Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas time!!!!

Wow what a crazy month this has been. Not only did i have everything all set up and ready for Christmas on December 2nd but then we decided to suddenly pick up and move to Springville.... I was telling myself, "This wont be so bad i don't have that much stuff to move, how hard could it be?" HAHAH wow well let me tell you, having your husband work at RC Willey where he has access to great deals on TVs and Couches and beds an all that fun stuff you collect a TON of stuff in just over a year and a half!

After a week of packing and moving and getting all settled in we are finally in our "home" because now that everything is unpacked it really feels like home. its great!!

While unfortunately i will not be celebrating an announcement of pregnancy this month i will be excited to announce that for an early birthday present Trav bought me the cutest KITTY!!! she is adorable, she is an orange tabby, with gorgeous green eyes!! i love her so much... sadly she is still without a name... nothing is fitting her just right so we are still on the look out for one, any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Being in this new place is great! Me and Trav and been wanting a change of scenery and what do you know it came for FREE!!!

I haven't gotten many pictures of the place yet but once i clean a little more then ill take pics and post them :) for now i just have some of the outside of the house, a few Christmas crafts i did with the help of Travis' mom, and my cute little nameless kitty!!! so here you are with some fun pics.

The Naughty and Nice blocks that we made... they were so much fun

This one isnt all the way finished, its the North Pole, where you can hang your stockings if you dont have a fireplace... i havent made the North Pole sign yet.

This is our cute little Christmas tree!! since we werent able to cut one down this year we got this at Wal-Mart

My cute little kitty.... she has the prettiest fur! She has spots like a leopard on her sides and then stripes on her legs and tail. and she has long pointy ears and the cutest big eyes

She is still really little so its hard to get a got face shot of her, she doesnt sit still for very long!

This is the front of the house

the driveway is the devil with snow and ice...

This is the backyard, (before all the snow came, we have TONZ OF IT!!) the backyard is beautiful we have a mountain in it!!

This is our side entrance since we live in the basement!

so ya, new pictures of the inside soon to come!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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