Thursday, March 3, 2016

15 Weeks Pregnant and baby is a......

After the event of losing our little 5 month old nephew I came up with an idea. I asked Travis as we were driving to Primary Childrens Hospital if his sister and brother-in-law were ok with it, I would like to use Max (our nephew) middle name for our babies middle name in honor of him. Travis told me he liked that idea. But I told him we should wait a while to ask them as to be sensitive and not take away from where the attention was needed.
After the funeral I found out that Travis had already asked his sister (They are very close and very similar to each other). Somehow it came out while they were talking with each other and there it was. She said she would be honored if we used Max's middle name Harvey. So it was set. Now we just needed to find out the gender.

Before all of that happened I had found a place in American Fork that did gender ultra sounds as early as 14 weeks! With Alice the earliest I had heard you could tell gender was 16! I was so excited. But I hit 14 weeks the week of our nephews passing and funeral so we decided to wait till I was about 15 1/2 weeks. Which is what I am now.
Yesterday we went to Fetal Fotos and got an ultrasound. While there Alice again was talking and laughing at the tv monitor at her little sibling. We got to see the cute little profile and as soon as that was on the screen Alice yelled "Hi!" it was so cute!
As I had come to suspect and Travis knew from the very beginning we are having another little GIRL!! We are so excited. Im really glad that Alice with have a little sister to grow up with.
We will be naming our 2nd daughter Monroe (Roe) Harvey Taylor.
I no longer feel sick just tired all the time, but I will take that over sickness anytime. I am so very excited to be having another baby. I think back to my time with Alice as a newborn and all the snuggles and loves that come with new babies and it makes me so so excited. August 19th can't come soon enough, but I know that with spring and summer just around the corner, time will go by much faster than the last few months of winter have.
Until my next post!
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