Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So its kind of a known fact that id rather watch movies than read, i guess i just grew up that way. But another known fact is when i find a good book that i love i become involved with the book!!! I really become obsessed with it!! and most the time when i finish a series i want more and i have to find something else to take my attention off of it. The last book series i read that was like this was of course the Twilight series. My sisters have been trying to get me to read the Hunger Games this whole summer well me not being a big reader didn't rush off to read this book but last week i finally gave in and bought the book and started reading. OH MY GOSH IM OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK!!!!

i actually just finished hunger games so now im onto book two catching fire!!!!
im so excited i feel so involved and feel like im part of the book.... hahah i guess I'm crazy but maybe i dont read so much because books do this to me... hahaha Anyways if you haven't read or started reading the Hunger Games series i highly recommend it! :) After I'm done with those books Ive decided to read the Fabelheaven series so any input on those would be great!!


  1. i have been debating on reading those! Ben always tells me too cause he wants to know what happens haha! I love reading!

  2. I read/finished the whole series about a month ago... so we were reading them at the same time! :D My family LOVES movies/books and we get pretty obsessed as well. We're already planning on booking a theater when Hunger Games goes movie. We booked one for Eclipse and next up is Harry Potter 7! :D Want to come?!? ;)

    PS I really hope you don't mind me barging in here. Tell me if you think I'm too weird to read your blog! ;)