Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wow it has been forever since my last post. I have been busy busy busy with helping move my sister into my house, painting and cleaning my parents house, saying my goodbyes to them as they leave for their new life is Cali. and buying a house!!! Its not officially ours just yet, but they excepted our offer and now we are just waiting for the closing day which will be July 25th ish.... im SOOOOO EXCITED!!! our very own home! i cannot wait!

But man is it weird after 17 years of my parents living in the same house to see them move and to see that house empty...... it doesn't feel real. but it is very really and very weird! Im sad that they are gone im going to miss them very much. But im also very excited for them and excited for my first visit out to them!! it will be great! This post wont be very long, but just to let you all know im still alive and i will be posting a more fun/interesting post with pictures later!

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