Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Time for Thanks

Yes its the typical Thankful post, but I'm going to do it anyways :)

I Oriana Elise de Hoyos Taylor am thankful for:

  • Travis Allen Taylor, for all that he does for our family and all that he continues to do he is honestly the hardest working person i know.

  • My animals Rue, Koda, and little Neytiri, thankful for them and reminding us that life is to be enjoyed. They are there to always love you no matter what happens.

  • Family, both Travis and my families. They are always there to listen and help in anyway that they can.

  • Friends, without them life would be dull we love all of our Friends so much and are glad we have memories with you, you know who you are.

  • 2 Cars, thankful for the warm safe drive to wherever we may need to go

  • Jobs, keep us busy, responsible and financially stable.

  • Our very own Home, to keep us warm and dry and make our own

  • Running water

  • Heaters/Air conditioning

  • Grocery stores

  • Entertainment

  • Electricity

  • Faith and the Gospel, if i didn't have those in my life i would have fallen into a pit of despair anytime something hard came my way.

  • personalities, they make life fun

  • Travis Allen Taylor for always being my prince charming, my shoulder to cry on, my better half.

  • Washer and Dryer, so thankful for those they are life savers.

  • Babies, Kiddos, Little Munchkins, life would be unbearable if we didn't have these little Sunshine's running around everywhere

  • Good health, hearing and eye sight. we often take those for granted when we should be thankful for them everyday

  • Thankful for Doctors and medicine, without them i would have never found my Prince

  • Thankful for Love, Laughter and happily ever after.

I'm sure that there is so much more that i haven't put on here that i should. But these are all the ones that came to my mind just now, i am so Thankful for everything that has ever happened in my life and for all those who have been in my life.

We have much to be Thankful for don't forget that. :)

Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday!!!! Rub a dub dub lets eat some GRUB!!

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