Wednesday, March 31, 2010


>OK, so i had this cyst on my left wrist for at least 2 years. It hasn't bothered me unless i put pressure on it or do activities where i use my wrist. So i finally decided to just go and get it taken care of so it isn't such a hassle anymore. Me and Travis go to a hand specialist he comes in and says he can either do surgery or suck it out with a needle. I told him i could possibly be pregnant and he said that the only option for right now was to suck the cyst out with a needle, but that only had a 66% of never coming back. So Dr. Richards goes and gets some numbing medicine and a huge needle. He numbed my wrist and then stuck me with the giant needle. After he was finished he said that i might be sore for a few days and to just ice it. Not 5 hours later the cyst was back.... it isn't as huge as it once was but its at least half the size it was. :S sadly i will have to get rid of it for good with a small surgery.



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