had to wait and call today. So i did and got sent to an answering machine where i left all my info and eventually they called me back only to tell me that they don't do that anymore and i had to go to Utah Fertility Center.
So i called them and gave them all the info they needed told them what i wanted, the next available appointment isn't until AUGUST 29!!! thats like a whole freakin month away!!!! I booked it anyways and asked to be put on a waiting list incase anything sooner opened up. But needless to say my hopes and attitude just went down the drain. I was so discouraged. It sucked. 
So now i am updating my blog because it was so outdated. 

On a happier note,  I have been going to Zumba with my sister in law Shelly. It has been awesome i forgot how much i missed just dancing!! Any kind of dancing! let me just say, it KICKED my butt the first time i went i was so sore and stiff the next morning! it made me really excited! 
My goal is to keep going to Zumba and hopefully lose 10 lbs or more. Honestly I'm not too worried about weight, i just want to look more fit and toned, so that is actually my goal and if i lose poundage I'm good with that too!

alright here are some pictures, enjoy!

 the WHOLE Ben and Wendy de Hoyos family
 Just adults
 Siblings and parents
 Goofy pics :p
 oops the lamp fell, good thing ive got cat like reflexes and caught it. haha look at Tori and Ben ;)
 just boys
 just girls
 Adult girls
 ya i know we are pretty awesome! we were playing dead man on the trampoline!
 ok ignore my pasty white thick legs, im workin on it ha
 Andrea's birthday!
 Goofy girls
 beautiful younger sisters
 me and Tori
 me and Cassie
 Cassie, me, Tori they over tower me
 Segal, Rana, Sticktoria
 all of us sisters together again!!
 we cant help ourselves
 hahah oh man i love us
 Angela and Andrea :D
 T.C. and Ben

 Nate (the Dr. only one in the group that wore a helmet haha)
 boys going off to go 4wheeling!
 Nana and Evie
 The Beautiful sunshine child, Cassie
 me and mamma
 Travis and I on the horses 

 Tori on Max

 Travis and Gabby on Max, Nate on Henry

 Cassie on Henry

 Travis and Marisa
 Eating on the front porch
 dead man
 Grandma Seamons, Mom and Dad
 Me, Marisa and the pups
 hacky sac
 haha, gazing 
 dang it this was supposed to rotate. Its Andrew playing with bubbles

 sunday dress
 yay all together again
 after church
 upside down
 Andrew stole my hat off my head, put it on him and started playing with Cassies' phone haha so cute
 poor Lily fell off the tramp and scrapped both sides of her face on 2 rocks 
 after our midnight swim and horse game