Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Well as some might know, Travis and I are doing In Vitro! We are so excited for this and can't wait to get started.
We were supposed to start the beginning of this month and came home from our Drs. appointment super excited!! And then the Drs. office called saying I had an ovarian cyst that was producing too much estrogen so we couldn't start this month!! We were so bummed but grateful that we would get to enjoy a relaxing Christmas and New Years!
They put me on birth control to get rid of my cysts so we can start IVF January 13 which is a little crazy considering I miscarried 3 years ago on January 13!!! We are so so excited! I am real nervous for the first week of injections though not looking forward to those but hey, I'm gunna do whatever it takes! So that's the most recent news for us I will post about my birthday and Christmas another day!!! :)

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