Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes its really true, we are really moving!
Trav's parents are moving into a house in Springville that has a basement apartment with separate entrance and everything!!!
The apartment is 3 bedroom, 1 bath and they asked us to live there for FREE!!!!
Since Trav's dad isnt around all the time my father-in-law wants someone to be there in case of any accidents for his grandpa, who lives with them.
This is such a great opportunity for us, we have our on private little apartment but are also close by if we want to visit family.
Plus the no rent thing is an amazing blessing, it will help us so much to get Trav through school and also to prepare us even more for a baby, when the time finally comes. We are so excited and are going to start moving in Friday/Saturday, hopefully.
An awesome thing about this house, is the backyard is a mountain.... free to roam. its so cool i will post pictures soon.

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  1. That is so happy! i love new places, but I hope your springville place is better than ours...we hated it down there, so much! haha!