Friday, September 30, 2011

Lack of Pictures

I would like to start of and apologize for my lack of pictures on my blog lately. Since i work on a computer everyday all day i dont feel the need to get on my computer at home i choose to do other things. So since im only on the computer at work i am without all of my pictures. I have decided to bring them here to my work so that i dont have to make you suffer with just words. I always find looking at pictures to be so much fun the visual just makes it so much more fun! So no worries hopefully by my next post i will have a photo or 2 along with it :)

So remember how my pug was in heat and got banned to the outside/downstairs part of the house. Well it turned her rouge!! She is crazy now and wont listen to me when normally she was pretty good to listen to me. Also she is shedding like CRAZY.... im not being dramatic at all, i honestly didnt know a little dog could lose sooo much hair!!! Travis and i gave her a bath last night and tried to get rid of all the loose hair, which by the way was a hamster size clump of hair. Now this morning when i came to see her she was still shedding hair everywhere..... i honestly am so sick of this already... i want to take her to the Groomers but dont know if that will help that much either. Who knows, not me.

Anyways other than that, life has been, wake up get ready for work leave, come home watch Gossip Girl season 1 which i just started thanks to Courtney :) then i do a little bit of house work, cleaning, laundry dishes, whatever needs to be done, then wait for Travis to get home around 9-10pm make something for dinner if i didnt already do it before then we talk a little about our day and then watch an episode of 2 of Criminal Minds season 6 before going to bed. Fun huh? haha oh man. thats why i love my weekends i get to spend all weekend outside and with my dear husband, and i love it!!

Also i dont really want to whine about my sad sob story again so i wont but this month for some reason has been extremely hard for me with not being able to get pregnant. I dont know why but it has been so hard. And thats all i will say :) I am so excited for General Conference this weekend also, it will be a great blessing.

Alright im out of here so until next time!! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can i just say how excited i am for fall!!! I have decided that as much as i love summer, i love Spring and Fall maybe a tiny bit more!!! I love the jackets and the scarfs and the boots you get to wear when its spring and fall!

Sadly this summer Travis and i didn't not go swimming ONCE!!! How sad is that?!?! Pathetic huh? but i guess when your busy and penny pinching to buy a house that's what happens!! :) P.S. i love having our very own house, nothing beats it!

Life is going great for us, Travis is in school and all though its hard he is making it through, along with working full time. I am also working full time, we both have great jobs. We have fun cute animals that love us, our own house, we now have 2 cars so we don't have to stress about how someone is going to get to work. Now "hint hint" the only thing left for us right now is to get pregnant!!! :) please please let this be our month.... i have been trying to be better, no more soda for me, and ive been doing better on the foods i eat, i haven't been able to be as active as id like since i work at a desk for most of my day. But ive been doing my best to make sure Travis and i are not stressed out!! I mean come on if we aren't getting prego from stress you cant be stressed for 2 years straight!!!! can you? hahah anyways im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best so i can join all you cute prego mommas. I envy you! Maybe hopefully after 2 1/2 years it will finally be my turn!!

Anyways sooo excited for boots and scarfs!!!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries

I have always wanted to start watching the Vampire Diaries since i saw one episode a while back but was so far behind i couldn't watch them. I wanted to start from the beginning, now thanks to my friend Courtney i now am borrowing season 1 and LOVE IT!! I just love those romance TV shows/movies that are just so cute! and i love vampire, SYFI movies. Im excited to get through the first season so i can get season 2 soon.

Also work is good, its been super busy lately but that helps the time to go by quicker sometimes, the only sad thing is, and it wouldn't change either way is that i don't see Travis hardly at all... maybe 3 hours out of the day. 1 hour in the morning before he is off to school and i to work and then maybe 2 hours after he is home from work before we go to bed. hahah its a bummer but that's how life goes when he is going to school and then straight off to work until 9:30-10pm. But that's life, we gotta get through school sometime right :) it just makes me love him even more!

Anyways that's about all for now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I know i told my self that i wasn't going to care any more but come on, who i was i trying to kid. Here we are again, that time of year when everyone, and i literally mean EVERYONE is pregnant. Either again or for the first time, and here i am, not even close.... i was counting the other day and came to Travis and said, "Guess what!? If im pregnant this month we should have our baby right before or on our 3rd anniversary, how awesome would that be? But if im not then we are screwed." I wont mind if when our 3rd anniversary comes up and i dont have a born baby, im just praying and pleading that by then im at least PREGNANT with a baby, or two.

This January marks the 2 year anniversary of my miscarriage. We have been trying for so long, and with no luck. Its hard to think that i could, ever become pregnant again. Most days im really good and i dont let it get to me. but on my emotional days like today, i struggle like any wanting mother would. I just pray that i learn whatever is left for me to learn through this trial so i can finally get my angel. I pray for strength and faith to carry me on until that day. I love my amazing husband Travis so much and can not imagine my life with out him in it. I also cant wait to see the day he becomes a dad, because i know that he will be the very best out there! I know it in my heart he will be the best EVER.

Other than those feelings, i started my new job today! It was great! But now i feel like my head is going to explode from memory overload, there is too much information floating around in that that i cant even make sense of. But soon enough ill get the hang of it and not come home so overwhelmed. But im excited for this new job. It will be great! Plus i get to work with my good friend Court bucket!!! :) love you girl!

Anyways.... Oh yeah also, my pug koda, is in heat.... so not fun, ive had to lock her downstairs so she doesnt keep making a mess on everything (yes i know thats disgusting, trust me i know i have to deal with it) Besides that because she is going through this i dont know why but she keeps having accidents in places she isnt supposed to. Im really getting upset with her. But i have to try and stay calm. Ha me and koda are on the same cycle, lucky us girls. That's odd... ok enough of that im done.