Saturday, October 3, 2015

Alice is 1!!!

Last Friday our little miracle baby turned 1! Say WHAT?! Already?!
Its crazy to me how fast and slow time can move all together. For example its really hard for me to think back on my life when we didn't have Alice because I feel like she has been apart of it the whole time. And yet i can't believe it has already been a year because it feels like just a few short months ago my water broke and I was in the hospital waiting to meet her. Time is a funny thing.

I spend all day thinking back and remembering everything i could about September 25, 2014 and looking back at pictures. And then enjoying my little ball of energy and seeing how much she has grown in that year.

It was so special for her and for me, because my little sister was getting married the next day so all 8 of us siblings were together again for the first time in 3 1/2 years! Alice got to spend her birthday with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. Not that she isn't every day but she was very loved oh her day! :)

We had pizza and cake at the Scera park with family and watched Alice have her first taste of cake and she loved it (and all the attention too).
We sang the traditional de Hoyos birthday song and I lost it half way through the first verse. I don't know what happened or what came over me but i couldn't keep from crying. Here we were singing happy birthday to mine and Travis' daughter. Our daughter!!! We have a child..... and a beautiful, funny, smart, and goofy/spunky one at that!! I have these moments every so often where I just stop and stare or think and sometimes yes i cry because i still just can't believe it, that i have a child. I am so beyond blessed and grateful for this amazing opportunity to be a mother. I love it so much and i wouldn't change it for anything! Travis and Alice are my whole world and I love them with everything in me.
The day was great and so much fun.

The next day was go go go!!
My sister was married at 10am in the Payson LDS Temple. It was beautiful. After that we had some family pictures taken and then we rushed home to get Alice down for a nap. That girl loves her sleep and when she is denied it she gets a little unhappy ;) 1pm we had a family luncheon and then went home to get ready for the wedding reception that was to happen at 6pm.
More family pictures were taken, food, dancing, cake eating, bouquet tossing/garter tossing, wedding videos to watch. The night was beautiful. I am so happy for my little sis and her now husband to start the best chapter of their lives, TOGETHER! Its the greatest experience in the world, I would say.

Now I have been procrastinating updating my blog because my memory was full with all the pictures I have on here and so I haven't been able to add anymore on here until I bought a hard drive to put all those pictures on. Well I got the hard drive and have just been lazy at transferring all the pictures and videos over to it, so i still haven't been able to add my most resent photos.
Thats why i never posted about our summer trips to Bear Lake and Yellowstone. Because without the pictures its sort of boring. haha So I do at least have a video for you to watch today. Its a video i created of Alice's life through this past year. I love it and it makes me cry every time i watch it. So here it is for your viewing pleasures. 
If the video doesn't work on here or didn't load right here is the link to watch it on Youtube. :)

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