Friday, July 16, 2010


so sadly I'm not a big scrapbooker, I'm not into sewing yet, and just not super crafty. But...... while my sisters have been here in town they started making flower/bows for their little girls hair. I started playing along and made some of my own after them showing me how to do a few, then i kinda branched out and tried new things!! I had a BLAST!!!! i could make them ALL DAY LONG! Oh it was so much fun here are the pictures i took of all my flowers!!!

These are all the flower hair clips that i made all by myself :D

And these are all the clips i get to keep

Day 1 of flower making, My older sister made the bottom right one for me to show me how to make that kind of flower. :)
Day 2 of flower making, my sister-in-law made the small blue felt one and the yellow felt one.

And i made all of these on Day 3 of flower making.

it is so much fun but after making so many you start running out of different kind of styles to make so its always really good to have tonz of different fabric, felt, or lace to make as many of the same flower as you want but different fabric with different patterns :D it was so much fun i wanna go do more!!! ;)

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