Monday, July 13, 2015

Alice at 9 Months

It is so unreal to me at how fast time flies by once your baby gets here! I feel like it was just last month that I was in the hospital waiting for her to come into our lives. And now... she is almost 9 1/2 months old! Her first birthday will be upon us in no time!!!! I'm not ready for that yet!!!
Alice is an angel baby as I probably say all the time. But its the truth. She is such a GOOD baby! Everyone who meets her loves her and always tells her how beautiful she is... even if they don't know who we are, and that makes us feel so special! 
Our little girl LOVES people, but especially kids and babies. She also loves to laugh.... even if its a fake, forced laugh (which is so funny). 
 Sometimes I like to look back at old photos or think back into our past, at how hard it was and how sad we were. We just wanted so badly to bring a child into our family. Now our dreams have come true, I'm not a sad story anymore and I love that.
Yes we had a very hard very dark 4 year struggle. We lost 2 babies two separate times, we did IUI's and 2 IVF's. All of which didn't give us our dream of becoming parents. But now that chapter of our lives is over and I love being able to post Alice updates and how she is doing and how she is growing and how her cute little quirky personality is forming and shining through for everyone to see!
Now I'm not going to lie and pretend that life is all rainbows and fairy dust, because that isn't real life. Yes there are hard days, everyone has them, the happiest people on the planet has hard days. But i never like to write or share those hard days with people (other than maybe my husband or my mom and sisters) because in a way i feel that it would be ungrateful of me to do that. Plus i don't like to focus on the negative things in life, I try to keep negativity out of our lives and in our homes because it is a poison.
Life is so wonderful and i love getting to see people share on social media that they are expecting or pictures of their new babies! It makes my heart so happy. Before like i said i was in a dark place and was pretty cynical so anytime someone posted those kinds of happy news i always kind of hated them for being so happy and getting what i wanted so badly(which is totally stupid of me i know that now, but it was uncontrollable at that time. I'm sorry to everyone) 

As Alice is turning 10 months at the end of this July we have started thinking about trying for another baby. Alice is such a good and easy baby adding another shouldn't rock our boat :) 
Now just because we are now deciding to try doesn't mean we weren't "trying" before. We haven't been using any preventatives but we also haven't been counting and watching and all that stuff. 

Also on another note, we aren't sure if, after my C-section and the Dr. cleaning up as much scar tissue as he could without making it worse, if my body will even be able to conceive on its own again. Alice was indeed a miracle, our Dr. confirmed it for us. So it might not happen right away or even soon. We won't know. But we can try and hope for the best.
So in case you didn't know or forgot the reason for my infertility, it  is from scar tissue covering my ovaries, not allowing any eggs to be released from them. This was caused my a very bad infection i had from my appendix "burping" out some poison and growing within the length of a month because my Dr. couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. And by the time i went into the hospital and they finally figured out what was wrong the damage had been done. Lots and lots of scar tissue and losing a fallopian tube later.
So on that note I hope the next 4 years won't be of us trying for baby #2 but if it is at least we have our little Alice to love and care for! I am so blessed to be able to have a child i can't even express my love of being a mom.
I honestly sit down at least once a day and think to myself," Holy crap.... I'm a mom.... I have a baby.... no, like i really have a baby, she is mine.... she grew inside of me and i gave birth to her... it was real it wasn't a dream." 
Its amazing that's the only way I can even try to describe it.

anyways here are some Alice 9 month stats for you :)

Alice Jade Taylor, 9 months:

Weight: 18lbs 10.5oz  56%

Length: 29.75inches   98%

Head: 45.5cm            87%
The did a test to check her blood sugar and she was perfect! Nothing wrong with our little girl. 
and the best part of this check up was that she didn't have to get any shots!!! It was such good news!
She is allowed to eat anything except, honey, cows milk, and nuts. But because she still doesn't have any teeth i just feed her soft foods in very small bite sizes because she likes to choke a lot on foods. Which is the hardest part on feeding babies solid, "adult" foods. I have mini heart attacks when she chokes. 
Alice is also getting really close to crawling.... or so we keep saying. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks front to back and digs her toes in but always just face plants into the carpet. She has become and expert on pivoting on her belly, rolling like a steamroller, and scooting backwards. Her recent FAVORITE thing is to be in her walker she cruises in that thing and before you can run away from her she is hitting your heals! Its the best. I'm sure you are sick of hearing me love and gloat about my baby so I'll get to the pictures now :) 

 little miss thang
 touching her toes
 playing at Lowes Xtreme air sports
 Texas Roadhouse with daddy, first time in a booster seat

 we ran to the Scera park to see the Candy Bomber, it was SO HOT!
 Happy 4th of July
 She isn't a fan of being squeezed tight or contained at all for that matter, but she did pretty good for this picture!
Celebrating the start of shark week, Alice has a mermaid shirt on since I didn't have a shark one for her.

Well that's about all for now. We have a trip to Yellowstone coming up soon and you can be sure i will post about it after we are back! I'm so excited for it, as a family we used to go all the time when i was little but Travis has never been so this will be his and Alice's first trip to Yellowstone. :)

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