Thursday, October 28, 2010

long time!

Wow it really has been a long time since my last post. Oops, :) Work has been good, busy but good and the first paycheck was awesome!! :) with some of the extra money i went and got my nails done so i could feel pretty, my hands were so ugly with broken nails and just dry and yuck! so i went and got pretty nails put on!! i love them!!! i also have found a new obsession, those watch bracelets. My friend gave me one as a starter and i fell in love, and because i work at a store that has so many cute beads i got a bunch and have been making the bracelets for the watch. its so much fun, im learning and the ones ive made aren't the best but they are ok. ill bet better with practice im sure! :) life has been really good, its been busy and sadly full of junk food. Another month gone by still no baby and sadly the way i deal with that stress is not drugs and alcohol but caramels and Mountain Dew!!!!! hahah don't worry soon ill stop but its just so good right now :) no im not too down, but just with this week having my unfriendly monthly visitor come and also my brothers new baby in the same week was just a little hard to handle but im actually handling it very well i think :) i just keep myself busy and that works out good!!! So we got our first snow of the year yesterday!!!!! really? snow already.... cant we please just wait til December for that, i don't mind it being cold but please make the snow wait til December at least!!! GEEE!! well i thought i would have a lot more to post about but i actually dont, today is my day off and i wanted to catch up on my blog and catch up on reading all of yours so i decided to jump on!! im gonna post some pictures for you so you can see the things ive been making lately~!! ohhhh i also made some more cute hair flowers with Leah the other night!!! it was so much fun, we had a blast, i haven't taken any pics of those yet sadly but i will soon and ill post them on here so you can see how cute they are!!

haha yeah i took some pictures of my nails. i like them because they arent obvious and they have sparkles :)

pretty nails :D

The watch bands i made!

Watch bands with the watch face :)
Watch face with bands, and pretty nails, i feel really flashy now :)


  1. oh i LOVE the watches, I have been dying to make some youll have to teach me! I went to your work the other day and you weren't there :( it made me sad I wanted to see you!

  2. aaww, your nails are soo cute! not so out there, just simple and subtle, I like them :) now i want to get mine done. Ha. I love the bands you made too! gotta love hobby lobby!

  3. Getting your nails done is the best!! Men just don't understand how much magic it puts into our moods. Cute bracelets too!