Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moving and In Vitro (IVF)

 Wow i really am sorry about how horrible i am at keeping my blog up to date!

To start off, we moved again! ahah i know AGAIN!!! This is the 5th time in almost 4 years that we have moved, but glad to say this WILL be the last move for a LONG LONG TIME!! Because i am all tired out of moving!
We moved at the beginning of January! Travis sister and family were wanting to go back to Orem and Travis dad didn't want the house to sell to someone outside the family since they work out of the barn there. So we were offered to "Trade" houses. Of course we said yes!! This house is beautiful! It is paid off just like our other house we bought and the title was switched over into our name, so this baby really is Travis and mine. Its seriously a fairytale!!
We are basically all moved in everything we own is here just little things here and there that need to be put away but since starting in vitro and all these hormone shots ive been taking ive become strangely lazy and tired all the time! But ill get into that more in a little!
Our new house is still on a farm there is no way i could have talked Travis out of his farm so soon, we have only lived out in Payson for a year plus i don't mind it, im glad to stay!! i love my Pygmy goats :)
I do miss the area of our last home just because it was more open more fields for hay and corn and stuff like that where this area is all 5 acre lots its got alot more homes so it feels more like being in the city again, but not really. If that makes any sense :) i will post pictures i have taken of clean rooms ha

Ok now onto the topic i love to talk about!

In Vitro or IVF

Travis and I started our first cycle of IVF on January 10th!! Making that our Day 1 we were freaking out with excitement. The time had finally come!
So on Day 1 we went in and had an ultra sound to make sure that my ovarian cysts from last month had gone away with the birth control, and they had!!! So that was great news we were super excited.
The Dr. told us to go home and on day 3 start taking my Chlomid 2 in the morning till Day 9 and Famera 4 at night until Day 7.
Day 9 we went in to have another ultra sound to make sure that my follicles were growing good and that there were multiples of them. Well it wasn't what we were hoping there were only 2 follicles measuring at 11 and 14 and about 6-8 that were size 5's. The Dr. didn't like that so he told me because my body was rejecting the hormones for some odd reason i had to take 4 doses of the Repronex a day instead of 1. I was to come back in the next day, Day 10 and if they didn't show any growth we would have to STOP In Vitro right then and go with traditional IVF which is much more expensive. My heart stopped there was no way we would afford to do traditional IVF at this time which meant we wold have to wait even longer to get pregnant.
So we went home and prayed and prayed like crazy that they would grow!
Our Dr.s app was at 9 am and guess what, those 5's had turned into 9's!!!!! yay they responded!!!
So the Dr. told us to take 4 doses of Repronex a day for 4 days and then to start Antagon on Day 12. but before i left he told me some things that might help the hormones work better. He realigned my whole body, it felt awesome i didn't know i could crack and pop SO much!! And also to change my diet! No soda, fried or greasy foods and try to stay away from sugar!!! Soda is my weakness but i have done surprisingly good i would say!
We have a Drs appt. tomorrow to make sure things are looking good! I'm hoping with that appointment we will be able to schedule our egg retrieval!!!!!!!! HOPING!!!!! and then soon after that is the Egg Transfer!!! its all getting so close and we are soo soo excited!! but that is all for now with these hormone injections i am a bit emotional and poor Travis has to deal with me, but he has been so great! :) i feel like my eyes are always burning like they are on the verge of tears, and i choke up at the stupidest smallest things! its kinda funny but other times i just get frustrated with myself.
k well that's all and now for the best part, PICTURES!! :D

 living room off the kitchen
 a decorative wall in the kitchen area
dining nook
downstairs theater
 down stairs theater
 front entry way
 master bath
 my craft room :D
 dining nook

 play ground outside, freakin sweet
front of the house
 just some of the injection meds
 this is the repronex
 4 doses repronex
 Antagon goes in the belly and hurt way more than the repronex that goes in my hip/butt
 puncture wound
he likes playing dr and poking me with needles


  1. You brave girl... I hope your body takes to everything! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. :) Also, your new home is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations on that! How exciting!

  2. Ah Rana I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!! And I love you and hope your doing okay!!!

  3. So jealous of your pretty wood floors...your house looks SO pretty!! Good luck with IVF!!

  4. Your new house is beautiful, I love it! And I can't imagine having to do all you are doing to get pregnant.. just know it will be worth it.. stay strong!