Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ughh the death of me!!!

ok so i got that job at Hobby Lobby right? So my first day was tuesday, not so bad we put up all the walls and bases of the walls and all this hard labor stuff.... not too bad i worked 11-8pm. I ended up getting Wednesday off. Then came back again Thursday 8-6. And then here comes the killer, since the store is new and opening up on the 18th of October there is TONZ of stuff to be put up in this store, if you have ever been in a Hobby Lobby, you understand how much stuff there is, TONZ!!!!! Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today was 12 sometimes 13 hour shifts...... and i feel like im gunna die!!!! my feet hurt so bad, and my back aches, i worked almost 70 hours in about a week...... i cant wait til i get a day off to sleep in past 6 and to just relax my body. But its getting more fun as we put all the merchandise up. I just felt like i needed to get on her and blog about it, just because i like to blog and of lately i havent had the time or energy to get on the computer and do so. Sorry this is such a boring post, hopefully fun events are close by. Oh and one little thing i want to add, my husband is the best ever, he is so sweet i leave at 6:50 am and dont get back til 7pm and poor travis walks to work, but the sweet boy cleans the house every day for me before he leaves or work so that when i get home i dont have to do anything, its so nice, i love him so much and was so lucky to find him! thats all, i just wanted to add in how awesome my husband is :D


  1. ugh, that's hard! :( i love hobby lobby though. I'm glad they are putting one in utah so i can take my mom now whenever I go visit :) and now when i go in it i'll now that you did so much hard work to make me happy! hah

  2. Wow. That's intense! :) I haven't been to Hobby Lobby... but I love stores like that and now there's another fun reason to shop there! I hope you enjoy it. :D

  3. girl you are superwoman i could NEVER do that! I struggle getting up at 6 everyday but I only work til 3! BUT ill come visit you there for sure! im excited to see what its like!