Friday, March 7, 2014

Almost a year....

Wow where has the time gone? Its almost been a year since I last posted on my blog. And A LOT has happened....
 Where do I even start?
Well my last post on here was about our unfortunate Dr.s visit last March when we found out our IVF baby didn't make it past 10 weeks. I ended up miscarrying the baby about 2 weeks later just as my family had arrived from California to send my sister off on her mission, it was horrible timing. And in all honesty it was the most painful experience i have ever gone through not just emotionally but physically, it physically was horrid! I had miscarried before but it was at 6 weeks and was almost nothing compared to this! I thought i might die from the amount of pain and blood i was loosing but i guess thats normal? If not, im still alive i was just very pale the few days after and very week.

After that happened we waited about 3 months before going in and doing our frozen IVF cycle which was so much easier than the low stimulation IVF thank the heavens!! I was SO scared to do IVF again just because its so taxing on your emotions and your body and really just EVERYTHING!! So with doing the frozen cycle all i had to do was take the progesterone injections daily after getting the embryos transferred once it was known my body was ovulating. Unfortunately I got a negative pregnancy test and started the next couple days, Dr. wasn't really sure as to why it didn't take, but it didn't. It was hard but much easier to deal with then a loss after being excited about pregnancy.
So after the failed 2nd attempt we decided to give ourselves a break, we had been trying constantly for 4 years to have a baby trying everything that we could. That we finally agreed to take a year break and have fun together as a couple and enjoy our blessing that we had each other and were able to be spontaneous and get up and go do things! Life was great, my family came out again in August to take my brother to the MTC for his mission so we got to see them again :)
We had an awesome thanksgiving in Cali with my family and a fun spooky Halloween party at our place with a bunch of our friends! It was great
Then Christmas time came and it was time for our Christmas cruise!!!!! We had been waiting for this for what seemed like ever! And it finally came, and let me tell you it did not disappoint at all it was amazing! Travis and I went with his parents and mine along with my two younger siblings so it was especially nice to share the vacation and holiday with both sides of the family!

After the excitement and planning of the cruise was all over it was back to real life, and again Travis and i were unable to ignore that empty void we were feeling.
While Travis was away on a business trip he called me up one night and asked me, " I know how you feel about adoption, that you want to wait until your 30 but i just feel that is too far away and what if it takes us that long to even get a child through adoption?" I had originally said i didn't want to even talk about adoption as an option until i was 30 because im still young and i CAN get pregnant its just harder for me to get pregnant and apparently stay pregnant. But at this point in my life when Travis mentioned it i got really excited and i told him, " Yes i agree lets do it, im finally ready and willing to go through the adoption process, i just want a child of our own!!"
He was so excited and so was I!
I wanted to start the process right now so that we could have our baby by the weekend!!! (I know it doesn't work that fast but i was so excited.)
So when Travis returned from his trip we started looking up agencies. A friend of Travis' from high school had recently adopted and we talked to her about it and decided we wanted to use the same agency, we told a few family members about it just because we needed some reference letters but we wanted to keep it a secret from the rest of the family so it would be a huge surprise!
Everything was moving along, we had a social worker coming to do a house inspection on a Friday when the unthinkable happened. I was late...... but there is no way i could be pregnant im not able to get pregnant on our own.... i told myself. I held off on taking a test because any of you who have gone through infertility know that the dreadful negative or NOT PREGNANT that you see on that pee stick is just so depressing.
So i waited 2 days before Travis finally told me to just take a dang test! I had one extra from IVF #2. I took it first thing when i woke up. i put it on the back of the toilet just like i always do and went washed my hands and put my contacts in, then went back over and picked up the test. PREGNANT it said, clear as day.... I started to shake I walk out of our bathroom into the bedroom and hand it to Travis. "Does this say what i think it says, or am i seeing things?!" I ask him. a HUGE smile spreads across his face as he sees the test and he says "WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!"  Of course I start to cry immediately tears of joy! But this old test wasn't good enough proof so we ran to Walmart and grabbed 2 different kinds of tests and headed back home... all 3 types of tests said the same thing.... PREGNANT!! How is this even possible I thought to myself. Its honestly a miracle, thats the only explanation!!

