Saturday, September 1, 2012

Whats New?

Well i figured i would give a little update on the life of Travis and Oriana.
This last few weeks have been kinda crazy and emotional.
Travis and i went to the fertility specialist again to talk out our game plan. After looking at all my previous tests, talking about symptoms and what not, he decided to do another ultra sound, where he found that i have a plethora of ovarian cysts which i guess are sending out antibodies and keeping me from ovulating. I have a few 4,5,6 mm cysts on the left side and some on the right but i also have  15 and 26 mm cysts on the right which i guess are pretty big.
So after discussing with the Dr. he decided to put me on birth control to try and shrink those cysts. If the BC (birth control) doesn't work we will have to surgical remove them. But after these stupid cysts are gone we will start up on fertility bills either femera or chlomid and then do an IUI. It was a little frustrating to find this news out, especially because the last 2 and a half years we had an OB/GYN telling us everything was fine and they didn't know why we we rent getting pregnant. Thank heavens for Specialists right? So we are pretty happy over all to be getting things all figured out and fixed so that within the next few months we could possibly be getting pregnant!! yay haha.
Also medically, Travis went in for a regular check up because his knees and back have been aching pretty bad and we just wanted to make sure all was good with him. well after telling them his history and that he had cancer at 15 that started in his liver, they wanted to extra blood work to check up on his cancer,  they called back a week later saying that his liver functions were high and that he needed to come in to do a CT scan ASAP. umm ok lets freak everyone out why dont we.
So after a very stressful week of waiting to do this stupid test we were worried for the worst news. luckily after taking the CT scan we set up an apt to meet with the dr so we could get the results before the labor day weekend and be sweating it out the whole time. Thankfully his test results came back beautifully normal. His white blood count was normal as well they were just a little concerned and didn't really explain that it wasn't a huge deal they were just wanting to make sure everything was ok. Stupid nurses. Travis was physically sick to his stomach just of the thought that he could possibly go through Leukemia again and so was I. Honestly i have never been so scared in my life. But very gratefully he is one healthy boy!!

So its been kind of a medical roller coaster the last few weeks at our house!! So not fun. but other than that not too much else has been going on.
Our farm is constantly growing and we are now starting to prepare for the winter months!!

Well thats it for now!


  1. Keep your chin up about fertility treatments, your frame of mind can mean all the difference. Our fertility specialist worked wonders, I bet yours will too!

  2. Glad everything's ok with Travis and I hope the birth control shrinks those darn cysts! I really love seeing your pictures on instagram!

  3. Can I say HOLY COW!!!! That has to have been the craziest way to deal with his situation!! So glad it turned out good but shame on them for giving you the scare of a lifetime!! Love you guys and we are praying this all gets to work out very soon!!!!