Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hiking the Y

So earlier this week i told Trav that i would love to start running and training for a cancer run, any kind, it doesn't matter i would just like to participate in one of those, especially since the love of my life has had cancer and survived it i would like to run for him in a way.... so to start off our training, i suggested that we start with hiking the Y. It had been years since i climbed it and Travis had never done it. So it was decided, and Friday morning we found our way up to the parking right under the Y. No joke not even to the second marker of the hike (which is the very beginning, you can still see the cars) i was ready to turn around and go home, my lungs were on fire, i couldn't breath, and from what air i was getting was raspy, yes i was dying!!!!!! A year ago this month was when i had my surgery and week long hospital visit and month long sickness where i lost 20 lbs and all my hard earned dance muscle blah!.... sad to say i haven't done any kind of physical fitness to strengthen my body back up again.... i was kinda in a lul from the surgery then the miscarriage and then thinking this is the month so i dont wanna strain my body too much and have a possibility of losing another baby.... hahah yeah 9 months after losing the baby still not pregnant and still not in shape.... well that sucks... so luckily i have the most amazing husband and he forced me up the mountain.... i was kicking and screaming and wanting to give up and just go home but he wouldn't let me. He was a great drill Sargent, but actually a lot nicer than that, cuz he actually let me take as many rest stops as i needed... which sadly were A LOT :S i have never in my whole life struggled this hard with physical activity, it has inspired me to be better, so that one day i can run up that mountain and look back and laugh when i remember how hard it was at first for me to even walk up to the Y. It was great though the view was beautiful and sharing that for the first time with Travis was even better!! He is just the greatest husband and i couldn't have asked for a more perfect man in my life!!!

Of course today im feeling the hike in my legs now, but i know that its a good ache, and hope that we can be able to climb up to the Y once a week to help get me back into shape, and to run every morning too!!! i sure hope that we can keep this goal up til at least the snow comes..... snow please don't come til Christmas..... hahah anyway here are some pictures of our/my death hike.....

cute trav being so patient with me

me dying, taking a break, i look thrilled to be there huh?

yay we made it!!! trav on the Y

horray i made it.... im trying to breath... sad i know :( oh well

Happy that we made it to our destination :) alive.... i know im pathetic this hike really isnt that hard, just for me it was.... :S

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  1. Ha, I would so be the same as you... why is hiking the Y such a great idea... I have NO IDEA... it totally sucks. You're in the sun the entire time with grueling switchbacks. Once you're at the top you see all the ugly white paint then you have to pound your knees out the whole way down. Way to go! Now wait until you forget how horrible it was to try it again :)