Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing the warmth!!

This last Thursday me and Travis headed down to good 'ol St. George to visit some friends and enjoy the warmth!! We also were looking around for our future home... but its still 2 months away so we couldn't actually really look... we gotta wait till its a little closer!! but i am so excited to finally go down and live there!! it kinda made me a little depressed to wake up this morning back in Springville, back to living in the basement apartment of my husbands mom and back to the bipolar weather of Orem-Provo area.... stupid overcast!.... i wanna be back to being surrounded by red rock and red sand and bright hot sun beams!!! soon enough... soon enough. all in all though it was an amazing weekend! it was very sad to leave!
Also something coming up this week, which i am very nervous about... is.... i get to take a pregnancy test..... :S im nervous and don't really know what to do with myself... haha of course ill let you know what the results are. whether good or bad news. Other than that i don't really have any fun or exciting things headed my way for a while i think.... we may have to change that :) until my next post!!!!

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