Wednesday, March 31, 2010


>OK, so i had this cyst on my left wrist for at least 2 years. It hasn't bothered me unless i put pressure on it or do activities where i use my wrist. So i finally decided to just go and get it taken care of so it isn't such a hassle anymore. Me and Travis go to a hand specialist he comes in and says he can either do surgery or suck it out with a needle. I told him i could possibly be pregnant and he said that the only option for right now was to suck the cyst out with a needle, but that only had a 66% of never coming back. So Dr. Richards goes and gets some numbing medicine and a huge needle. He numbed my wrist and then stuck me with the giant needle. After he was finished he said that i might be sore for a few days and to just ice it. Not 5 hours later the cyst was back.... it isn't as huge as it once was but its at least half the size it was. :S sadly i will have to get rid of it for good with a small surgery.



Monday, March 29, 2010

Leahs Wedding!!!

On March 19 my best friend Leah got married to the most perfect match she could find!!
they were married in the Salt Lake temple, where i was lucky enough to witness this joyouss occasion!! it was beautiful.
later at the reception i was a bride matron where i got to dress up and carry flowers! :) leah looked so gorgeous and you could just tell she was so happy!
My husband travis saw this occasion as an oprtunity to buy a new sweater vest, which he did and looked very nice in. It was a great day and everything seemed to go as planned!
Congrats Andrew and Leah!!!

Andrea, Leah and I - Dance friends!!

Me and Travis at the reception :)

My backround...

So this will be my first post on my blog, so I'm gonna kinda sum up my most current events of life so you know whats going on.
Me and Travis whom i am madly in love with were married May 2, 2009 in the Mount Timpanogos temple. it was beautiful. 3 or 4 months after being married we decided we wanted to try and start our family while we are young. In September of '09 i got super sick,i started out with flu like symptoms i had fevers all the time, i couldn't eat, i was throwing up. This lasted off and on for about a month sadly. During that month i had lost 20 lbs!! i looked like i was deteriorating, i had also gone to the doctors office 3 different times. Each of those times they would just give me medicines they thought should clear everything up. On the last week of August my amazing husband took me to the hospital where it turned out i had to have immediate surgery. My appendix had 'burped' out some poison in my abdomen and was just roaming around that whole month growing. After the surgery come to find out i lost a Fallopian tube because of the massive infection.
This was scary for me because what if this meant i would have difficulty getting pregnant. i went to an OB/GYN specialist where he told me all should be normal, but if i couldn't get pregnant within the next 3 months to come in and he'd do some tests.
Exactly 3 months later YAY I'M PREGNANT!!! I couldn't believe it i was starting out the new year pregnant what could be better.....
I lost the baby about a week later in the doctors office right before having my first ultrasound.... i was devastated....i had the ultrasound anyways to make sure everything was Ok with me. Later on doctors were worried i might also have a tubal pregnancy as well after having 2 more ultrasounds later that week and sent me to get a low dose chemo shot to kill and clear out any multiplying cells. It took a month of blood drawing to finally get my HCG levels to drop back to normal.
I am healing emotionally, and am happy again after 2 months of the baby incident and trying again to maybe get a baby again and have this one decide to stay...