Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have the best husband in the world!! I had an Android Galaxy S phone and it was having some issues so Travis went out and got me the new IPhone 4S i was SO surprised and sooo sooo sooo excited! i love my phone! So with the iPhone comes crazy apps and stuff so here are a few crazy pictures and some not so crazy pictures to share with you :) P.S I'm obsessed with Instagram and this game called Triple Town (its totally worthless and stupid but it is so addicting)!

LLAMAS!! :) i love these ladies
My stupid game that im addicted to
My amazing new phone!!!

me and our very first baby goat of the season
Neytiri sitting like a human... dork :D
HAHAHAH these are awesomely so gross that i had to share :D
this one almost made me cry i was laughing so hard
i found this crazy app that turns your face into a cats face :) i love it

hungry hungry hippo
i am the real Katniss if you all didnt know.

hope this was as fun for you as it was for me :)
Happy Wednesday

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