Friday, April 3, 2015

Picture dump

Well my baby is officially 6 months old. She had her shots yesterday and was such a big girl about it. She hardly even cried when they gave them to her. She was however pretty sore a few hours after and actually fell asleep crying in my arms, it was the saddest thing ever. She has the sweetest little sad whimper. But that was only for one day thankfully! Its so hard to see my little one not feeling like her usually spunky, goofy self.
The Dr. started telling me to start feeding Alice juice and water out of a sippy cup and feed her more cereal for meals a day stuff like that and I started to tear up! Im such a baby, but its crazy how fast time is going by. Im both super excited for her to grow up and discover new things but also sad that she is no longer my newborn baby girl anymore.
On other news, Alice said her first word.... DADA.... of course hahah even with me trying to brain wash her since she was born to say mama first, dada came out :) but I'm ok with that of course. :)
She is also shaking her head side to side all the time, she thinks its funny and i love it.
Thats pretty much it. Now time for a major photo dump because i constantly am taking pictures of my girl.

hahah she is such a goofy girl i love it so much! she did not want to smile for me while taking these pictures. :)