Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello again

Well it has been a long time since i have updated my blog! 
Wow where to begin? Um well just recently i had ALL my family in town for a family reunion!! it was so much fun having everyone together again after i think it was 2 years since we were ALL together. That gets hard to do when your parents had 8 kids, 4 married, and 14 and growing grand kids. Some in Hollister California, Cleavland Ohio, Garland Texas and Lehi, and Payson Utah. Haha but it was a blast we had fun seeing everyone again.
Travis and my house was the gathering point, most all the family stayed at our house while they were here in Utah so my house was FULL to say the least!! :) 
Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful, just working and keeping up the farm. 

One of our female Llamas (Louise) had a baby!!! We had no idea she was even pregnant! We googled it and and Llamas are pregnant for 11 1/2 months!! We named the baby Llama Launa. 
Launa actually died a week later. It was very very sad :( we think it was because either something was wrong with her legs or she just wasn't getting fed from her mama :( it made me sad. Farm life is hard in that sense. 
No more baby goats since Michael was born when we first got all the goats.

I am still not pregnant either, ha :S i have been putting of doctors and stuff like that because i dont know why, but i want so badly to just conceive on our own. I want to be a part of the majority of the world that can get pregnant whenever they want to! 
But i just cant take it anymore, it has been a 2 1/2 years since my miscarriage and not a pregnancy after it. I have done fertility pills i have done all the tests they wanted and everything is fine its just not happening. So today i was finally sick of not getting pregnant and called a Dr. that a friend had recommended for doing IUI (artificial insemination) Well after calling yesterday and finding out it was a holiday ahah i had to wait and call today. So i did and got sent to an answering machine where i left all my info and eventually they called me back only to tell me that they don't do that anymore and i had to go to Utah Fertility Center.
So i called them and gave them all the info they needed told them what i wanted, the next available appointment isn't until AUGUST 29!!! thats like a whole freakin month away!!!! I booked it anyways and asked to be put on a waiting list incase anything sooner opened up. But needless to say my hopes and attitude just went down the drain. I was so discouraged. It sucked. 
So now i am updating my blog because it was so outdated. 

On a happier note,  I have been going to Zumba with my sister in law Shelly. It has been awesome i forgot how much i missed just dancing!! Any kind of dancing! let me just say, it KICKED my butt the first time i went i was so sore and stiff the next morning! it made me really excited! 
My goal is to keep going to Zumba and hopefully lose 10 lbs or more. Honestly I'm not too worried about weight, i just want to look more fit and toned, so that is actually my goal and if i lose poundage I'm good with that too!

alright here are some pictures, enjoy!

 the WHOLE Ben and Wendy de Hoyos family
 Just adults
 Siblings and parents
 Goofy pics :p
 oops the lamp fell, good thing ive got cat like reflexes and caught it. haha look at Tori and Ben ;)
 just boys
 just girls
 Adult girls
 ya i know we are pretty awesome! we were playing dead man on the trampoline!
 ok ignore my pasty white thick legs, im workin on it ha
 Andrea's birthday!
 Goofy girls
 beautiful younger sisters
 me and Tori
 me and Cassie
 Cassie, me, Tori they over tower me
 Segal, Rana, Sticktoria
 all of us sisters together again!!
 we cant help ourselves
 hahah oh man i love us
 Angela and Andrea :D
 T.C. and Ben

 Nate (the Dr. only one in the group that wore a helmet haha)
 boys going off to go 4wheeling!
 Nana and Evie
 The Beautiful sunshine child, Cassie
 me and mamma
 Travis and I on the horses 

 Tori on Max

 Travis and Gabby on Max, Nate on Henry

 Cassie on Henry

 Travis and Marisa
 Eating on the front porch
 dead man
 Grandma Seamons, Mom and Dad
 Me, Marisa and the pups
 hacky sac
 haha, gazing 
 dang it this was supposed to rotate. Its Andrew playing with bubbles

 sunday dress
 yay all together again
 after church
 upside down
 Andrew stole my hat off my head, put it on him and started playing with Cassies' phone haha so cute
 poor Lily fell off the tramp and scrapped both sides of her face on 2 rocks 
 after our midnight swim and horse game

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  1. Looks like you all had so much fun! I miss you guys! So you're considering IVF? That's neat/exciting/scary haha but maybe that is just because I am a baby when it comes to medical procedures... We will have to talk about it ya? :) miss you!