After a day of celebrating, I called my Infertility Dr.s office and told them the happy news! They shared some happy words of excitement for us and told us to come in the next day to do a blood pregnancy test just to be sure. And sure enough my levels were good and high I was pregnant and it was a fact!

I had a 6 week ultrasound with my Infertility family and all looked well, we even got to hear a heartbeat for the very first time ever! It was so good and strong that the ladies at the front desk heard it all the way at the front of the office! It was amazing especially because the Dr. said normally this early its not very common to be able to hear the heartbeat just yet! We were happy with our results.

I saw my  OB/GYN that i will be working with the next 9 months and had an 8 week ultrasound with him. He told me the same great news that everything looked perfect and on track, we got to hear the babies heartbeat again and it was just as amazing! We scheduled an appointment for our 12 week check up and went home.

I thought i had pregnancy symptoms with our IVF baby boy was I wrong. With this pregnancy I have been SO SICK luckily because I hate it so much I haven't thrown up at all!! Bonus! But I have been so nauseous that eating was so hard for me to do. One day water and goldfish would be the only thing i could eat and the next those things made me want to be even more sick! And then on top of the nausea my face broke out horribly!! I haven't had that much acne on my face since i was in Jr. High I believe. It was awful but then i reminded myself that all these wonderful symptoms were proof that our little gummy bear was growing and was healthy so I never complained about it even though sometimes i wanted to so bad just so i could get some extra love :)
Now I am ending my 10th week of pregnancy and thank the heavens again, my nausea is going away and some of my energy is returning. It feels great. And on the plus size, this is Travis' favorite part, my boobs have grown so much!! I feel like they have doubled, although im sure thats not the case. But i have never had boobs this big, its awesome! :) Things are going great, sometimes i wonder that because im not sick as a dog that something is wrong but i just keep having to remind myself  that everything will be ok im just passing through that phase and getting new symptoms that are more enjoyable to deal with.

And that is what has happened in the last almost year. Pretty much. For the pregnancy side of things at least and sadly thats what i remember most in my life events. That and vacations :)

On a non pregnancy side of life, my parents are moving in with us in about 2 weeks!! Im so excited for them to be here! Life in Cali is expensive for them and my dad has been looking for a new job and is getting no luck so we told them to save money come live in our basement (since thats what its been planned on being for since we moved in) and come back to all the family in Utah. So Cassie came out 2 weeks ago and started going to school down here in Payson. She says she likes it so far and it seems to be going well :) I think it will be easier for her once the parents get here since she is the baby of 8 and relies heavily on my parents. But im happy and excited to have my parents close by again especially with being pregnant it will be great! Plus we had all that extra room for them it just makes sense :)

And that's about all I have for you, for this post! hope you enjoyed. If i even have any followers anymore haha!


  1. I stumbled on your blog about a year ago, and have been wondering how everything has been going! Congratulations on the baby!!!! My husband and I are currently TTC (and have been for almost a year now) and I love reading blogs about the pregnancy process! Congratulations again!!!

  2. I am so happy for you and Travis! congratulations again hun.

  3. Congratulations! I think I found your blog through Courtney's and I've been hoping for positive news for you for so long! We've been trying for just past 3 1/2 yrs so I feel for you, but I'll never fully understand what you've been through. We're in Payson too, in the condos across the freeway :) congratulations and may you continue to be blessed with this miracle!! You deserve it!

  4. That is amazing. I know Angela from when she lived in Utah. We were in the same ward. I also know Andrea because of Angela. I also know Nathan (Andrea's husband) from when we were both living in Kansas. I am so excited for you. I have been waiting anxiously for you to have great news!!

  5. Oriana! I don't know if you remember me from jr. high, but I don't remember you ever having acne - just saying ;-). I am so excited for you and Travis! Keep us all posted (I secretly stalk your blog cause I've always thought you were great!)!