Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 Weeks, Halfway there!!

Tuesday May 13th, we had our 20 week ultrasound and check up. I'm not sure why but i was SO nervous for this check up! I wanted everything to be perfect with our little angel that i was afraid of surprises. But the Lord has blessed us tremendously and we have a healthy perfect little girl growing a week ahead of schedule! However our Dr. does not want to move up the due date, which I am ok with :) While checking everything out and measuring her we caught her yawning and then sucking her thumb! Cutest thing EVER!!! Its amazing how much i love this little girl already. You think you know what love is when you find your life partner, the love of your life, your other half, your spouse. But I honestly think that for a woman, you never truly understand the deep love as that of a mother. To feel that life growing inside of you, to feel them kick and squirm. Its amazing and even though I had to go through SO MUCH to get this gift i am so thankful and wouldn't have it any other way. I know Travis and I were meant to wait those 4 1/2 long years so that he and i could grow stronger together and so that we were truly ready for this little girl to enter into our lives, to make sure that we could give her the best life possible! I cant tell you how excited i am to see Travis in action as a father its going to be amazing!
Travis actually finally got to feel little Alice kick last night! She has been getting strong and she has finally gotten strong enough where he was able to feel her little kick! It was so cool!
 The Dr. mentioned that my placenta is in the front so i wonder if that made it more difficult for him to feel her or not.
Something cute our Dr. told us was one of his theories about the placenta being in front. He said that for babies with the placenta in front the baby is closer to the heart and feels that beat more strongly than if it were in back. So his theory is that children grown with the placenta in front are more musically inclined, that they will carry a beat better and that to comfort that child holding it close to your heart will be the most calming thing for her. Now he says obviously he cant prove any of this, but i liked his theory and so im going along with it haha! How sweet is that? Anyways. Im growing good. My belly gets bigger and bigger everyday and so does my sweet tooth which im starting to worry about! I dont want to gain excessive weight because of all this junk im eating so ive decided to start being better about how i eat and not always giving into those sweet temptations.
I have started to get painful leg cramps when i stretch first thing in the morning, they hurt so bad!!!
Also a little back pain and sometimes i feel a sharp pain shoot down my butt to my leg... its awful, thankfully it doesnt last long.
Other than that.... things are just peachy and i am loving being pregnant!
It really makes me sad to hear of expecting mothers just complain non stop about being pregnant, granted i dont know how they are feeling or how their body handles it but it does make me sad that not everyone is able to enjoy pregnancy.
Its crazy to me to think that i am already 21 weeks.... i never thought i would make it here. Honestly after losing 2 babies already and going through infertility struggles that end goal just seemed to get farther and farther out of reach. So i am so grateful each and everyday that this baby girl grows strong and healthy and i love feeling her kick because i know her heart is still beating strong!
To all my Infertility friends, i know how hard it is to wait and watch everyone else around you getting pregnant, honestly it sucks and its so hard to be happy for them even though you want to be. I hope because i obviously dont know when it will happen for you but i do hope and pray that it does happen for each of you! I do think of you all the time even if i dont always reach out to you, for that im sorry. Women who have to go through infertility in my opinion are some of the strongest women i have met. And through my experience not a whole lot can be said to make infertility easier or to make you feel better so i wont do that. Just know i think of you girls often and pray that in some form you get the opportunity to become moms! I love you all!!

Here are just a few pictures to show progress on the belly growth!

Monday, May 5, 2014

18 weeks and an Appendectomy

So this week has been CRAZY! I know people say that all the time but listen to this. Travis just got hired on a new job Monday morning he was to go do the drug test for that job. Sunday night before bed he was complaining he had a bad stomach ache. We thought this was from drinking too much soda. Travis woke up Monday morning in A LOT of pain and had been throwing up off and on all night. He still went to do the drug test but felt like he was dying (the employees thought he was shady and was hiding something.) As Travis is driving home he calls me and tells me he needs to go to the hospital that something is very wrong. So we get to the ER and poor guy can hardly stand. They get an IV in him and some morphine for the pain. We thought he was having kidney stones. Sadly not a whole lot you can do for kidney stones but wait to pass them unless something is really wrong then they would do surgery. They didn't find any stones in the ultrasound so they sent him home with pain meds and said,  "Good luck hope they pass soon!" Not 3 hours later we were back in the ER in the same amount of pain. After doing a CT scan we realized there were no kidney stones.... It was his appendix. Travis went into surgery late Monday night. The surgeon said his appendix was dying, that it had turned black and blue and had puss coming from it. It was close to erupting all that poison into his blood! Thankfully we got it out in time! We stayed the night at the hospital, (those hospital pull out chair beds are so uncomfortable especially at 18 weeks pregnant) and then he was released Tuesday morning. He was feeling great and did a little more then he should have and by 7 that night started to get hot and have a pretty bad headache. 3:30 am we were back at the ER. Travis was in excruciating pain from his headache and had been throwing up and after just having surgery he was in a lot of pain. We got him on morphine and did another CT to make sure none of the stitches had busted from the trauma of throwing up. Everything looked great. The migraine they concluded started from caffeine withdrawals (since he is a big soda drinker) and because he had the headache couldn't keep up on the pain and was throwing up all his pain meds. So after we got the pain under control we went home Wednesday at 6am and went to bed. We have been keeping up on his meds ( I was waking up every 2-4 hrs to give him his meds in the night) and he has been doing great!
Sadly yesterday evening we found a leak in a downstairs bedroom from a broken pipe in our bathroom, thank goodness for good neighbors who helped us out so Travis didn't have to do it all on his own.
Is this week over yet?! Haha I am so exhausted!

Friday was our 5 year anniversary!! Crazy it's been this long already and at the same time crazy it's only been 5 years :) hard to believe there was a life when I wasn't married to the man of my dreams!!! They have been amazing and I'm excited and looking forward to many many more years together!!!

On a plus note we were impatient and found out 2 weeks ago that we are having a little GIRL!!!!!!! We cheated and paid a ultrasound tech to check the gender for us at the end of our 16 weeks!!!! We are so so so happy!!!! We have already started on her nursery it's going to be amazing!!
Today we are 19 weeks! We are almost HALF WAY!! Can you believe that? Because im having a hard time believing it myself if it weren't for these little kicks that im starting to feel more and more each day!! Im loving feeling our little girl move, it is honestly the greatest feeling in the WORLD!
Its crazy since becoming pregnant i haven't gained that "Trucker appetite" in fact i have to force myself to eat sometimes because i've realized i haven't eaten in hours. And when i do want to eat its almost always something sweet that im wanting! Which is not me at all, this girl is definitely her daddy's little girl because he loves sweets and eats them all the time. Im having a harder time sleeping at night and finding a comfy position. My nose is constantly feeling stuffy but there is nothing up there its just swollen i guess from the increased blood flow i guess. The headaches are pretty much history, I might get one every few weeks which isn't bad. I have gained about 3-4 pounds since learning i was pregnant. My face is still having battles with acne but ive learned to just live with it. :) And that's about all my updates from the last post to this one :)
Here are some pictures.

Our 16 week gender ultrasound :)

Our gender announcement and name reveal!!

16 weeks avocado status.

17 weeks

6-18 weeks difference. wow.

Cassie had ankle surgery and Trav had appendix surgery.

pumped up on morphine getting ready to head into surgery. 

post surgery recovery, still out of it from the anesthesia.