Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok so i know i havent updated in a while! Sorry about that to those who follow my blog, i have been meaning to update, and just havent gotten around to it!

Where do i start.... Well with the fertility issues going on i am on my second cycle of Chlomid and crossing our fingers that this is the month. If not im pretty sure that month/cycle number 3 would have to be the one since that is my lucky number, and since it didnt happen on Travis lucky number (#1) we will have to rely on mine. :) or even better we can settle for in the middle! so thats all i have to update on my fertility issue.

As for Koda and Rue they are great, Rue is all healed up no problem, her and Koda wrestle like crazy all the time, but are such good friends.

As for moving to ST. George, its getting closer but not soon enough :) we are so excited to finally get down there, we have been working with a real estate agent and he has us pre approved already for a $70,000 loan for our dream condo! all we have to do to finalize is find that dream condo and show our most current pay stubs from our new jobs down there. its kinda scary just leaving everything and going down there on faith, but its where we know we are meant to go so we know everything will work out how its supposed to!!

updates on mine and Travis life, well Travis is stressed with finishing this semester, working at a job that under appreciates him and having to stress about the move to st. George along with finding jobs.

me, i have the same stresses, but there isnt much i can do for him or me... i just stress on them cuz he stresses. is that dumb?

but i have been having some super weird dreams lately and im not liking it! i have also started slow on working out at home doing stupid little things that make me sore, with a goal to go to the gym at least 3 times a week until i move!

i also cut all of my hair off.... almost quite literally, it is very short now and it is a dark auburn red color, its awesome, i think im going a little rebellious with my hair, and have decided im not letting it grow back out until i become pregnant! hahah i think it might be one of my new coping mechanism or something, i dunno.... anyways here are some pictures of my new hair do!!

Oh i totally almost for got too!! me and Travis finally upgraded our phones! YAY Travis got of course the IPhone 3 which he has wanted forever, and i got the Samsung HTC Captivate and i absolutely LOVE IT!!! i was a little nervous but im not anymore i really love it! and wanna know the best part? My phone was completely FREE and Travis' was only $19.99 they are both refurbished and with our update to our 2 year plan thats all we had to pay!! awesome huh?!

Travis' iPhone and my Captivate, (i should have cleaned off all the fingerprints before taking the pic, oops oh well)
Our old colorful phones along with our new smart phones!!! :D

Also might i add, i watched Tangled for the first time ever yesterday and i ABSOLUTLEY LOVED IT!!!!! i want that movie so badly now! i will have it :) eventually.


  1. Nick has the samsung captivate! It is an awesome phone. I wish I had a nice phone. I love your hair, it's sooo cute. I wish I could pull that off. Good luck with your second round of clomid, my second round did the trick.. hope it does the same for you too! good luck!!

  2. Ok, yay for your loves, two things, you gotta change your font, I can hardly see it with these old eyes ;), and secondly, where have you been all these years, we've been using Brianna's Poppy Seed on my salad for years! Glad you came around though, better late than never :)