Tuesday, July 22, 2014

30 Weeks and a Photoshoot!

So i have this best friend who is a pretty amazing photographer and yesterday she did maternity pictures for me! They were so fun and i love how they turned out! If you are looking for a photographer she is your gal!
I wanted my pictures to turn out kind of woodland dream feeling and i feel like that's what i got and I'm so so happy with it so i figured i would share some of the photos she gave me with you!!

I love them and am so happy with them!!! Thank you Courtney you are the BEST!!

Also on other news, I am at 30 weeks!!!! The count down begins! 10 weeks left at the most! Great news is that my Dr. doesn't like his patients to go past their due dates so its pretty exciting to know that there are only 10 weeks at the most left!!!! AHHHH I cannot believe it! After 4 1/2 long years and many many tears, prayers, needles and trials of loss later we are ALMOST holding our baby girl! I honestly never thought this day would happen but i am so glad that it is!
2 weeks ago i had to do the Glucose test and my results came back perfect which was nice! I wasn't worried but there is always that small worry. Baby girl is growing just perfect and her heartbeat is still nice and strong! She still moves ALOT! Now that she is bigger its not so much kicks anymore but just her rolling around kicking, elbow knees shoulders on my hips and all that fun stuff! I'm loving it! The only part that isn't so fun is when she kicks my bladder and no matter how much is in there i always feel like i have to pee soooo bad! But all in all i have LOVED being pregnant i have had such an awesome experience!

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