Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life is so unpredictable

Wow where do i even begin?... well now that i have told most of my family the news i know its safe to tell the rest of them on my blog for those who do read it.
Travis and i have been so blessed this new year, no sadly i am still not pregnant, but the lord is providing us with other blessings while waiting for it to happen. We have been so blessed as to be able to move down to Payson in a 6 bed 3 bath 2 car garage house, it is such a beautiful home, built in 2003 that is all ours! Oh and i forgot to mention it is on 5.17 acres of land, part is already all fenced off for horses, since the family living there now had horses there!!!! We are still going to fix up the house we are living in now and then rent it out. Travis parents and one of his sisters along with her family are also moving down to Payson into new homes on the same amount of land. We are all 3 just a few blocks away from each other!!! I know to a lot this wont make any sense at all but honestly we thought about it, prayed, and talked about it and this is where we are supposed to go, without a doubt we know this and so we are going. We move into our new home on Feb 22 and we cant wait! Although moving and packing up is such a pain but I'm still so excited. This house will take care of all our needs for the next 10 years if we wanted or the rest of our lives! But i can guarantee we will not move out of that house for at LEAST 5 years :) (I say that because Travis and I would eventually like to live in sunny Arizona one day) I know i said something like that when we moved into the house we are in now but i mean it this time.
Also since we bought this house in Payson we adopted 2 Boarder Collies from the animal shelter, one is for Travis dad but we have her for now til they move into their house. These little girls are so dang cute and so SMART!! I am blown away with how smart and fast they learn! These dogs are sheep dogs and will be outside the majority of their lives once we move out to Payson. I am so excited to live on a farm and have the responsibilities that come with living on a farm. We 3 families decided to move down to Payson because it is closer to a few of the mines that we are working on this year, this way we don't have to travel too far and.... we will have amazing views of the new Payson Temple that will be built soon!!
As you can see lots has been going on as honestly im not really home a lot and that is why i haven't been able to blog much. Maybe soon it will slow down but who knows.
Anyways i think that's it for now, until my next mind blowing, nonsense post :)

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  1. So you need another poll option at the bottom... jealous, check ;) I'm happy for you guys, something has to go right for you! Hearts