Friday, November 11, 2011

New Job!!

I would just like to say Congratulations to my amazing husband Travis!!! He is no longer working at a company that under appreciates, abuses, and takes him for granted! He is done with being the Warehouse Manager at R C Willey.

Let me just say how excited i am to have us both out of working retail!!! now we get the same days off every weekend and holidays!!! Words cannot express how happy we are about all of this! His new job is working at his friends dads company FSI ( Foundations Systems Inc.) This is all thanks to great friends! For Travis birthday my best friend Leah and her hubby Andrew came with us to Sushi for his birthday, (Travis loves himself some sushi :) ) when we were sitting there at dinner we got to talking about all the stupid stuff that happens at Travis job and how they treated him because of his age and what not. Then Andrew remembered his dad was hiring. Travis had the interview Tuesday and started Wednesday. Thank you Andrew and Leah for helping us get out of RC Willey. We are so excited.

On other news i would like to say that my hair is no longer mullet looking anymore! :) yay i cut myself some front bangs and we have a love hate relationship, but the nice thing is that i can do so much with them that it doesn't matter. i will post a pic of my growing hair soon.

Also.... last night we ran to Wal- Mart to grab just a few things and of course we always go back to the movies to just look well we couldn't just look when we saw all of the Harry Potter movies there for 3.96 EACH!!! we got all but the very last one for under $30... i thought for sure we werent going to get all of them for less than $100. Ha it just goes to show that sometimes Wal-Mart really is great! Im also liking their new Bella Bird clothing line, its nothing amazing but its nice for Wal-Mart.

Well that's all for now, sorry there were no pictures i do have a few from Travis birthday ill have to try and post those soon. Bye now!

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