Tuesday, September 7, 2010

just an update on life! :)

Well yesterday was Labor day and sadly it didn't feel any different than a normal Monday for the Oriana and Travis Taylor house, Trav had to work because at RC Willey they were having all kinds of sales and hot dogs, so sadly we didn't get the holiday off. But it was a great day none the less!! i have finally bought mockingjay and am hesitant to read it just cuz i don't want the books to end and im scared to see what happens with Petta! i love him by the way!! :) Also today i get to go in and get some lab work done on my blood!! yay for needles and blood... not really i hate needles :( ouch! These tests will be looking for my HCG levels and also to check on my thyroid to see if there are problems there keeping me from becoming pregnant. It has been 9 months now that we have just waited without doing anything, and because i am still young and have only been married a year and a half I'm not too worried i know it will happen i may just need some help so finally we went to the Dr to see what we could do. After the results of this blood work comes back which the Dr said should be tomorrow afternoon i will go in and they will do some kinda test where they shoot a neon colored liquid into my only Fallopian tube to see if it "fills then spills" to make sure that from either the tubal pregnancy or the harshness of the surgery it is still open and not closed off, keeping me from conceiving. so I'm very hopeful that things will get figured out. I have decided to no longer be bitter, hahah its still hard seeing babies, and having my next door neighbor being pregnant, about as pregnant as i would be had i not lost it. but even though the week of my due date is coming up im not too emotional about it and im glad because dwelling on the past gets me no where. So ya ill keep ya updated! :)

Also we finally got our new couches!!! yay!! They arent the prettiest couches out there but they are supper comfy! i hated them at first cuz i thought they looked like something you would see in old peoples houses or in an old cabin, but then i sat down on them. And let me just tell ya how nice it is to have recliners in front of the TV its life changing, and also i know sometimes i complain about Travis working at RC Willey but also sometimes i love it!!! :) and because we got new couches and painted over our red wall, we felt like doing more, so we re arranged our bedroom!! :) that's always fun!! But ya thats the update on things right now, So until next time! :) have a good one!

before, with the red wall and cream couch

before, with our black and white pictures

before, with the backwards couch and the black and red accessories

After, with the new recliners

After, with the brown wall, sadly the couches didn't come in any other colors but the style was just what we wanted so we kinda had to work along with it and sadly change colors and other things around. but i think we made it work.

After, with my favorite painting!! :)


  1. I can't wait to decorate and re-decorate my house someday! haha I LOVE both of the looks! And they're both so different. :) And good luck with the needles and testign thing! I know something will get figured out for you soon! :)