Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Can i just say how excited i am for fall!!! I have decided that as much as i love summer, i love Spring and Fall maybe a tiny bit more!!! I love the jackets and the scarfs and the boots you get to wear when its spring and fall!

Sadly this summer Travis and i didn't not go swimming ONCE!!! How sad is that?!?! Pathetic huh? but i guess when your busy and penny pinching to buy a house that's what happens!! :) P.S. i love having our very own house, nothing beats it!

Life is going great for us, Travis is in school and all though its hard he is making it through, along with working full time. I am also working full time, we both have great jobs. We have fun cute animals that love us, our own house, we now have 2 cars so we don't have to stress about how someone is going to get to work. Now "hint hint" the only thing left for us right now is to get pregnant!!! :) please please let this be our month.... i have been trying to be better, no more soda for me, and ive been doing better on the foods i eat, i haven't been able to be as active as id like since i work at a desk for most of my day. But ive been doing my best to make sure Travis and i are not stressed out!! I mean come on if we aren't getting prego from stress you cant be stressed for 2 years straight!!!! can you? hahah anyways im crossing my fingers and hoping for the best so i can join all you cute prego mommas. I envy you! Maybe hopefully after 2 1/2 years it will finally be my turn!!

Anyways sooo excited for boots and scarfs!!!!!



  1. I will miss all the colors of Fall out there!!! I am glad you are eating better and getting in a good place. It will help no matter what happens and remember we love you and Travis!! And sooner that you think you will be out here for a visit!!! YAY!

  2. I love fall too :) That's so good you are eating better, I hope it helps. In case you are looking for one more natural thing to try I knew someone who took 5-6 years to get pregnant and in the end she tried this with no other medication just eating healthy and exercising:

    i've read up on it and have heard some success stories. And the lady from the site is LDS (as she says in the first paragraph) hah, so it's ok to drink! happy fall!!

  3. check out the support group that I sent a link of to you in facebook. Its a great help and they talk about other natural things that you can use to help get prego. It helps a lot to be on there and if you have weird things going on you can ask the other lady's on there and a lot of them really know what they are talking about and help figure out what is wrong or right in most cases. it's TTC After Miscarriage (or Childloss) its really a great support group