Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holy Smokes!!!

k well a lot has happened in the life of Travis and Oriana Taylor! haha 1; being we moved out of the Mother-in-laws basement apartment and into our very own HOUSE!!!! Yes we did buy our own home! YAY and might i just add, BEST THING EVER!! i love it, i mostly love having a porch of my own to just go and sit on in the evening while my husband waters the lawn. :) Among many other things of course! 2; I recently got a job working at Kohl's, its been good, and ive work many crazy hours already. Ive worked there about 3-4 weeks i would guess. But i just recently got a job offer from Henry Schein which will be normal steady business hours and higher pay with payed time off and benefits so i hate to do it but im quiting Kohl's for this other job! :) 3; School is starting! yay.... :( life gets crazy once school starts. Its not very fun but it does need to be done, and with me working this new job we have to get a second car... which is kinda crazy to think about because we just bought a house!!!.... so much money to spend... i dont like it! ha but so it is with life! Our house is pretty much all set up but its constantly a mess because of the animals and Travis and I working. I need to fix that. The animals LOVE the new house, its like heaven for them being able to see outside the windows and actually see the world rather than cement and a little bit of sky. Koda (our pug, in case your forgot :) ) loves that she gets to go on walks all of the time and we take her to this park close by and just let her loose and run all around with her so that she can get her energy out! she LOVES that so much! :) After moving in in July we couldnt find a Internet company that got service where we lived for the deal we wanted, and thats why we are only just getting our Internet now... haha i must say it has been a nice break from the cyber world. Kind of calming, but now that we have it i feel so behind! :S

That is pretty much all... not too much madness going on besides those little things.

here are some pictures of some things that have been going on since my last post.

ok so i guess i havent really taken pictures these last few months... but here are a few, mostly of the house...

Neytiri and Rue enjoying the sun on our bed

The Front of our little old home! :) There is lots to be done but we love it because it is ours.The back yard that Travis tilled all up and then leveled off... its hard work. no joke!

After we leveled it all out with a Four Wheeler, a chain link fence piece, wood over top the fence and then me and tori sitting on top of that to weigh it down., next is the grass seed :)

Our cute little bathroom.

our awesome big kitchen, from the picture it doesnt look that big, but it is. this is just a corner of it

The hallway down to our room

And the other day me and my best dance friends celebrated a birthday at the olive garden, which has been our tradition for over 5 years :) it was great!

And thats all ive got for now! dont worry my next post wont be so far away from each other. Hopefully they get more exciting too.


  1. Yay work best friends!!! And yay new house! I can't wait to see it :)!

  2. that's awesome you have your own home now! It's so nice to be able to do what you want with it.