Friday, October 5, 2012

Exciting Event!

Well it has been a while since my last post but that was because i didn't really have anything interesting to post about. But that has now changed!
 Last month i went in to my fertility specialist and found out that i had some ovarian cysts. I had a 36 mm and a 27 mm cyst on my right side and then a few smaller ones on the left. These cysts where keeping me from ovulating which was keeping us from conceiving. So the Dr. put me on birth control for a month to see if that would help shrink the cysts. Because if the birth control didn't do anything we would have to surgically remove them.

 Well after i had finished out that month on the pill i went in for another ultra sound to find out that these cysts had magically gone away, completely vanished!! It was a miracle, the Dr. said he had never seen that before, which made me tear up a little!
 So since my cysts had vanished he put me on a double dose of Chlomid (fertility pills), and told me at day 15 of my cycle if i haven't gotten those dark lines on my ovulation prediction kit to come in and we'd do another ultra sound. Well i was kinda disappointed when day 15 came and i still hadn't gotten those two dark lines yet. So i called in and went for an ultra sound. The Dr. said things are looking good, and told me to schedule another appointment in 2 days and if i haven't ovulated by then he would give me a HCG booster shot!

 I came in 2 days later, ready to get this booster shot which i wasn't too thrilled about getting but I am willing to do anything and everything it takes to get me a baby!
We did yet another ultra sound and what do you know, perfect timing, i had just ovulated!!! So with much excitement the Dr. told us to give a sample and come back in an hour to do the IUI ! AAHHH i was so excited i could hardly wait!!
We came back in for the procedure which only took about 5-10 minutes and was completely painless!! This all made me so so happy! They had me lay flat on the table for 5 minutes before getting dressed and going home. I was so nervous to do anything that day besides lay flat but he assured me that i could go about my day as normal. It was a wonderfully happy day!

So in 2 weeks i get to take the dreaded pregnancy test and hope that after almost 3 whole years of that stupid little negative result that i will finally get that positive Ive been searching for! Travis and I are so super excited and hope this all works out well!
And that is my exciting news! i will post back in 2 weeks with my results if i don't post sooner you will hear from me then!