Thursday, April 10, 2014


So things have been going great since my last post. My nausea mostly went away, it still comes and goes but its nothing compared. I have become uncomfortable at night when trying to sleep... since i am a stomach sleeper this has been really hard for me, i love sleeping on my stomach and since i found out i was pregnant i haven't been able to sleep that way because it makes me SUPER sick to my stomach. blah! I get a few headaches every now and then but thankfully nothing unbearable. My acne is relentless and will not go away but I'm learning to live with it... being pregnant is like a do whatever, dress however, feel however you want card in my eyes ;) so Ive learned not to care so much because, I have a beautiful baby inside that is making that happen and it is all worth it to me!! Lets see other than that not a whole lot is going on, I'm feeling great and growing week by week! I LOVE IT!! I am 15 weeks 4 days today and have my 16 week check up on Tuesday!!! YAY heartbeat time!! My Dr. doesn't do the gender ultrasound until 20 weeks so I still have another month to wait. I was hoping that i could know by week 16 but id rather know for sure at 20 than find out early and possibly be wrong. So i am happy to wait but still so anxious! I want an ultrasound just to see my baby i don't even need to know the gender yet i just want to see "her" which is what we call the baby until proven otherwise.
So there you have it. My prego life update and now for some pictures....

Also my parents are back here in Utah living with us. Things are going great so far. I know my dad is itching to get a job and a place of their own but I'm not in a hurry for them to get their own place things have been working out nicely i think :) We are happy to have them here!! Cassie is loving school and all the boys!! So that's good. And now.... that really is all the update of info i have for everyone.
until Tuesday.