Thursday, December 2, 2010

Half an update...

Well i went and got the test (Hysterosalpingogram.. yeah say that 5 times fast) done yesterday and let me just say it was nothing like i thought it would be.... As the nurse was explaining to me what was going to be going on i just stared at her and was thinking really?? hahah. it honestly wasn't so bad, it just wasn't what i was expecting.... and it hurt... oh did it hurt.... not to be graphic or crude or anything but you know the little metal spread they use when you go to get a premarital exam? yeah this thing was twice as big and after it was in he cranked the thing wide open.... it was like being dilated to a 5 i swear!!! it hurt and after he inserted the tube for the dye... he pulled out the metal spread and when he did that, he yanked out the tube.... so he had to go in and do it AGAIN!!!! :( ouch

After everything was in and good, he took the x-ray and showed me my uterus and the tube... it was really cool to see this big dark puddle of fluid being sucked up into a tube and then spill back out again... yes that means that my one and only tube is in fact OPEN. Which makes the thought pop into my head, " then why am i not getting pregnant? what else is wrong?"

After we did the X-Ray and saw the tube was open the Radiologist left and the nurse told me i could go clean up, she also warned me that i might have some menstrual cramping, hahah might?? holy Hannah i had such bad cramps after i left the hospital i felt like i was going to vomit!!! they hurt so bad! Plus i had to be to work in an hour after leaving the hospital, and while at work i had a small fever... it was not fun, but with the help of some extra strength Tylenol i was as good as new by the end of the night.

Now i am waiting patiently for my OB/GYN to call me back and tell me what the next step is.

It feels great finally doing something about this no baby nonsense. I just hope i don't have to wait another year or even 6 months. But i am hopeful, very hopeful :) Thanks for all the support, ill let you know what my doctor has planned for us next!


  1. Bah, the HSG. I hated that thing. I really hope the dye was able to "wash" out some gunk in your tube. I have heard of SO many people getting pregnant right after they had theirs. So, you better go get busy!

    And, not HSG related, have you heard of EAGeR? It's for women who have had a miscarriage in the past, and they try their hardest to get you pregnant. They even provide you with a fertility monitor! AND, you get paid. It's a really cool study, you should look into it!

    Email me if you have any questions. I know all about OBGYNs and graduating to the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) in hopes to get pregnant. I also have some amazing resources that could (maybe) help you. 2 1/2 years of infertility really makes me feel like a pro. haha.

    Good luck. I know how painful this all is. It's so hard to watch everyone but yourself get pregnant. I KNOW your time is coming soon.

  2. Have you ever considered getting travis tested to see if it may be him and not feel like it's all you?

  3. Tori-your favorite sister everDecember 6, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    I love you Oriana! Im sorry you had to have that happen....almost a little bit MORE sorry that i had to hear about it. haha gross. I Love you. Do not fret my dear child, live each moment to its fullest because when things change, you can never go back. just try to enjoy what you have NOW rather than being sad. Life will go on! Come visit me....since you're freakin MOVING soon.