Thursday, February 9, 2012

Calling all ladies!!!

OK girls or even anyone who might know. I have been looking for a long silk nightgown since i was engaged. My mom and older sister went everywhere trying to find one for my wedding and no luck on the long ones. Ive always wanted a really pretty long white or ivory silk nightgown that has a low back and a v neck, or halter top, like the classic vintage ones you always see on the movies. Where can i get one. And also where can i get one that isn't $500 cuz that's a little much. :S
I tried to find a picture but couldn't, but I'm talking a dress like the one Nicole Kidman wears in Batman Forever, when batman comes to visit her at night and she is wearing her silk nightgown.... anyone follow me? Ha OK well if anyone has any ideas or info for me it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

i LOVE this one :)

Friday, February 3, 2012


Ok I know i am the worst blogger right now, I have no time!! Its so crazy, we are constantly doing stuff and so when we finally get home and have time to be together and relax we just watch movies and hang out or go to stores for food or catch up on cleaning!! Life is crazy right now! Right now we are still working but also moving Travis parents to their new house. They have sooo much stuff!!! Which encourages me to not have a ton of stuff.

Most exciting news lately is that there is only 19 days till we get to move~!!!! YAY!
Also i went to my very first livestock auction this week and Travis, his dad, and i bid on 5 horses and got them, and also on 3 goats. It was awesome. I cant wait to have my very own farm in my backyard!!!

Also many might not know but we sold our pug Koda. :( She just wasn't getting the attention that she deserved with us being gone all the time and she was acting out because of it so we decided to sell her to a very good family with 7 kids and some grand kids. They had a huge backyard that was all fenced in. We knew that she would have a better life there with them than with us at this time in our journey. The family even called a week later just to let us know how she was doing. Koda actually gets to sleep with their little 10 year old girl, she is in love with her. So it was good to hear that she is doing so great, we are happy for her.

well thats all i have time for right now, i gotta run off again and do more crazy.

Hopefully ill be able to post again within the next 10 days ;) hopefully