Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Years!!

Wow, so apparently i have been away from blogging too long, its changed just like Facebook does!! Man, this is going to take some getting used to.

Anyways what i got on here to blog about was really to brag about how awesome my husband of 3 years is!!
That's right yesterday May 2, 2012 was our 3 year anniversary! Its so funny to look back and remember as a kid thinking, "Man i cant wait to grow up, and to get married, that's sooo far away. :) "
Travis, the love of my life, my superman, my best friend! He is extraordinary let me just tell you, i cant even begin to explain how amazing this man is, and im not only saying that because im married to him. Travis is the guy who if you called him needing help he would be over there in a second, no matter what he had going on he would be there for you. He is the most giving, caring, loving guy i know. Sometimes i get frustrated and angry with him because he feels like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and feels its his responsibility to take care of EVERYONE!!! But as i should know the wives, girlfriends, or lovers of super hero's always have those same issues. (except mine is legit he doest have super human powers ;) ) But no matter what i always love him! I guess im just a little selfish when it comes to him :) I need to work on being more like him, because honestly he is so amazing. Ya i know im getting a little gooshy,  haha  but seriously i love my husband so much and nothing could ever change that!
 For our 3 year anniversary we; went out to breakfast, did a little shopping, got Travis hair cut (which was much needed), went up to Salt Lake to drive the go karts at... Fasttracks or Fastkarts or something like that. These go karts went up to 35 mph they were fast! It was awesome and i totally won!! :) Then we went and checked in to our Anniversary Inn room with was the Jungle Safari! We left to go eat at the JSMB The Roof which was awesome! I had never eaten there before and when we got there i was a little disappointed because when i go out to eat i don't like having to get up and serve myself... i don't know if that's stupid or snotty of me but when i go out i like to be catered to haha. but after i got up and saw the buffet and all the yummy food it made up for it. Plus the live Piano playing was amazing :D
Needless to say it was an epic day!! We enjoyed ourselves very much and had a much needed much enjoyed relax day where it was all about us!
Here are some pictures of our day!
 That was the cute card i gave trav, and then our morning :)
 once we got to Anniv. Inn, i always have to take pictures of the room they are just soo cool
 The Roof
 pics with the animals, the elephants mouth was a shower... so cool

 i came in first and my avg mph was faster!! ha