Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries

I have always wanted to start watching the Vampire Diaries since i saw one episode a while back but was so far behind i couldn't watch them. I wanted to start from the beginning, now thanks to my friend Courtney i now am borrowing season 1 and LOVE IT!! I just love those romance TV shows/movies that are just so cute! and i love vampire, SYFI movies. Im excited to get through the first season so i can get season 2 soon.

Also work is good, its been super busy lately but that helps the time to go by quicker sometimes, the only sad thing is, and it wouldn't change either way is that i don't see Travis hardly at all... maybe 3 hours out of the day. 1 hour in the morning before he is off to school and i to work and then maybe 2 hours after he is home from work before we go to bed. hahah its a bummer but that's how life goes when he is going to school and then straight off to work until 9:30-10pm. But that's life, we gotta get through school sometime right :) it just makes me love him even more!

Anyways that's about all for now!


  1. Welcome to being married to a student!!! It doesn't last forever! Love you!!!

  2. I love the vampire diaries, i know you know that already though :) hah. school is rough, I remember when I had to work and go to school and nick the same. we hardly ever saw each other! once it's over it'll be so nice!