Monday, August 23, 2010

this past week

This last week me and Travis went up to Tooele to help travs dad out. he said he had too many chickens running around and if he didnt kill them soon the meat would get bad. Me never having seen anything be killed skinned and chopped up i wanted to come along for the experience. Let me just say it did not disappoint. Seeing the chickens be killed wasn't bad, watching them flop around with broken necks was entertaining not that im a horrible person or anything! But watching that first chicken get nailed up to the board.... that was a little hard, Travs dad had a board between 2 trees, with nails sticking outward and upward so that he could just but the nails through the chickens feet, ... it sounded like someone eating corn on the cob.... yeah gross.... then watching him skill the chicken and clean it out was only horrible and gross for the first one, after that i was interested and started asking my father in law all kinds of questions. After all it is life Chickens have to go through that to end up in our freezers. We ended up coming home with 10 chickens to go in our freezer. :)
Then this weekend we went up to bear lake again, ( for the 4th time this summer) We went with some friends of Travs from work and my little sister Tori and her boyfriend Blu. It was fun as always, the water was a little colder than last time and there was a little more wind. but all in all it was a great weekend get away. We left Sunday around 3 and just as we were leaving a HUGE rain storm decided to just show up!!! it was raining so hard and so much it was hard to see the road!! half way home it decided to stop raining and we had an enjoyable ride home! i love having little get aways where you can just relax and have fun with the people you are with, not have to worry about really anything! :) it was great!! sorry i don't have any pictures!! although i dunno if most would wanna see any pics of the chickens, but i did take some on my phone :) haha i think maybe one day i could be a hunter, but then again maybe not. i have time to figure that one out :)

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  1. Look what has happened to you!!! Who would have ever thought you would be doing these kind of things. Just don't freak Tori out too much with all the gore!!! Its good that you like it so you can go hunting with Travis and his dad! SO fun the adventures we have in life.